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NEW YORK (WABC) — While we know the total solar eclipse is a major deal astronomically, many have been taking to social media wondering what it means astrologically.
It’s a rare occurrence, a cosmic coincidence, the moon’s shadow masking the sun, it’s a total solar eclipse.
While millions will be looking to the sky to witness the eclipse, lots are looking to the stars to see what it means for them.
In terms of astrology, what does a solar eclipse mean?
If you’ve been feeling a little different around this eclipse, Edut says there’s a reason.
“If you are an air sign, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, this eclipse is about your relationships.
“think the lesson of the eclipse is you’re like that wing of the butterfly, everything you do matters.
Chief Meteorologist Lee Goldberg will cover the eclipse from Vermont, while meteorologist Brittany Bell will be reporting from Niagara Falls.


NEW YORK (WABC) — Although the total solar eclipse is a significant astronomical event, many people have been asking questions about its astrological significance on social media.

A total solar eclipse—a rare event, a cosmic coincidence—occurs when the moon’s shadow completely obscures the sun.

Many are observing the eclipse through the stars to understand its implications, even as millions of people turn their heads to watch it happen in the sky.

Ophira Edut, half of the Astrotwins and a qualified astrologer, has the answers.

What does a solar eclipse mean in terms of astrology, and how does it impact us personally?

Extremely much so. There is a window of opportunity for significant transformation at this pivotal moment of profound change, according to Edut. Numerous things that have been concealed from us now become apparent. A massive cosmic spotlight, that’s how it is. “.

According to Edut, there’s a reason if you’ve been feeling a bit off during this eclipse.

As above, so below is a well-known adage that describes how astrology functions. It’s not limited to space travel. By following the stars, humanity has managed to survive and establish civilizations. The stars lead the way. They resemble a cosmic GPS, the woman remarked.

Garguilo enquired, “So this eclipse is an Aries?”.

Yes, that explains why people are acting so ferociously. Aries is this fierce, individual, and warrior, according to Edut. “This is the sign that comes first in the zodiac. Thus, if you consider how a newborn cries and screams as it enters the world, you can see how this new era is beginning. ****.

It could explain some odd behavior.

Edut stated, “That and Mercury’s retrograde in Aries at the same time means Mercury retrograde causes communication breakdowns at the same time.”. It feels like the eclipses are pushing us forward during this intense eclipse season, while Mercury is retrograde and pulling us back. It feels as though we are experiencing a sudden burst of energy, as if we were applying both extreme pressure to the brakes and the gas at once. That’s the reason behind any sensation of cosmic whiplash. ****.

We’ll break this down by sign to see how this significant astronomical event will impact us astrologically.

This eclipse is asking those who are fire signs—Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius—to reevaluate their daily schedules and the frameworks that govern their lives and careers. “You must be your fiercest self. What do you need?” asked Edut. “That would be Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn if you are an earth sign. This eclipse is evoking feelings, deep down. It feels like there is an earthquake within you. You are being asked to see past the obvious and truly connect with your emotions, using them as a guide rather than a bothersome, inconvenient diversion. “.

Edut carried on with the additional indicators.

“This eclipse is about your relationships if you are an air sign, such as Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. In your relationships, what part are you playing? Do they feel equal, harmonious, and balanced? If not, what needs to be said?

According to Edut, “And if you’re a water sign—Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces—this eclipse is about what grounds you, what gives you a sense of security, and what you actually need to feel safe and secure.”.

For everyone, there is a general takeaway.

In both nature and astrology, eclipses signify unanticipated periods of change. They’ll highlight the areas in your life where you’ve been clinging to things that are past their prime or pushing things in unwanted directions, according to Edut. “Consider that the eclipse’s lesson is that, like a butterfly’s wing, everything you do counts. Furthermore, during an eclipse, it is extremely important. ****.

Astrologers find the entire phenomenon fascinating.

“I believe that a global reset is imminent. Something new is required. Something new needs to emerge from this one breaking down a little bit. Furthermore, an eclipse excites me. Creating that,” Edut remarked. “Before something can be partially right side up, it must first be upside down. “.

Brittany Bell, a meteorologist, will report from Niagara Falls, while chief meteorologist Lee Goldberg will cover the eclipse from Vermont.

Additionally, we’d like to invite you to watch “Eclipse Across America” live on April 8 starting at 2 p.m. on ABC News and National Geographic. me. until 4 p.m. m. National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, Disney+, Hulu, ABC, ABC News Live, and EDT.


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