There was a war in Gaza


In southern Gaza: The IDF said the Israeli Air Force killed a senior Hamas operative in Rafah.
The strike on the camp comes as areas in northern Gaza have also come under constant Israeli bombardment.
Israeli forces seized the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt on May 7, causing aid deliveries to be halted there.
Meanwhile, in Israel: Benny Gantz threatens to quit: Former Israeli defense minister and war cabinet member Benny Gantz is demanding that the cabinet lays out a plan for the war against Hamas by June 8.
CNN has asked the Israel Defense Forces for an update on operations in the north.
CNN has asked the Israel Defense Forces for a response on the airstrike in Nuseirat.
The latest protest came the day after former Israeli defense minister and war cabinet member Benny Gantz threatened to resign from the government unless the cabinet lays out a plan for the war against Hamas by June 8.
6 hr 56 min ago Two soldiers killed in southern Gaza, Israel Defense Forces says From Michael Schwartz in Jerusalem The Israel Defense Forces says that two Israeli soldiers were killed in fighting in southern Gaza on Saturday.


14 minutes prior.

According to the Israeli military, combat and strike operations are underway throughout Gaza.

directly from Michael Schwartz in Jerusalem.

Further information regarding the Israel Defense Forces’ ground operations, which are currently in their second week, around the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza has been provided.

In order to support the forces fighting “armed terrorist cells” on the ground, the IDF said that it has carried out dozens of strikes in the region.

“The soldiers have located large quantities of weapons, including explosives, anti-tank missiles, AK-47s, drones, and grenades,” the military said. “.

It claims that in order to thwart Hamas’ attempts to reestablish itself in these regions, the Israeli military has reentered portions of northern and central Gaza.

Reports from the ground: CNN is informed by displaced Palestinians in Jabalya that the camp has experienced “death and horror” as a result of intense Israeli bombardment. Over the course of seven days, about 300 houses were totally destroyed, according to Mahmoud Bassal, a spokesman for Gaza’s civil defense emergency services.

By Saturday, Bassal’s teams had brought hundreds of injured people out of the refugee camp and recovered at least 150 bodies, he told CNN.

At Rafah, a senior Hamas operative was killed, according to the Israeli Defense Forces in southern Gaza. His involvement in the smuggling of weapons and money into the Gaza Strip is asserted by the IDF.

Claiming to have hit “two tactical-level Hamas commanders who were preparing to attack IDF troops in the Rafah area,” the IDF stated that the Air Force had hit scores of targets overall. “.

51 minutes ago.

What you should know on Sunday when the country’s war cabinet is faced with an ultimatum and dozens of people are killed by an Israeli bombardment.

from the CNN crew.

According to representatives at Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital, an Israeli airstrike on central Gaza early on Sunday morning claimed the lives of at least 35 people, including nine women and seven children.

With each body brought in, the hospital reported that the number of people killed in the strike at the Nuseirat camp increased steadily. It seems that a block of nearby homes was destroyed, which contributed to a large number of the deaths.

While the larger portions of the wreckage couldn’t be moved by heavy equipment, footage showed civil defense teams extracting bodies from the debris.

The camp has been under continuous Israeli bombardment, coinciding with other areas of northern Gaza.

What you should know this Sunday if you’re new to our coverage is as follows:.

Strikes in the north: A journalist for CNN in Gaza has reported that since Saturday night, there have been multiple strikes in the northern part of the enclave, with the hospital director there is warning of “difficult and harsh” conditions. According to the journalist, an Israeli shelling of a house in the Daraj neighborhood, east of Gaza City, resulted in the deaths of at least six people. In the same area, a school was shelled, resulting in the deaths of three more people and numerous injuries.

“Dire” food access in Gaza: Since Israel started occupying Rafah, fewer than 300 relief trucks have been able to enter the strip, according to a report published on Friday by a United Nations humanitarian organization. On May 7, aid deliveries to Palestine were suspended due to Israeli forces seizing control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. Over 3,000 “metric tons of food in main warehouses have become inaccessible by food security partners due to ongoing hostilities,” according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. “.”.

In the interim, in Israel:.

Benny Gantz has demanded that the war cabinet present a plan for the war against Hamas by June 8 and has threatened to resign from his position as the former Israeli defense minister. Gantz threatened to resign from government if his demands were not fulfilled in the remarks he made on Saturday night.

Return of Shani Louk’s body: Following an Israel Defense Forces operation that found her body in the Gaza Strip, the parents of the German-Israeli woman who was killed on October 7 while attempting to flee the Nova music festival expressed gratitude for being able to bury her. Prior to the attack by gunmen from the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Louk, 23, was present at the Nova music festival within Israel. Following the attack, her lifeless body was captured on camera on the back of a Hamas truck.

An hour previously.

The hospital director issues a warning about running out of supplies while Israeli strikes pound northern Gaza, according to a journalist.

From Tim Lister and Sarah Sirgany of CNN, Abdul Qader Sabbah in northern Gaza, Mohammad Al Sawalhi in central Gaza, and Abeer Salman.

A northern Gaza-based CNN journalist has documented multiple strikes since Saturday night, and the director of a hospital in the enclave has issued a warning about “difficult and harsh” conditions.

According to the journalist, Israeli forces shelled a house in the Daraj neighborhood east of Gaza City, killing six people, and also killed three more and injured several others when they shelled a school in the same area.

Dr. The director of Kamal Adwan Hospital, Husam Abu Safiya, told CNN on Sunday that his institution was the only one in the north offering complete medical care because Al-Awda Hospital was under siege. Since Saturday, the hospital has received about 60 bodies and over 200 injured patients, according to Abu Safiya, who also issued a warning that “medical supplies are dwindling” and that injuries have resulted in deaths.

He added that there wasn’t enough staff at the hospital and that there wasn’t enough fuel. He claimed that Israeli forces had targeted ambulances, resulting in the deaths of injured people who could not be transported to the hospital. He said that the hospital had received several bodies from the Jabalya refugee camp.

“These are harsh and difficult circumstances,” stated Abu Safiya. The hospital workers have been alarmed and uneasy by the constant heckling in the area of the hospital. “.”.

The Israel Defense Forces have been contacted by CNN to provide an update on the situation in the north. Allegations that the IDF targets ambulances have previously been refuted.

thirty minutes ago.

According to a hospital, at least 35 people are killed in an Israeli airstrike on a refugee camp in central Gaza.

From Abeer Salman, Tim Lister of CNN, Mohammad Al Sawalhi in central Gaza, and Abdul Qader Sabbah in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza.

Thirteen people, including seven children and nine women, were killed in an airstrike that occurred in central Gaza early on Sunday morning, according to Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital.

According to the hospital, the number of people killed in the strike at the Nuseirat camp increased steadily as more bodies were brought in. Apparently, a block of nearby houses was destroyed, which is why a large number of people died. Despite lacking heavy machinery to move the larger portions of the debris, video showed civil defense teams extracting bodies from the wreckage.

One woman, Um Mohammad Taha, told CNN on Sunday that many people, including children, were buried under the debris and that five houses, including her sister’s, had collapsed.

When a strike killed her mother, 65, and other family members seven months prior, she continued, “the same happened to my family.”. “My house is gone, and I’m hurt. We are slowly dying; we are not alive. “Where’s justice at?”.

CNN’s Mahomoud Abu Bilal reported that the strike happened at three in the morning. m. and that about twenty-five bodies from four or five families had been retrieved from the debris.

Regarding the airstrike in Nuseirat, CNN has requested a response from the Israel Defense Forces.

3 hours and 57 minutes ago.

Using a massive ballot box, protesters obstruct traffic in Jerusalem.

from Michael Schwartz of CNN.

A sizable replica of a ballot box has been used by protesters demanding early elections to block the main road into Jerusalem.

Based on a social media video, a small group of protestors positioned the obstruction on the road on Sunday morning. “Government of Neglect” was written on a sign they were holding. “.”.

After “a disturbance that began there, while blocking part of the road and placing a huge display on a main road in violation of the law – an act that poses a danger to road users,” Israeli police said they were called to the scene near the Chords Bridge. Some of the demonstrators, according to the police, had chained themselves to the voting booth.

Since October 7, thousands of people have protested Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration in the streets, casting doubt on his ability to lead.

The fact that Netanyahu has not succeeded in securing the release of the last hostages kidnapped by Hamas has infuriated many. Protesters have been demanding that Israel hold fresh elections and that he resign.

The most recent demonstration took place the day after Benny Gantz, a former Israeli defense minister and war cabinet member, threatened to quit if the cabinet failed to present a strategy for the war against Hamas by June 8.

Nineteen minutes ago.

After receiving their daughter’s body back from Gaza, Shani Louk’s parents are thankful that “she can rest.”.

from Sophie Tanno on CNN.

After her body was recovered from the Gaza Strip during an Israel Defense Forces operation, the parents of German-Israeli woman Shani Louk, who was killed on October 7 while attempting to flee the Nova music festival, have expressed their gratitude for being able to bury her.

In an interview with i24 News, Nissim Louk, Shani’s father, stated, “I was relieved, because we didn’t know where she was.”. “She could be buried somewhere or they could have thrown her into a well. “.”.

His words went on, “We closed this loop and found all the answers yesterday. We are glad she will now have a place of her own close by, where she can relax and we can visit whenever we like. ****.

As a result of being kept in a “deep and very cold tunnel,” Nissim had previously told Israeli media that his daughter’s body was extremely well-preserved. “.”.

Along with Louk’s remains, the bodies of Amit Bouskila and Itshak Gelernter, who were killed while fleeing the music festival on October 7, were also recovered.

Axios reporter Barak Ravid and CNN analyst claimed the bodies were discovered in a Gaza tunnel, citing an IDF spokesman.

Just before it was stormed by gunmen from the Palestinian militant organization Hamas, Louk, 23, was present at the Nova music festival inside Israel. Following the attack, her lifeless body was captured on camera on the back of a Hamas truck.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared her dead in late October. According to a source involved in her identification, Louk’s death was declared after forensic experts discovered a piece of her skull.

6 hours, 56 minutes ago.

According to Israel Defense Forces, two soldiers were killed in southern Gaza.

from Jerusalem’s Michael Schwartz.

Two Israeli soldiers were slain in combat in southern Gaza on Saturday, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

The IDF reported that two soldiers were killed and two other troops were critically injured in an explosion that occurred in the Rafah area.

Nachman Meir Haim Vaknin and Noam Batan, two 20-year-old Master Sergeants in the Givati Brigade’s reconnaissance unit, were identified as the soldiers who died.

Since the ground offensive against Hamas in Gaza and border operations started, 282 Israeli soldiers have died. These latest deaths bring the total to 282.

15 minutes and seven hours ago.

The US National Security Advisor meets with the Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia.

by Lucas Lilieholm on CNN.

According to the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Sunday in the eastern city of Dhahran.

They talked about “the need to stop the war,” the state of Gaza, and how to find a “credible track towards the two-state solution” among other regional developments during the meeting, according to SPA.

Additionally, according to the news agency, Sullivan and bin Salman talked about the “semi-final version” of the US and Saudi Arabia’s draft strategic agreements, which are “almost finalized.”. “.

52 minutes and 6 hours ago.

At the Gaza refugee camp, a displaced woman talks of “death and horror” while fighting rages around her.

from the Jabalyan Abdel Qadder Al-Sabbah.

The Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza is in extremely bad shape, according to a displaced woman who spoke with CNN about the fighting between Palestinian militants and Israeli military forces there following heavy bombardment.

As you can see, it’s death and horror. Ibtisam Abu Abeid told CNN on Friday, “We go to bed scared and wake up scared.”.

“Our residence has vanished. Regarding her residence in the neighboring city of Beit Hanoun, she remarked, “Four floors for me and my children—all gone.”.

After being forced to leave the camp’s eastern section once more, she is currently residing in a demolished shelter in the heart of Jabalya. According to Abu Abeid, water is in short supply, and she lacks access to proper shelter or restrooms.

In several skirmishes in Jabalya, the Israeli military claimed on Saturday that its soldiers had killed Palestinian militants. Massive explosions can be heard throughout the CNN footage from the area, along with sounds of gunfire, bombardment, and drones.

Rescuers retrieve bodies from the wreckage: Mahmoud Bassal, a spokesman for the Gaza-based civil defense emergency services, estimates that during the seven-day Israeli incursion in Jabalya, about 300 houses were totally destroyed.

Over the course of the previous week at the refugee camp, Bassal’s teams have rescued hundreds of injured individuals and recovered at least 150 bodies, he told CNN on Saturday.

Civil defense teams are either unable to reach or extract many of the bodies that are still under the debris, he warned. Despite requests for assistance from residents, Bassal claimed that Israeli fire has made his first responder team afraid to enter some areas.

Reporting for this article was contributed by Sarah El Sirgany of CNN.

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