More can be done to improve the relationship between the US and China


After focusing on trade and economic issues for the first two days of her visit, Yellen turned to the broader U.S.-China relationship in the meeting with Li, one of China’s top leaders.
China’s emergence as an economic and military power has created a rivalry with the long dominant United States.
The U.S. has restricted China’s access to advanced semiconductors and other technology, saying it could be used for military purposes.
At their meeting, Li told Yellen that China hopes the U.S won’t politicize economic and trade issues or overstretch the definition of national security, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
Yellen came to China with trade practices that put American companies and workers at an unfair competitive disadvantage at the top of her agenda.
Relations were at a low point when she visited in July in the early stages of efforts to improve ties.
During a press conference Saturday, Yellen addressed the U.S. relationship with China on the subject of Russia.
“I believe that to understand China’s economy and its economic future, engagement with local government is essential,” Yellen said.


Beijing, China (AP) — The U. s. During her meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Sunday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen conveyed a message of cooperation, noting the progress made in their relationship since her visit to China last year, even though there are still significant differences.

Yellen directed her attention from trade and economic matters during the first two days of her visit to the larger U.S. S. -The meeting with Li, a prominent Chinese leader, regarding the relationship with China.

At the elaborate Fujian room of the Great Hall of the People, located on the western edge of Tiananmen sq\., she remarked, “While we have more to do, I believe that, over the past year, we have put our bilateral relationship on more stable footing.”.

Being well-liked in China, Yellen is the first member of the Cabinet to travel there since Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping convened in California in November to try to mend the strained relations between their two nations.

Li stated that the high level of media attention surrounding Yellen’s visit “demonstrates the high expectations they have .,” prior to their meeting. together with the hope and expectation that the U. S. -China connection.

The long-dominant United States and China are now at odds over China’s rise to prominence as a military and economic force.

The USA. s. has limited China’s access to cutting-edge semiconductors and other technologies on the grounds that they might be utilized for armed conflicts. China, which is still a middle-income nation, charges the U. s. of attempting to limit its economic growth.

Yellen was informed by Li during their meeting that China hopes the U. S will not overstretch the definition of national security or politicize trade and economic issues, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

Yellen’s top priority when she arrived in China was to implement trade policies that unfairly disadvantage American businesses and employees in the marketplace.

Manufacturers of EVs and solar panels in China have been enticed to invest in factories by the Chinese government’s subsidies and other policy support, resulting in the construction of far more production capacity than the domestic market can handle.

While this has resulted in lower consumer prices, Western governments worry that this capacity will flood their markets with cheap exports, endangering jobs in the United States and Europe.

However, Li contended, according to the Xinhua report, that China’s growing green energy sector would significantly aid in the fight against climate change.

The US. S. and China decided to have “intense exchanges” on Saturday regarding more balanced economic growth, a U.S. s. statement released following two days of intensive talks in the southern city of Guangzhou between Yellen and Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng.

Additionally, they decided to begin exchanging ideas on fighting money laundering. The time and location of the talks were not immediately apparent.

“We have a responsibility to manage our complex relationship responsibly and to cooperate and show leadership on addressing pressing global challenges as the two largest economies in the world,” Yellen stated. We owe it to humanity and to our own countries.

The early stages of efforts to strengthen ties had reached a low point when she paid a visit in July.

In response to a visit by the then-U.S., China had halted discussions on a number of issues. S. In 2022, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan. A Chinese balloon that traveled across America in early 2023 before being shot down by a U.S. aircraft heightened tensions even more. s. combat jet.

In light of that, Yellen’s visit represents an effort to strengthen the shakily established stability.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit, which China’s Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday, will take place on Monday and Tuesday, coinciding with the conclusion of her trip.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, China’s trade with the Kremlin has increased dramatically. China does not supply Russia with weapons, but the U. S. has voiced concerns regarding China’s sales to Russia of goods that could be used for both military and civilian purposes.

On Saturday, Yellen spoke to reporters about the U.S. S. relationship with China regarding Russia.

Though she acknowledged that there was still work to be done, she acknowledged that there had been significant progress in the area since their agreement to work together. They are aware of the gravity of the situation for us. “.

In their meeting on Sunday, Yellen also discussed the importance of Beijing in China and the “critical (economic) role that local governments play, from boosting consumption to addressing overinvestment.”.

Yellen stated, “I think interaction with local government is essential to understanding China’s economy and its economic future.”.

Yellen met with Peking University staff and students later on Sunday.

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