There is a winter storm warning for mountains in Hawaii

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HONOLULU — A powerful weather system is drenching the Hawaiian Islands on Friday, triggering flash flooding alerts across the state and even a Winter Storm Warning — yes, that’s not a typo — for the mountain summits along the Big Island.
The greatest threat for severe storms is on the smaller islands on Friday, spreading east into the Big Island Friday night, NWS Honolulu said.
Flood Watches cover all the islands through late Friday night, though the heaviest rains are expected Friday through Friday evening.
A Winter Storm Warning in Hawaii in mid-May Perhaps even more surprising is the wintry weather heading for the higher elevations of the Big Island.
AMONG SUREST WEATHER BET IN AMERICA: PREDICT RAIN IN THIS HAWAII TOWN IN JULY Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for all mountain summits into Saturday morning.
As much as 6 inches of snow is likely along with blistering winds of 40-60 mph with gusts over 70 mph, the NWS said.
The storms will gradually abate from west to east late Friday into Saturday and then taper off as the storm weakens and moves northeast.
However, a moist pattern will remain into the new week, with long-range models suggesting another period of stormy weather looming later in the week.


HONOLULU – On Friday, a strong weather system is soaking the Hawaiian Islands, causing flash flooding alerts throughout the state and even a Winter Storm Warning for the Big Island’s mountain summits. No, that is not a typo.

Just to the north of the island, a powerful upper low pressure system is circling, bringing with it an abundance of tropical moisture and atmospheric instability that is causing strong thunderstorms that could potentially meet severe criteria due to 50 mph wind gusts and large hail.

“As soon as a shower or thunderstorm forms, it can produce strong wind gusts immediately before and right after that heavy shower,” Honolulu meteorologist Derek Wroe of the National Weather Service stated to KHON-TV. With a shower, wind gusts exceeding fifty miles per hour have been observed, which is worrisome because graduation ceremonies are scheduled for later this month. “.


According to NWS Honolulu, the smaller islands present the greatest risk of severe storms on Friday, with the storms moving eastward into the Big Island late on Friday night.

There is a risk of flash floods throughout the islands due to torrential rains, which can reach up to 3 inches per hour during certain storms, in addition to frequent lightning and strong winds. On Thursday night, Oahu’s windward sides already received two to three inches of rain, and more is expected as the rain moved throughout the state on Friday.

All of the islands are under a flood watch through late Friday night, however Friday through Friday evening is when the most rain is predicted. Runoff and overflowing streams pose a threat to roads that are prone to flooding as well as other low-lying areas. In urban areas, rapid runoff may also result in property damage.

Hawaii issued a Winter Storm Warning in mid-May.

The wintry weather that is expected to arrive in the Big Island’s higher elevations is possibly even more unexpected.

Predict rain in this Hawaii town in July, according to one of the most reliable weather forecasts in America.

Up until Saturday morning, there are winter storm warnings in place for every mountain summit. According to the NWS, up to 6 inches of snow and ferocious winds of 40–60 mph with gusts over 70 mph are anticipated.

Later on Friday and into Saturday, the storms will progressively weaken as they move northeast from the west to the east and then taper off.

Even so, there will be a moist pattern into the upcoming week, and long-range models indicate that there will likely be more stormy weather later in the week.

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