Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande were at CinemaCon

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Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande are flying audiences — by broomstick and by bubble — to Oz.
The big-screen adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked was among the titles presented by distributor Universal Pictures at CinemaCon 2024.
Erivo, 37, and Grande, 30, who play “Wicked Witch” Elphaba and “Good Witch” Glinda, took the stage at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace on April 10 to present a flashy preview of the movie’s first installment.
Wicked will be a two-part adaptation of Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman’s Tony-winning Broadway musical.
“When I was 10 years old, I saw Wicked on Broadway for the first time,” said Grande.
But I could never have fathomed even getting the chance to actually play the iconic Wicked Witch.”
The CinemaCon audience heard snippets of Grande singing Glinda’s “Popular” and she and Erivo vocalizing together on “Defying Gravity.”
Chu was also on hand at last year’s CinemaCon to tease Oz fans with initial glimpses of Wicked.


Through the use of bubbles and broomsticks, Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande are transporting audiences to Oz.

Among the films distributor Universal Pictures offered at CinemaCon 2024 was the big-screen version of the Broadway musical Wicked. The first installment of the film was flashily previewed on April 10 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas by Erivo, 37, and Grande, 30, who portray “Wicked Witch” Elphaba and “Good Witch” Glinda, respectively.

Producer Marc Platt, director Jon M. Chu, actress Michelle Yeoh (Madame Morrible), actor Jeff Goldblum (the Wizard), and actor Jonathan Bailey (Fiyero) joined them. Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwartz’s Tony-winning Broadway musical Wicked will be adapted into a two-part play. November is when Part One will be available. 27. Part Two will follow on November 27. 26, 2025.

“I could identify with the tale of Elphaba, the sorceress who was assessed solely based on her appearance,” Chu, 44, said to the assembly. Running Wicked was dubbed “a dream job” by the director of In the Heights. “.”.

Chu started to get emotional as he introduced Erivo and Grande, describing them as “two very gifted, strong young women who were destined to play these roles.”. He sobbed as he said, “Sorry.”. It has been a protracted voyage. “.”.

With their hands clasped together, Erivo and Grande also thought back to their movie debut. Grande recalled her first Broadway viewing of Wicked at the age of ten. That moment made me realize how much I wanted to play Glinda when I grew up, which is why I can still clearly recall it. It developed into my ideal role. ****.

“It was my birthday, and I was 25,” Erivo said. “I went on a date by myself to see [the musical]. But the thought of ever being able to play the well-known Wicked Witch in real life was unthinkable to me. “.

Chu, who directed Yeoh in Crazy Rich Asians, was made fun of when she said that singing in her first musical film was “terrifying.”. “Why do you cast me in roles that are kind of like me?”.

Bailey admitted that Fiyero is “a little self-involved,” even though the handsome man “has facets” and “evolves.”. Playing a character who is acutely aware of his own charm and blissfully unaware of their privilege, however, is freeing. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. “.

The film Wicked, which is based on Gregory Maguire’s critically acclaimed 1995 novel, tells the origin story of “a green-skinned woman” who “becomes the Wicked Witch of the West,” serving as a preface to the events in The Wizard of Oz. Marissa Bode as Nessarose, Bowen Yang as Pfannee, Keala Settle as Miss Coddle, and Ethan Slater as Boq are also part of the cast.

Peter Dinklage will be the voice of Dr. Dillamond, it was also revealed during the CinemaCon presentation. According to a press release, Elphaba is warned by the goat-turned-university professor about the growing evil forces that pose a threat to all of the talking animals in Oz, including the goat himself. “.

A lengthy tease of Part One featured sounds and a glimpse of Dinklage’s goat persona. Scenes from Grande’s performance of Glinda’s “Popular” and her duet with Erivo on “Defying Gravity” were shown to the CinemaCon crowd. “.

Chu was also present at CinemaCon the previous year to give early looks at Wicked to fans of Oz. Erivo and Grande’s appearance at the big game in green and pink custom Louis Vuitton football jerseys with their characters’ names on them was previewed in the first trailer, which was released in February during the 2024 Super Bowl.

Elphaba Idina Menzel and Glinda Kristin Chenoweth led the original Broadway cast of the musical. Menzel took home one of the three Tony Awards for leading actress in a musical for the successful production.

The movies will be “unlike anything you’ve ever seen before,” Erivo promised Entertainment Tonight during 2022 filming. “.

“I believe we will appreciate the enchantment of it,” said the Oscar nominee for Harriet. In an attempt to add our own unique perspective to what we already know, we will tell you a tale about two sisters. ****.

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