The NCAA title game win over NC State quieted critics forever


The Wolfpack now know the feeling of 24 other teams that Purdue took out over 34 wins this season.
And now, some words fans of the Black and Gold have been waiting to hear, read and know as reality for decades: Purdue is headed to its first national championship game since 1969.
Even still: State’s 50 points was the lowest total any power-conference team scored on Purdue this season.
It’s like winning a national championship.
It will play on Monday night for a national championship.
After a 20-and-12 night, he’s down to merely 28.0 points and 15.4 rebounds per game in this tournament.
But the defense has carried this group to within 40 minutes of a national championship.
Its first national championship.


Ingledale, Arizona. One of this Purdue team’s greatest qualities this season has been tricking opponents into thinking they have a chance to upset one of the top teams in the league.

NC State had such confidence against these heavyweight Boilermakers for a brief period of time in the first half of Saturday night’s opening semifinal at State Farm Stadium. A 7-foot-4 monstrosity approaches to hide the sun and cast shadows over your hopes of pilfering a victory, just when you think it’s morning.

Coach Matt Painter of Purdue described the match as “one of those grinder-type games.”.

The Wolfpack now understands how 24 other teams felt after Purdue defeated them with 34 victories this season. Some people fell into the trap more than once. The top-seeded Boilermakers prevailed in an uneven Final Four encounter, a 63-50 victory that despite Purdue’s second-highest turnover total of the season, featured 16 turnovers.

And now, the news that Black and Gold supporters have been waiting decades to read, hear, and understand has finally arrived: Purdue will play in its first national championship game since 1969.

On Saturday night, they didn’t paint a Picasso in the desert, but whatever. If we Purdue supporters had fallen versus. No. 16-seeded Fairleigh Dickinson, and Purdue would put an embarrassing end to that loss by winning 34 of their next 38 games to advance to the national championship game on April 2nd. Well, style points would never have mattered.

Even so, State’s 50 points against Purdue this season was the fewest points any power-conference team had scored. Any criticism aimed at this resilient team is, at most, pointless. This team guaranteed itself that it would not suffer the same fate as previous Purdue teams—a loss in the NCAA Tournament against an 11-seed. A double-digit seed.

The program has been questioned, written off, ridiculed, and treated rough for many years, but particularly in the past year. Select an adjective. Additionally, apply it to Painter.

They are all no longer relevant.

Painter stated, “I always talk about that, trying to win a Big Ten championship.”. “Winning it is what everyone wants to talk about.”. Man, before you can win one, you have to put yourself in position, I said. Gaining a national championship is analogous to that. If you’re not going to play on Monday, then you don’t have a chance, no matter how much you talk. “.

Well, here we are. Purdue gets the opportunity. A national championship game is scheduled for Monday night. The transgressions have been forgiven. It’s a vindication tale. It cannot be denied. Zach Edey wins the tip against on Monday night when he raises his right arm. Purdue will play for a national championship for the first time in 55 years, against either Alabama or Connecticut. Edey, Mason Gillis, Lance Jones, Braden Smith, Fletcher Loyer, et al. Every program hero, every one.

With 3:24 remaining, Smith, who had an odd night and had committed two of his five turnovers due to back-to-back fouls this season, nevertheless drained a 3-pointer from the right corner to increase Purdue’s lead to 61-43.

Smith made just one field goal during the game.

Tens of thousands of Boiler supporters were inside the building, and the Smith triple set off the game’s most audible eruption.

With 20 points and 12 rebounds, Edey became the first player in 50 years to have at least 20 points and 10 in six consecutive NCAA Tournament games. He was regarded as the best and most unstoppable player in the sport for two years running. In addition, he is just the third player in history to finish a tournament with at least 140 points and 70 rebounds. Elvin Hayes and Jerry West are the other two.

According to Painter, “We have the best player in the nation.”. “You think this is a great place to start?”.

His average in this tournament is now just 28 points and 4 rebounds per game, following a 20-and-12 night. When you’re playing poorly and your averages still rank you among the greatest of all time, that’s right—you’re one of the greatest of all time.

Edey remarked, “I came back to play games like these.”. “To finally, really, really get this game. “.

From 4:43 in the first half to 11:31 in the second, Purdue was without an Edey basket. Meanwhile, after trailing six points at the half, State’s only points came from DJ Burns and DJ Horne in the first ten or so minutes following the interval.

Edey considered the game to be on the B-level. At most, Smith rated a C-minus. Purdue only scored 24 paint points while shooting 40%.

yet prevailed by 13.

Even with an ugly appearance, a great team can win games with ease. The Purdue team is excellent.

If defeating Purdue wasn’t a daunting task in and of itself, State was down for the count more than half of the game when, with 13:47 left in the first half, starting point guard Michael O’Connell injured his left. Despite missing large spurts, he persevered. With three points in 12 minutes, he was ultimately inconsequential.

Painter stated, “The thing that we just tried to sell more than anything is that we weren’t facing that team that was 17-14 at one point.”. “We are taking on the 9-0 team. “.

Painter may say that, but the truth is that Purdue forced NC State to become the team it was before the ACC Tournament began.

Edey erased Burns, the tournament’s most beloved character, and foul trouble made him more difficult to play. Merely eight rebounds and one basket. He will forever remain a joyful representation of March Madness’s influence. It could have been much worse but for Horne, who showed up by scoring 20 of State’s 50.

I’ll argue that Purdue’s chances shouldn’t be centered around Edey’s dominance as we prepare for Monday night.

That is the line of defense.

The Boilermakers have now permitted teams to score 70 points in seven straight games. Gonzaga’s 68 points against Purdue was the highest point total of the tournament, and that team never had a chance. Edey is so impressive, and we admire Painter’s coaching skills and recognize how dynamic and well-oiled Purdue’s offense is.

However, the team’s defense has propelled them to within 40 minutes of winning a national title. first-ever national title for it. For that, they can thank Lance Jones, a transfer from Southern Illinois who wasn’t a member of this team the previous year. He has increased Purdue’s confidence on that end of the court. When you factor in the 14 points he scored against Purdue this evening, it becomes evident just how good this team is overall.

With just one scare in five games (a thrilling rally from Tennessee), Purdue’s defense has allowed Painter’s team to thrive and get a shot at the title game. For the first time since Butler scored 41 points in the 2011 championship game, State became the fifth team in the last 30 years to score 50 points or less in a Final Four match.

The Purdue supporters were enjoying one of the most joyous evenings in program history on Saturday night when time ran out. Loyer dribbled the ball with his left hand, raised his right arm, and held up one index finger to them.

A single.

“It’s everything,” stated Loyer. It’s everything we’ve considered and everything we’ve worked for. Oftentimes, you stay up thinking about it and are unable to fall asleep. “.

And one more.

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