There is a rumor that Apple is going to invent the Xbox

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Discussions at Apple are ongoing, so it’s unclear if we’ll ever see an Apple TV with a built-in camera.
Apple added support for FaceTime on Apple TV last year, but the app requires another compatible device, such as an iPhone.
Microsoft used to support video calls in the living room through Skype and Kinect, but the company has discontinued Skype for Xbox and Kinect.
Apple may release an Apple TV with a built-in camera in the future, according to a Bloomberg report.
It seems other people agree with Baxter, considering Apple is looking into an Apple TV with a built-in camera.
Apple TV already supports Continuity camera, allowing you to use your iPhone’s camera to make a FaceTime call on Apple TV.
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And before you say that Microsoft Teams and gaming don’t mix, Microsoft Teams is already in the Xbox Game Bar on PC.


What you should be aware of.

There could be a built-in FaceTime camera in an upcoming Apple TV.

It’s unclear if we’ll ever see an Apple TV with a built-in camera because discussions at Apple are still going on.

Last year, Apple added FaceTime support to Apple TV; however, the app needs another device, such as an iPhone, to work.

Skype for Xbox and Kinect video calls in the living room were formerly supported by Microsoft, but the service has been discontinued.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple may eventually release an Apple TV with an integrated camera. Should that gadget be released, it ought to be able to establish a connection with any user’s Apple Vision Pro or iPhone. We could have had this configuration years ago if Microsoft hadn’t given up on its idea of the Xbox serving as the center of a living room, but since we’re Windows Central, that’s why it matters that an Apple device is rumored to be coming.

Apple released tvOS 17 along with FaceTime support. The feature was dubbed a “game changer” by our colleague Daryl Baxter at iMore. Given that Apple is investigating the possibility of an Apple TV with a built-in camera, it appears that Baxter is not alone. A logical progression of FaceTime on Apple TV is the release of a device intended to be the focal point of a living room that highlights a camera.

The unpleasant past of Kinect.

Since the Kinect camera was included with the Xbox One, Microsoft has suffered years of losing the console wars and higher costs for the system. However, most people weren’t offended by the Kinect concept. It irritated them that Microsoft was forcing Xbox One buyers to purchase an accessory they might not have wanted by bundling it with the console. Given that it is imposing AI everywhere, it appears that Microsoft has not learned much from this ordeal. However, Copilot shipping with Windows 11 is at least free of charge.

The Kinect for the Xbox One was a great accessory, even with the backlash against bundling. It was helpful for video calls, gave you setup control, and was necessary for some gaming experiences. Since I’m currently thousands of miles away from my parents, my dad bought an Xbox One S years ago so we could play games together. In order to make our video calls with my parents in the US and my wife and I in England feel more natural, we also used Skype and the Kinect.

But this is not just a story about killing off the Kinect. We won’t see a FaceTime rival on Xbox because of a change in Microsoft’s business approach and the discontinuation of software.

What happened to the apps?

You can already use Apple TV’s Continuity camera support to make FaceTime calls using the camera on your iPhone. The most recent rumor is about an upcoming Apple TV that might have a built-in camera, but I’m disappointed that Microsoft didn’t get there first given the concept Apple presents and the features it already supports.

While you can still use the Kinect camera on older consoles, Microsoft has moved away from the idea of connecting a smart camera to your console. The Kinect camera was discontinued with the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series Sdot. But it’s the software, not the hardware, that’s disappointing me. Even though Microsoft doesn’t have a good FaceTime equivalent for the Xbox, you can still use a webcam with an Xbox Series X|S.

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Even Skype is no longer compatible with Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles. Microsoft removed Skype from the Xbox last year. Although Edge allows you to use apps, it is not the same as the seamless experience Apple offers or that Microsoft might make possible. Microsoft Teams won’t fill the void, despite what you might think.

You can be social while gaming with Microsoft Teams thanks to its Teams Play Together widget, screen sharing, and other features in the Xbox Game Bar. Before you argue that Microsoft Teams and gaming are incompatible, keep in mind that Microsoft Teams is already included in pc\.. Although it hasn’t, Microsoft could introduce Teams to Xbox and offer features akin to those found in the Xbox Game Bar. It’s possible that I’m the only one who desires Teams on Xbox. I’m still disappointed about it, but if that’s the case, Microsoft is justified in not making it.

It functions without fail.

I am aware that many of our readers enjoy criticizing Apple, frequently with good cause. That being said, Apple produces quality products despite trolling remarks and memes. Utilizing a variety of Apple products and services creates an ecosystem that the tech giant also makes the most of. You can use iMessage, AirDrop, AirPlay, Handoff, and other features to expand your Apple experience across devices.

Naturally, Microsoft is a different business from Apple, and it approaches device connectivity very differently. Numerous manufacturers’ devices are compatible with Windows 11, and Microsoft offers software and services for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and the internet.

Though some of the integrations aren’t as seamless, overall, Microsoft takes a more open and cross-platform approach than Apple. As an illustration, certain features of Microsoft’s Phone Link are limited to particular phones. Microsoft collaborates with Samsung and OnePlus to guarantee the availability and operation of specific features.

The revolutionary feature of FaceTime on Apple TV appears to be getting better in the future. Regretfully, there won’t be a comparable choice for people inside the Microsoft ecosystem.

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