The Suns defeated the Kings in ugly fashion

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With the victory, Phoenix will finish at worst seventh in the Western Conference, securing homecourt for both play-in games if necessary.
The Suns played hard throughout the entire game, attempting to overcome 19 turnovers, taking 15 fewer shots than the Kings and the usual handfuls of defensive mistakes.
In most contests it’s going to require a heater from one of its stars or a strong night of 3-point shooting to win.
After brief slippage in the third quarter indicated it was gone and the Suns were down 14, a spark was delivered by Bradley Beal at the start of the fourth quarter.
Beal scored 12 of his 20 points in the final frame and the first wave tied the game up.
That put Sacramento back up seven with under five minutes to go before the Suns clawed back.
Fortunately for the Suns, it was enough of a slog through the mud to make it winnable for them despite all the problems.
Phoenix perplexingly went back to Drew Eubanks off the bench after Thaddeus Young was the standout in Wednesday’s victory.


Despite the fact that their previous two games appeared to be the Phoenix Suns’ last, they still had one more fight left in them, and that helped them defeat the Sacramento Kings 108-107 on Friday.

Phoenix will finish seventh in the Western Conference with the win, guaranteeing home court advantage for any necessary play-in games. As we begin this season, No. The seven-seed team has never missed the postseason. Each of the six has progressed. To avoid the play-in tournament and finish sixth, Phoenix (48-33) needs to defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday and the New Orleans Pelicans (49-32) to lose.

Unlike Wednesday or Tuesday, which were both shocking instances of mental collapse, Friday did not involve sleepwalking. Despite having 19 turnovers, 15 fewer shots than the Kings, and the typical amount of defensive blunders, the Suns gave it their all throughout the game. Phoenix will soon reach the stage where its warts are visible every night. To win most games, you’ll need a hot night from one of its stars or a solid night of 3-point shooting.

But on Friday, it was just a matter of keeping the intensity high. Bradley Beal ignited the Suns’ comeback at the beginning of the fourth quarter, following a brief collapse in the third quarter that seemed to have ended and left them trailing by 14. In the last quarter, Beal scored twelve of his twenty points, and the first wave of players tied the game.

Subsequently, Phoenix let slip once more, resulting in a turnover that presented a clear-cut opportunity for Keegan Murray to score. It was the same old picture of a hot shooter Phoenix could not stop, even though Murray had a rhythm. It took the Suns less than five minutes to rally back, but Sacramento was now up seven points again.

After Kevin Durant’s free throws tied the game, Jusuf Nurkic fought for a loose ball foul with nine seconds left, winning the rebound to put Phoenix ahead. Beal’s steal with just over a minute remaining put the Suns down just two points again.

After Beal jammed a De’Aaron Fox drive for the game-winning steal, Devin Booker took to Instagram to clarify that Beal should actually be credited with the steal.

On both ends, the basketball was just plain ugly. Luckily for the Suns, despite all the issues, it was a muddy enough slog that they could still win.

Furthermore, it was crucial to demonstrate to the fan base that someone still had heart and would fight for them. Beal took the lead on that and is deserving of all the accolades. It was necessary for someone to turn on the beacon and open the locker room. That’s what he did on Friday.

While Booker labored through 41 minutes to reach 21 points, six assists, and four turnovers, Durant added 28 points, three assists, and three turnovers in 42 minutes.

With 19 points, Grayson Allen made a comeback to the starting lineup. Despite Thaddeus Young being the game’s MVP on Wednesday, Phoenix oddly went back to using Drew Eubanks off the bench.

From a Sunday perspective, the Timberwolves have something to gain against the Suns as well, as a loss on Friday against the Denver Nuggets puts them in a three-way tie for the top spot. Likewise, the Lakers, who play the Pelicans, can still finish eighth and avoid the final two play-in spots, which need two wins to advance rather than just one.

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