New iPad are here!

Today’s special Apple event, dubbed “Let loose,” will include new iPad Air, iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil announcements.
How to watch today’s Apple event Apple makes it easier than ever to watch its special events nowadays.
Apple Pencil Pro also works with the iPad Air.
New sensor in the barrel of the Apple Pencil: Squeeze to bring up a new tool pallet.
Find My support for when you lose Apple Pencil Pro.
Next up is a new “Apple Pencil Pro,” which takes the Apple Pencil experience to a whole new level.
Here’s the “all-new, stunningly thin and incredibly powerful iPad Pro.” Now, we’re moving onto the iPad Pro.
Or, it could be that Apple just doesn’t think the iPad event hype is worthy of halting product sales for an hour.


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Today marks the first time in over a year that Apple will be updating the lineup of iPads. The new iPad Air, iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil will all be unveiled at today’s special “Let loose” event hosted by Apple. To follow along in real time with everything, scroll down.

How to tune into the Apple event today.

These days, Apple makes watching its special events easier than ever. The “Let loose” event today is available for streaming on YouTube, the Apple website, and the TV app on any device.

Reminder: The event begins at seven in the morning. m. PT/10 a. M. ET.

See it on YouTube.

Observe via the Apple website.

or utilize any device to launch the TV app.

Apple Event News Hub.

The ‘Let Loose’ event by Apple was captured using an iPhone and edited on a Mac and iPad.

Apple drops the price of the iPad 10 to $349 and removes the Home button from the iPad 9.

Squeeze gesture, replaceable tips, an eraser, and FindMy support are included with the launch of the Apple Pencil Pro.

With a larger trackpad and function row, Apple introduces the Magic Keyboard for the M4 iPad Pro.

The power of the M4 chip is utilized by new versions of Logic Pro and Final Cut for iPad.

Apple introduces the M4, their first chip designed from the ground up with artificial intelligence.

With an OLED display, an M4 chip, and a thinner, redesigned chassis, Apple has announced the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 6 has been redesigned and is now available in 11- and 13-inch sizes. It has a landscape front camera in addition to other features.

Ahead of the launch of the new iPad Pro, the Apple Store is closed.

Here’s what to anticipate from Apple’s ‘Let loose’ event, which is centered around the iPad.

Live blog for the new iPads.

Rewind to the iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil Pro.

The price of the iPad 10 is reduced from $449 to $349.

Order now for delivery the following week.

The cost of an Apple Pencil is $129.

$199 gets you an 11-inch Magic Keyboard, while $349 gets you a 13-inch Magic Keyboard.

The base model of the new iPad Pro is 256GB. The 11-inch model costs $999, while the 13-inch model costs $1299.

The iPad Air and Apple Pencil Pro are compatible devices.

A new sensor has been added to the Apple Pencil’s barrel. Squeeze it to display a new tool palette. A haptic sensor provides feedback when you squeeze. With a gyroscope, you can “barrel roll” to flip pens or brushes into different orientations. If you misplace your Apple Pencil Pro, you can find my support here.

The next product on the list is the “Apple Pencil Pro,” which elevates the Pencil experience to a whole new level.

The larger trackpad, aluminum design, and function row keys of the new Magic Keyboard.

The 12-megapixel FaceTime camera was shifted to the side.

A new adaptive True Tone flash and a 12MP camera.

Fresh Pro applications.

A new stem splitter function in Logic Pro 2 for iPad allows you to separate voice, bass, drunks, and other instruments into four different tracks.

A new Final Cut Camera app is also available for iPad and iPhone.

Multicam support is first added in Final Cut Pro 2.

Logic Pro 2 and Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad.

iPad Pro and M4.

improved thermal performance by 20%. 4 times faster than the M2-equipped previous iPad Pro. quicker than the first iPad Pro by ten times.

More potent than any neural processing unit found in a modern PC. “.

The M4 has the most potent neural engine ever created, capable of 38 trillion operations per second. Apple describes it as “an outrageously powerful chip for AI.”.

These are the M4 GPU specifications:.

The M4 CPU specifications are as follows:.

50% quicker CPU performance than the M2.

constructed using 3nm technology, second generation.

driven by the Apple Silicon M4 processor, the next generation.

A new option for displaying nano-texture.

known as Ultra Retina XDR. Brightness of 1000 nits for both regular and high-dynamic-range visuals. Peak HDR brightness of 1600 nits.

Tandem OLED is a term for a “state-of-the-art display that uses two OLED panels” to produce exceptionally bright images.

In space gray and silver varieties.

It’s even thinner than the iPod nano, according to Ternus, making it the thinnest Apple product ever.

offered in screen sizes of 11 and 13 inches. The dimensions of the 11-inch iPad Pro are 5 point 3 mm and its weight is 98 lb. The 13-inch weighs 1 point 28 lb and is 5 point 1 mm thin.

Introducing the “all-new, incredibly powerful, and stunningly thin iPad Pro.”. “.

We will now discuss the iPad Pro. John Ternus boasts, “We’re going to smash the boundaries of what you can do on iPad.”.

The iPad Air is new.

Starlight, space gray, purple, and blue are the available colors. 1TB, 512GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage space. 13-inch models start at $799, while 11-inch models start at $599. Orderable now and shipping the following week.

Up to 50% faster than the previous generation M1, M2 powers the new iPad Air.

Compatible with both the current Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Additionally, Apple Pencil Hover—a function that was previously limited to the iPad Pro—is supported.

Together with landscape stereo speakers that support spatial audio, the new iPad Air also boasts the first-ever landscape FaceTime camera. Half as much bass is present in the new 13-inch model.

The iPad Air is the next device we’ll talk about; according to Apple, it is now offered in 11- and 13-inch form factors.

Introduction to the Apple event.

First up, Tim Cook declares that today is “all about the iPad.”. Tim claims that Apple Vision Pro is already having an impact on people’s lives all over the world, and we’re also getting an update on that.

Presenting at Apple’s New York City watch party is Vice President of Marketing Bob Borchers.

The stream is now officially live, with some pretty awesome animations and hipster music playing.

Another view of the New York City watch party, which is taking place at Apple’s Tribeca loft:.

Revision: 9:35 a.m. M. ET: The Apple Store is currently unavailable.

Tim Cook is awake at this moment.

Thanks to Lance Ulanoff, here’s a glimpse of the New York City setup:.

Thanks to our friend Federico Viticci, here is a peek at the setup at the Apple Battersea campus in London:.

As predicted, Apple has extended invitations to media and influencers to attend today’s event in places like New York City and London. After the event, these folks will probably also have a chance to use the new hardware firsthand.

The Apple Store remains up to date as of 9:00 AM ET. This might mean that the new iPad models won’t be on sale today.

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