The fans of the blade are desperate to get the best outfit in the game

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Stellar Blade released yesterday via the PS5, and by most accounts it is another great exclusive for PlayStation, as evident by its 82 on Metcaritic.
This evident by the fact there are dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of outfits in the game.
Naturally, some of the more revealing suits are proving quite popular, but over on the Stellar Blade Reddit page one suit, in particular, is proving to be extra popular.
One of the top posts on the Stellar Blade Reddit page right now is an appreciation post for the Black Pearl Nano Suit, which requires you to collect 49 cans.
In fact, many of the comments have lauded the suit as the best in the game.
“Best outfit in the game in my opinion, ” reads another popular comment.
This is obviously quite a revealing outfit, but it is far from the most revealing outfit in the game.
What is your favorite outfit in Stellar Blade?


According to most reviews, Stellar Blade, which debuted yesterday on the PS5, is yet another fantastic PlayStation exclusive, as seen by its 82 on Metcaritic. The protagonist of the game, Eve, and her numerous maximum sliders are undoubtedly one of the main draws—and occasionally a source of controversy. It should therefore not be shocking that her wardrobe, some of which are extremely, extremely revealing, plays a significant role in the game. This is demonstrated by the fact that the game has dozens upon dozens upon dozens of outfits. Heck, New Game Plus features 34 exclusive outfits on its own. But which outfit is the best?

Of course, some of the more exposed suits are becoming increasingly well-liked; however, one particular suit is becoming increasingly well-liked over on the Stellar Blade Reddit page. That being said, it is difficult to unlock the aforementioned outfit. Some people might even argue that unlocking it is laborious.

A post expressing gratitude for the Black Pearl Nano Suit—which needs 49 cans to complete—is currently one of the most popular posts on the Stellar Blade Reddit page. Sometimes it can be very difficult to locate these cans. Because of the animated elements and the varied, imaginative, and well-thought-out designs of the cans, some players find this process tedious, while others claim to enjoy the discovery process. The suit that unlocks is worth the effort, that much is agreed upon. The suit has actually been praised as the greatest in the game in a number of comments.

I suppose I’m gathering every can.

Written by u/Iforgetwhat8wuzfor in stellarblade.

The top comment said, “I love how every time she packs up a can she does a pose like she is in an ad.”. Another well-liked comment says, “Best outfit in the game, in my opinion.”.

Although this is undoubtedly one of the more exposed outfits in the game, it is by no means the most so. It’s enough to say that, despite being merely an aesthetic detail of the main game, outfit collecting and adornment are becoming increasingly popular. In light of this, we anticipate adding more in the future. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us as usual in the interim. Which outfit from Stellar Blade is your favorite?

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