The jury found Miu guilty of reckless homicide and lesser counts

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Jurors have found Nicolae Miu guilty of lesser counts in a deadly stabbing on the Apple River in 2022.
Miu, 54, was charged with first-degree homicide, attempted first-degree homicide and battery charges stemming from the incident, which killed 17-year-old Isaac Schuman and hurt four others.
However, if jurors found the evidence doesn’t reach the level of those charges, they could also consider lesser charges on second-degree homicide, attempted second-degree homicide, reckless homicides and recklessly endangering safety.
That was key, as the jurors unanimously found Miu guilty on all lesser counts — first-degree reckless homicide, four counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and battery — not the five highest charges he faced.
I was very hopeful for a conviction but you just never know what a jury is gonna do,” Anderson added.
Miu’s family and friends didn’t show any visible changes in emotion when the verdict was read and his twin brother declined comment.
However, Anderson noted his sentence is “strictly up to the judge’s discretion,” as Wisconsin law doesn’t have sentencing guidelines.
“You have to look at those 14 seconds through Nic Miu’s eyes,” Miu’s attorney Corey Chirafisi told jurors during closing arguments.


Nicolae Miu was convicted by the jury of lesser counts in the 2022 fatal stabbing on the Apple River.

Following the incident that claimed the life of 17-year-old Isaac Schuman and injured four others, Miu, 54, was charged with first-degree homicide, attempted first-degree homicide, and battery. If jurors determine that the evidence does not support those charges, they may also consider lesser charges related to attempted and second-degree murders, reckless killings, and recklessly endangering public safety.

This was crucial because, rather than convicting Miu of the five most serious charges against him, the jury unanimously found him guilty of all lesser counts, including first-degree reckless homicide, four counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, and battery. Almost seven hours of deliberation went into reaching the decision.

Thus, he was first accused of committing crimes on purpose. By deduction, it appears that they were unable to reach a consensus regarding the intentional offenses, so they moved on to the reckless, which is what he was charged with, according to Miu’s defense lawyer Aaron Nelson, outside of court. He added that these offenses still carry “substantial, life-changing penalties.”. “.

Although he acknowledged the jury’s responsibility, Nelson continued, expressing his “surprised, respectfully disappointed” reaction to the verdict and stating that Miu is undoubtedly disappointed.

In particular for the victims and their families, district attorney Karl Anderson expressed his relief at the verdict, describing the case as “tragic on many levels.”. “.

I believe that justice was served to Isaac and the other victims. Although you never know what a jury is going to decide, I was really hopeful for a conviction, Anderson continued.

Reporter Eric Chaloux of 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reported that following the reading of the verdict, Schuman’s friends and family hugged each other and cried in the hallway outside the courthouse.

A spokesman for the victims’ families, Donny Hernandez, said, “I just want to thank all our supporters, our family, law enforcement, people that have supported us that we don’t even know throughout the country, state of Minnesota, wherever.”. His voice broke as he continued, “It’s been 21 months since we’ve been waiting for justice for Isaac Michael Schuman, and we got it today. I just want to tell everybody I appreciate all your love and support.”.

Miu’s twin brother declined to comment, and his family and friends didn’t appear to be affected in any way by the verdict. As they left the courtroom, not a single juror stopped to speak.

The day of Miu’s sentencing will be determined later. Escorted by deputies, he left the courtroom.

He faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison for the most serious count, seven and a half years for the other counts, plus an additional five years for each count involving the use of a dangerous weapon. Anderson did point out that since Wisconsin law lacks sentencing guidelines, his sentence is “strictly up to the judge’s discretion.”.

After a confrontation, the Prior Lake man allegedly took a knife out of his pocket and swung it at a group of people tubing down the river, according to the prosecution. Miu and his legal representatives assert that he was merely searching for his cell phone when the mob attacked him, making him defend himself.

Miu’s lawyer, Corey Chirafisi, told the jury during closing arguments, “You have to look at those 14 seconds through Nic Miu’s eyes.”. “He believed he would soon pass away. He believed he was going to sustain severe physical harm. “.

In St. Karl Anderson, the district attorney for Croix County, described Nicolae Miu’s actions that day as “absolutely senseless, horrific acts of violence,” adding that all Miu had to do was leave. “.

The jury was presented with the case shortly before 12:30 p.m. on April 1, when Miu’s trial commenced. m. on April 10th, Wednesday.


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