The volcano in Indonesia has lava and smoke

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India Rohingya conscripts seen at Myanmar military camp Footage seen by the BBC shows Rohingya men at an army training camp, being taught how to use rifles.
India Watch: Passengers scramble to escape burning Thai ferry Passengers and crew reportedly jumped into the sea to escape the blaze.
Asia Watch: Taiwan quake makes waves in rooftop pool The moment a man swimming in hotel rooftop pool was shaken by the Taiwan earthquake.
Asia Watch: Earthquake shakes buildings and causes landslides Video shows buildings being rocked by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake on the island.
Asia Watch: Kim Jong Un oversees rocket launcher drills Video shows the North Korean leader speaking to military officials as rockets fire into the sky.
Asia Watch: Japan rocket explodes seconds after launch Space One’s ‘Kairos’ rocket burst into flames shortly after lift-off on Wednesday morning.
Asia Watch: Indian boy calmly traps wandering leopard The leopard was later tranquillised and rescued by wildlife officials in Maharashtra state.
India Chinese boats fire water at a Philippine vessel Earlier, coast guard vessels of China and the Philippines collided in the disputed South China Sea.


Globally, the Indian election is significant. Here’s the explanation.

In India, the national election scheduled for April 19 is expected to involve nearly a billion voters.


Conscripted Rohingyas are seen at a military camp in Myanmar.

The BBC obtained footage of Rohingya men receiving rifle instruction at an army training camp.

Far East.

The moment a toddler in India is pulled out of a borewell.

The two-year-old child was left stranded within the borewell for twenty hours prior to his rescue by the authorities.


See the passengers rush to get off the burning Thai ferry.

Reportedly, in order to escape the fire, passengers and crew members dove into the sea.


When the earthquake strikes, the maternity staff rushes to protect the babies.

On camera, a nurse and her coworkers can be seen frantically clinging to baby cots as the building they are in starts to vibrate.


An emotional farewell to the giant panda of South Korea.

As the nation’s first giant panda departed for China, thousands of fans of Fu Bao lined the streets.


Watch as a rooftop pool is shaken by the Taiwan earthquake.

the instant the Taiwan earthquake shook a man swimming in a rooftop pool at a hotel.


See how an earthquake causes landslides and shakes buildings.

A 7 point 4 magnitude earthquake on the island is seen in the video shaking buildings.


When Oppenheimer gets to Japan, what are their thoughts?

Shaimaa Khalil of the BBC spoke with people who live in Hiroshima and who saw the movie for the first time today.

Far East.

Watch: South Korea’s escaped ostrich goes AWOL.

Before being caught and taken back to a zoo, the bird was spotted scuttling through the streets of Seongnam.

Far East.

Numerous Rohingya were discovered stranded on a sunk ship.

On a rusty hull floating off the coast of Indonesia, rescuers discover 69 sunburned and dehydrated people.


Watch: Tanker capsizes in choppy waters off Japan’s coast.

When the Japan Coast Guard begins a rescue effort, aerial footage shows the capsized vessel being destroyed by waves.

Far East.

View: Kim Jong Un supervising rocket launcher training.

In the video, the leader of North Korea is heard talking to military officials while rockets shoot skyward.


Watch as a Japanese rocket bursts moments after launch.

Shortly after taking off on Wednesday morning, Space One’s “Kairos” rocket caught fire.


Watch: A unique look inside the DMZ-enclosed village in Korea.

Within the buffer between North and South Korea is the small village of Taesung, which is home to 138 people.


Watch: A young Indian boy captures a straying leopard with composure.

Later, wildlife officials in the state of Maharashtra tranquilized and rescued the leopard.


A Philippine vessel is targeted by water cannons from China.

In the disputed South China Sea, Chinese and Philippine coast guard vessels had earlier collided.


“Jumped to save my life,” exclaimed the survivor of the fatal Dhaka fire.

A fire in the capital of Bangladesh destroyed a seven-story building, leaving scores dead and numerous injured.


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