Users were disgusted by the scene in Scoop


Netflix users have been left outraged by an “unnecessary” moment in Prince Andrew film Scoop.
The new movie tells the story of the infamous Newsnight interview that, in 2019, saw the royal attempt to distance himself from convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
The scene in question arrives after the Newsnight interview, which was conducted by Maitlis (Gillian Anderson), has been filmed and is about to be aired on BBC Two.
Prince Andrew starts to watch the interview, but instead opts out and has a bath instead.
The film is based on a memoir by Sam McAlister, the former Newsnight producer who booked the interview with Prince Andrew.
Written by Peter Moffat and Geoff Bussetil, Scoop also stars Keeley Hawes, Romola Garai and Sex Education actor Connor Swindles.
A rival project about Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview is being made by Prime Video, which has the backing of Maitlis.
Instead of Sewell and Anderson, it will be Michael Sheen and Ruth Wilson playing the lead roles.


A “unnecessary” scene in Prince Andrew’s film Scoop has outraged Netflix viewers.

In 2019, the royal attempted to disassociate himself from convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein in an interview that went viral on Newsnight. This is the storyline of the new film.

The movie has a lot of talking points, like the scene where a tower of teddy bears that Prince Andrew supposedly used to have arranged on his bed at Buckingham Palace, but viewers—who, as of right now, do not include Newsnight host Emily Maitlis—agree that one particular scene should have been cut.

The scene in question takes place just after Maitlis’s (Gillian Anderson) Newsnight interview has been filmed and is set to air on BBC Two.

Although Prince Andrew begins to watch the interview, he decides to forego it and take a bath. But as he tries to unwind, his cell phone pings repeatedly in the adjacent room, and he hears the response to the interview unfold in real time. Following his exit from the bath, his nude posterior is captured on camera.

Many viewers questioned whether it was really necessary to see Prince Andrew’s bare ass, and journalist Rob Lownie responded, saying, “Rufus Sewell is very good; the writing is very self-regarding; showing Prince Andrew’s bum is very unnecessary.”. “.

Sewell has discussed the incident and disclosed that, for the scene, he donned a prosthetic bum.

Netflix currently offers Scoop for streaming. Sam McAlister, the former producer of Newsnight who secured the interview with Prince Andrew, wrote a memoir which served as the basis for the movie.

Keeley Hawes, Romola Garai, and actor Connor Swindles from Sex Education are among the cast members of Scoop, which was written by Peter Moffat and Geoff Bussetil. Click this link to read The Independent’s movie review.

Maitlis is supporting Prime Video’s competing project, which centers on Prince Andrew’s interview on Newsnight. Ruth Wilson and Michael Sheen will play the key parts in place of Sewell and Anderson.

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