US officials fear most of the hostages in Gaza are dead

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US intelligence officials estimate that most of the 133 hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza are already dead, according to a new report.
The officials, who are familiar with US and Israeli intelligence on the hostage situation, told the Journal that some of the dead hostages were likely killed by injuries, illnesses or by the IDF’s ongoing airstrikes in Gaza.
The officials noted that their estimates were limited to the intelligence shared by the Jewish State.
Israeli officials have yet to comment on the report.
Among the hostages, US officials say five are American citizens, though it is unclear whether they are alive.
Fears over the state of the hostages have only been compounded this week after Hamas revealed Monday that it was unable to gather 40 living hostages that met Israel’s criteria for a US-led cease-fire proposal.
The plan called on Hamas to submit a list of 40 hostages — including women, the sick and the elderly — to be released in exchange for a six-week truce in Gaza.
Hamas’ claim that it had “no ability to release 40” abductees is the first statement in months from the terror group regarding the hostages.


A recent report by US intelligence agencies claims that the majority of the 133 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza are likely already dead.

Although the Israel Defense Forces believe that 34 hostages have perished, either in the first Oct. According to the Wall Street Journal, some American officials believe the real figure is more than twice as high. 7 terror attack or in the previous six months of captivity.

According to the officials, who are knowledgeable about both Israeli and US intelligence regarding the hostage crisis, some of the hostages who passed away were probably due to diseases, wounds, or continuous airstrikes by the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza.

The officials stated that they could only make estimates based on information provided by the Jewish State.

Officials from Israel have not yet responded to the report.

Although it’s unclear if they are still alive, US officials claim that five of the hostages are citizens of the country.

According to the WSJ, the hostages also include eight Thai nationals, a citizen of Nepal, a dual citizen of France and Mexico, and a Tanzanian who passed away.

It is also thought that Hamas is detaining two Israelis who were taken prisoner prior to October. 7 attack and the bodies of two IDF soldiers who were killed in 2014 fighting in Gaza.

This week’s worries about the hostages’ condition have only grown after Hamas disclosed on Monday that it had not been able to assemble 40 live hostages that would have satisfied Israel’s demands for a cease-fire proposal spearheaded by the US.

As part of the agreement, a six-week ceasefire in Gaza was to be exchanged for Hamas submitting a list of forty hostages, including women, the sick, and the elderly.

Hamas made its first announcement about the hostages in months when it said it had “no ability to release 40” abductees.

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