A growing number of lawmakers are breaking from Biden on Israel

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., said Friday that military aid to Israel should continue in a departure from the White House position.
“In this regard, I differ with President Biden’s recent decision,” he said.
However, the report came short of accusing Israel of specific humanitarian law violations and noted that Hamas hides military targets behind civilian populations and infrastructure.
The Democratic Party is divided on Israel amid a massive wave of student protests at U.S. college and university campuses.
Sen. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., said security assistance to Israel should be “unconditional” while Israel faces threats from Iran and its proxy groups, like Hamas.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., agreed that U.S. support for Israel should continue.
The White House pushed back on the suggestion that Biden’s decision on Israel was motivated by politics.


The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D.Md. said on Friday that, in contrast to the White House’s stance, military assistance to Israel should continue.

Cardin issued a statement expressing his disagreement with President Biden, who has threatened to withhold Israel’s offensive aid should it move forward with a ground invasion of Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where millions of Palestinians have sought safety from the fighting.

“The most recent NSM-20 report on Israel has sparked some concerns, but I concur with its conclusion that Israel has not broken any international humanitarian law and that the United States should continue to provide military support for Israel’s security. S. fascination and ought to go on,” Cardin remarked.

“I disagree with President Biden’s recent decision in this regard,” he declared.

Report: Biden’s decision to withhold the shipment of Israel’s weapons until after the Holocaust Memorial Address.

Cardin’s remarks were in reaction to a State Department report that was made public on Friday and that, according to reliable U. N. and non-governmental sources regarding Israeli military allegedly violating human rights. Credible claims of human rights violations by Israeli security forces, including “arbitrary or unlawful killings, enforced disappearances, torture, and serious abuses in conflict,” were documented in the report. “.

According to the State Department report, since October, an estimated 34,700 Palestinians have lost their lives in the conflict with Israel. Using data from the Gaza Ministry of Health, 7 Hamas terror attack was reported. The estimate was considered “credible” by the report; however, it was pointed out that the ministry under Hamas control does not differentiate between Hamas fighters and civilian casualties.

According to the State Department, it is “reasonable to assess” that U.S. S. “Since October 7, Israeli security forces have employed defense articles in situations that aren’t compliant with their obligations under international humanitarian law or with accepted standards for minimizing harm to civilians.”. While noting that Hamas conceals its military targets behind infrastructure and civilian populations, the report refrained from specifically accusing Israel of violating humanitarian law.

Due to left-wing anti-Israel agitators in the U.S., Biden’s political situation has been complicated by Israel’s ongoing military operation in Gaza. S. have become more and more incensed over his backing of Israel.


Last week, Biden approved the suspension of a bomb shipment to Israel that might be used in an eventual attack on Rafah. However, the White House National Security Council withheld this decision until after the president gave a lengthy speech on Tuesday in observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, according to the Associated Press.

1,800 2,000-pound bombs and 1,700 500-pound bombs were expected to be in the shipment, according to a senior U. S. an administration official told the AP to discuss the sensitive subject under anonymity.

As stated by Biden in a CNN interview on Wednesday, he would stop certain U.S. s. weapons to Israel in the event that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commanded a significant assault of Rafah, the final significant Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip. Biden stated for the first time that he was willing to tie the availability of US weapons to Israel’s participation in the seven-month conflict that was started in retaliation for the Oct. Seven terrorist strikes.

In response to those bombs and other methods of targeting population centers, Biden said to CNN’s Erin Burnett, “Civilians have been killed in Gaza.”. “I stated unequivocally that I will not provide the weapons that have historically been used to deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities, or to address that issue if they enter Rafah—which they haven’t entered yet. “.

If Netanyahu proceeds with the Rafah invasion, Biden pledges to withhold weapons from Israel.

A growing number of Democratic lawmakers who support Israel have criticized Biden for his decision; among them is now Cardin. Some have suggested that Biden’s decision was driven by politics and the upcoming election in November.

Rep. said, “I think it’s catering to the far left.”. Ritchie Tores, Degree-N. Y. informed Axios. Election-year politics appear to have been the driving force behind it. That seems to be my understanding. ****.

Against Israel, the Democratic Party is split amidst a massive wave of student protests at U.S. S. College and university grounds. The Associated Press reports that anti-Israel protestors have established illegal camps on a minimum of 50 campuses, and that over 2,800 individuals have been taken into custody by law enforcement officers dispatched to disperse the gatherings.

Mr. Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman, D. said to Axios that he disagreed with Biden’s suspension of weaponry shipments. is a vocal supporter of Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas.

The Biden Administration has confirmed that the shipment of bombs to Israel has been halted due to opposition to their operation in Rafah.

Fetterman responded, “I vehemently disagree.”. “Through it all, we have to stick by our important ally. “.

Sen. Nevada’s Jacky Rosen, D. stated that as long as Iran and its proxies, such as Hamas, continue to threaten Israel, security support for the country should be “unconditional.”.

She told Jewish Insider, “The administration should not take any action that compromises Israel’s capacity to defeat Hamas and deal with the growing threats in the region.”.

Sen. The Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal. agreed that the U. s. Support for Israel ought to endure.

“What the president intended is unclear to me. I’m not sure what the real nature of the operation in Rafah is, but I do hope that we’ll keep giving Israel the military and diplomatic support it needs to defend itself,” he stated.

Rejecting the notion that Biden’s choice regarding Israel was driven by politics was the White House.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates stated in a statement that “the American people expect their presidents to have the guts to make hard national security decisions, and to put our safety, interests, principles, and alliances above politics.”. Indeed, Joe Biden is acting in that exact manner. He is standing by Israel in their fight against the terrorists from Hamas who carried out the heinous October 7th attacks, and he is emphasizing the importance of Israel’s self-defense because we do not want to see any more civilians killed. ****.

“Joe Biden is the only president in our history to have physically stood with Israel — on Israeli soil — during a time of war, and the only one to have ordered the American military to actively defend Israel from a foreign attack,” Bates continued.

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