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Through the end of the day, you can save $550 on 14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro to headline today’s best Apple deals.
The latest 10.9-inch iPad starts from $349 ahead of a potential refresh this fall, and Satechi’s Dock5 charging station powers your entire Apple everyday carry with a rare discount to $49.
Save $550 on Apple’s 14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro Through the end of the day, B&H is now offering Apple’s 14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro for $1,949.
Apple’s now previous-generation MacBook Pro comes outfitted with the same form-factors as the newer models centered around a 14-inch Liquid Retina display, just with an M2 Pro processor.
Late last year, I personally upgraded to the M2 Pro MacBook Pro from an M1 Pro model, and I was surprised by how snappy the MacOS experience is compared to the previous-generation model.
Apple won’t refresh its 10.9-inch iPad till fall, save $100 on the latest models Best Buy is offering Apple’s latest 10.9-inch iPad for $349.
Apple’s 10.9-inch iPad isn’t expected to be updated until later this year in the fall.
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The best Apple deal of the day is a $550 discount on a 14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro through the end of the day. Satechi’s Dock5 charging station powers your entire Apple everyday carry at a rare discount of $49. The newest 10.9-inch iPad is priced at $349 ahead of a possible refresh this fall. See all of that and more in the most recent 9to5Toys Lunch Break by clicking the link.

Get a $550 discount on the 14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro from Apple.

BandH is now selling Apple’s 14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro for $1,949 through the end of the day. With an enhanced 19-core GPU, 1TB of storage, and 16GB of RAM, this is a more advanced setup. It is less expensive than the standard $2,499 going rate in either case, and both aluminum finishes are available. The current deal beats the previous discount by an additional $150 and is a new all-time low of $550 off. It’s never fallen below $1,999 in our experience either!

The design of Apple’s now-outdated MacBook Pro, which is built around a 14-inch Liquid Retina display, is identical to that of the more recent models, save for the M2 Pro CPU. Along with a newer 8K HDMI output, three Thunderbolt 4 ports, and an up to 18-hour battery life, it also supports Wi-Fi 6E. As you can read about in our launch coverage, which also delves deeper into the performance of the more recent M2 Pro chip and its upgraded 19-core GPU, there is still, of course, the SDXC slot on the side.

When I upgraded from an M1 Pro model to an M2 Pro MacBook Pro late last year, I was taken aback by how much faster MacOS is on the newer model.

Apple will save $100 on the newest models of its 10.9-inch iPad by waiting until fall to refresh it.

The newest 10.9-inch iPad from Apple is available at Best Buy for $349. You can save $100 by purchasing this instead of the 64GB Wi-Fi model, which would normally cost $449. This is only the second discount of the year and the best deal since February. The 256GB model is currently $100 less expensive at $499 than it was at $599. Check out our launch coverage for a closer look.

Prior to winter, Apple updated their most recent 10-inch tablet, the 9.7-inch iPad, adding more color and mid-range specifications that make it a strong rival to the more expensive Pro model. At the heart of the entire experience is a 10-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone support, powered by the A14 Bionic chip. Then, many of the standard features—such as Touch ID in the power button, a 12MP UltraWide camera with Center Stage that now comes in a design that’s more geared toward landscape usage, and Wi-Fi and 5G for more flexible connectivity—are crammed into that new form-factor.

There won’t likely be an update for Apple’s 10.9-inch iPad until the fall of this year. In the meanwhile, for those who would rather not wait, today’s discount offers a very tempting price, which is further enhanced by a companion price reduction today.

Your whole Apple daily carry is powered by the Satechi Dock5 charging station.

Satechi’s Dock5 Charging Station is currently available for $49 on For the first time this year, the price is reduced from the customary $60 and represents a savings of slightly less than 20%. This is the first price reduction since a site-wide 20% off sale in December of last year, and it is within $1 of that amount.

With the help of this Satechi multi-device charger, you can manage all of your Apple gadgets by providing enough space for up to five charges at once. In order to complete the package, Dock5 includes two 20W USB-C ports, two USB-A slots, and an integrated 10W Qi pad. A rubber cushion sits on top of the charger, allowing you to arrange power banks, tablets, and other accessories for a neat charging kit. In my initial review, I praised it, and it continues to be a necessary piece of equipment for my workstation.

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