The suspect in the Charlotte shooting led cops on a high-speed chase months before the shoot-out that left four officers dead

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Please try again later {{ /verifyErrors }} New details have emerged around a police encounter with the suspect —months before the shoot-out in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday that left four law enforcement officers dead.
Back in January, Terry Clark Hughes Jr, 39, led officers on a high-speed chase, according to Lincoln County Sheriff Bill Beam.
The car chase was ultimately called off when a police officer noticed the Hughes’ vehicle was registered to a woman.
Four months later, Hughes opened fire on officers as they approached his home on April 29 trying to serve him warrants.
“North Carolina lost four heroes and saw four other heroes wounded,” Gov Roy Cooper said.
North Carolina criminal records show he has an extensive rap sheet with many drug-related charges.
Kelly Rissman1 May 2024 15:00 1714571128 Which officers were killed in the shooting?
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When officers went to serve Terry Clark Hughes Jr. a fugitive arrest warrant at a North Carolina home, they were fired upon.

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Months prior to the gunfight in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday that claimed the lives of four law enforcement officers, new information regarding the suspect’s interaction with the police has surfaced.

According to Lincoln County Sheriff Bill Beam, Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, led police on a fast-paced pursuit back in January. A member of his team attempted to stop Hughes. However, the sheriff told WCNC that instead of slowing down, he “took off.”.

When a policeman saw that the Hughes vehicle was registered to a woman, the car chase was eventually called off.

Hughes opened fire on police on April 29, four months later, as they were attempting to serve him with warrants outside his home. He was wanted for felon possession of a firearm and fleeing to avoid capture.

During the exchange, Hughes was shot and died.

CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings stated that the two additional individuals who were subsequently discovered in the house where Hughes was firing from “are fully cooperating” with the investigation and are not being treated as suspects.

Four officers lost their lives in the incident: Joshua Eyer of the CMPD, Thomas Weeks, a deputy US marshal, and Sam Poloche and Alden Elliott of the North Carolina Department of Adult Correction.

Out of the four injured officers, three have been released from the hospital, and the fourth’s condition remains stable.


Who are the wounded law enforcement officials?

Officer Chris Tolley of the CMPD had surgery and is currently in stable condition.

A CMPD officer named Mike Giglio was shot with a gunshot wound and released yesterday.

Officer Jack Blowers of the CMPD was shot and released yesterday.

An officer with the CMPD named Joshua Campbell was released this morning after being shot but not before breaking his foot.

Kelly Rissman1, 17:15 May 2024.


Four law enforcement officers were killed; officials are in mourning.

One day after the shooting in Charlotte that claimed the lives of four officers and injured four more, a number of agency and government representatives paid tribute to the fallen officers during Tuesday’s press conference.

Governor Roy Cooper declared, “North Carolina lost four heroes and saw four other heroes wounded.”. Gratitude was expressed by him for the bravery and courage exhibited by the fallen officers.

Josh Stein, the attorney general, described it as a “remarkably difficult moment.”.

He said, “We mourn their ultimate sacrifice,” in reference to the fallen officers. “.

Law enforcement officials’ “willingness to stand where others will not” was praised by Mayor Vi Lyles. “.

17:00, May 20, 2024, Kelly Rissman1.


Over $100,000 has been raised on a GoFundMe page for the families of police officers who have been killed or injured.

With a promise to “provide support for those affected, offering a beacon of hope amidst the darkness of this tragedy,” the GoFundMe page has raised more than $100,000 as of Wednesday morning. “.

“Thoughts and prayers pour in for the wounded officers and their families as the community reels from this senseless act of violence,” the fundraiser states.

The statement went on, “The community stands together in solidarity, determined to honor the bravery of those who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, as the investigation unfolds and the names of the fallen are confirmed.”.

The fundraiser is located here.

16:45, May 20, 2024, Kelly Rissman1.


WATCH: A neighbor hiding in a house captured footage of a shootout in North Carolina that claimed the lives of four police officers.

Kelly Rissman1, May 20, 2024, 16:30.


Hughes’ 20-year criminal history included charges for drugs, assault, and weapons.

Officers had been trying to serve Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, with felony warrants prior to the violent shootout in Charlotte, North Carolina, which left four law enforcement officers dead and numerous others injured.

Nearly 50 cases involving Hughes, who also perished in the gunfight, are available online. These cases include accusations of drug manufacturing, possessing a firearm, and aggravated assault. Hughes was arrested numerous times.

The charges against him date back more than 20 years and are from several counties in North Carolina. One of the earlier ones, from 2001, concerned him making threats against Terry Clark Hughes Sr., his own father.

According to Johnny Jennings, chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CPMD), Hughes Jr. had previously served a “significant amount of time” in prison.

According to CPMD, Hughes was wanted for felony flee to elude out of Lincoln County, North Carolina, and for possessing a firearm by a felon at the time of the incident on Monday.

Read the entire narrative.

Suspect in Charlotte shooting had a 20-year criminal history.

Terry Clark Hughes Jr was killed in a shootout with police in Charlotte on Monday, which also claimed the lives of four law enforcement officers.

Kelly Rissman1 May 20, 2024, 16:15.

1714475628, if that makes sense.

Who was the person who was suspected?

Five foot nine inches in height and 180 pounds, Hughes was 39 years old. On Monday, authorities attempted to serve him with felony warrants.

His criminal history in North Carolina reveals a lengthy criminal history filled with numerous drug-related offenses.

In 2010, Hughes was also charged with aggravated assault against a female, multiple counts of felon in possession of a firearm, multiple counts of evading arrest by driving recklessly, reckless driving causing danger, and communicating threats, which was a charge brought by his father.

Hughes has prior convictions for breaking and entering and violating the weapon laws.

Hughes had served “a significant amount of time in jail and had been released,” Chief Jennings responded when asked on Tuesday whether someone like him should have been permitted to live on the streets. “.

“I can give you hundreds of examples of people that I feel like should not be out praying upon his citizens,” the chief continued, despite the fact that his system was not yet fully functional. “.

May 20, 2024, 16:00 Kelly Rissman1.


Officer Joshua Eyer’s GoFundMe surpasses $40,000.

Over $46,000 has been raised by a GoFundMe page created to “support the family of Officer Eyer.”.

The fundraiser states that Eyer, who spent six years serving in the CMPD’s North Tryon Division, is survived by his wife and son, age three. “Every dollar of this GoFundMe will go to them,” the page states. “.

It states on the page that “CMPD Officer Joshua Eyer has passed away from his injuries after being shot in the line of duty while assisting other officers with the apprehension of a suspect.”.

Officer Eyer’s bravery and ultimate sacrifice have left us forever grateful. We shall never forget his life and service. During this trying time, kindly offer prayers for Officer Eyer’s loved ones. “.

May 20, 2024, 15:45, Kelly Rissman1.

1714573228, if that’s correct.

The aftermath of the shooting in Charlotte, captured in pictures.

15:20, May 20, 2024, Kelly Rissman1.

1714572028 (in English).

history of the accused.

Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, led police on a car chase through Lincoln County, North Carolina, in January.

Bill Beam, the Lincoln County Sheriff, described the event to WCNC Charlotte.

A member of his team attempted to stop Hughes. He “took off,” according to the sheriff, instead of slowing down.

The police officer noticed that the car being followed belonged to a woman, not Hughes, and as a result, Sheriff Beam said, the high-speed chase was eventually called off.

15:00, May 20, 2024, Kelly Rissman1.


Which officers lost their lives in the gunshot?

There were four officers killed in the gunshot. Their superiors have dubbed them “heroes.”.

Three of the officers that were killed were Thomas Weeks, a deputy US Marshal, Sam Poloche and Alden Elliott of the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections, and they were all part of the US Marshal Fugitive Task Force.

Joshua Eyer, the fourth victim, was a police officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Kelly Rissman1 May 14, 2024 14:45.

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