Giants target if they trade up from No. 6 is Drake Maye

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If the New York Giants are going to make a dramatic move up for a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft, insider Tony Pauline believes Drake Maye of North Carolina would “absolutely” be the Giants’ target.
“He checked so many boxes as far as the Giants system is concerned.
When Giants’ GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll were with the Buffalo Bills, the team traded up twice to select Allen No.
The Giants “would consider it” if there was a quarterback such as Maye or J.J. McCarthy available at No.
6, but Pauline said he isn’t ready to say it is definitely time for the Giants to prepare for a post-Daniel Jones era.
They were breaking in a rookie center who played better as the year went on,” Pauline said.
“I think the concern about how long is Daboll going to be there is a legitimate one,” Pauline said.
“It’s absolutely true … he’s got to show that he can change his approach, and if he does I think there’ll be good things for the Giants.” Listen to the full conversation below.


Insider Tony Pauline believes that Drake Maye of North Carolina would “absolutely” be the New York Giants’ target if they decide to make a bold move up for a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft.

“From the perspective of the Giants system, he fulfilled a lot of requirements. He’s not as good an RPO quarterback as J, but he can still withstand pressure and is a big passer with a respectable arm. A. J. Pauline stated on the “Valentine’s Views” program, “McCarthy is a capable thrower who can move outside the pocket.”. “At this moment, I believe he is being a little undervalued. “.

Although Pauline brought up the fact that there was discussion at the start of the season about who would be the better player—Maye or USC’s Caleb Williams—he did not have a particularly successful final season at North Carolina. 1 selection overall.

Of course, there is also the Josh Allen parallel. The Buffalo Bills signed Giants general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll, who made two trades up to pick Allen No. 7. This is true despite Allen’s difficult senior year at Wyoming and doubts about his accuracy.

Pauline stated, “Daboll and Schoen were able to turn Josh Allen around when he was a junior at Wyoming, and he played his best football the year before he entered the draft, so why not Drake Maye?”.

If there was a quarterback like Maye or J., the Giants “would consider it.”. I. J. McCarthy is reachable at No. Pauline stated that he is not yet ready to declare that the Giants should get ready for a post-Daniel Jones era.

Their offensive line was so poor last year, I believe you are unable to respond to that question. Their star left tackle was sidelined by an injury. The expectations were not met by Evan Neal. As the season progressed, the rookie center they were breaking in played better, according to Pauline. “I wasn’t a big fan of Daniel Jones when the Giants drafted him all those years ago, but I think it’s an incomplete grade, and even though they’ve made some moves in free agency to try to strengthen the team, I don’t think that just selecting a quarterback at number six will be the solution. They definitely strengthen their offensive line, in my opinion.

“I believe choosing a course of action regarding Daniel Jones will be difficult in any case. “.

“Legitimate” worries regarding Brian Daboll.

I brought up the possibility to Pauline that a rookie quarterback might not have a secure environment to develop and succeed with the Giants. Pauline stated that there are “legitimate” worries about Daboll’s future in New York and emphasized that prior to the sensationalized report by FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer regarding problems between Daboll and now-former Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, he was writing about discord within the coaching staff of the team.

Pauline stated, “I think there is legitimate concern about how long Daboll will be there.”. “In November, I wrote a piece stating that there were problems with Daboll’s approach and that there was a strong possibility Martindale and [Mike] Kafka were out.

“Dot, it is unquestionably true. He needs to demonstrate that he can alter his strategy, and if he succeeds, the Giants should benefit. “.

The entire talk can be heard below.

Overview of the conversation.

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