The OneUI 6.1 features could be copied by Apple

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After the recent boom in AI-powered features, Samsung introduced several AI-powered features with the Galaxy S24 and One UI 6.1.
Apple doesn’t want to be too far behind, and reports indicate that it will go big on AI with the iOS 18 update.
iOS 18 to feature web page summaries in Safari, audio recording in Notes, and unit converter in Calculator apps Recent reports indicate that iOS 18 will bring several AI-powered features, including the ability to summarize webpages in the Safari web browser.
The Notes app in iOS 18 will reportedly allow recording audio without switching to the Voice Memos app.
Apparently, Apple is also planning to add a unit converter to the Calculator app with iOS 18.
The other rumored features of iOS 18 include automatic playlist generation in the Apple Music app, a new Scenes feature in the Canvas app, and AI-powered features in the Apple Health app.
Generative AI-powered features are also expected in the Keynote, Numbers, and Pages apps for improved productivity.
Fitness, Mail, and Photos apps are also rumored to get AI features, but it isn’t clear what those features are.


Samsung debuted a number of AI-powered features with the Galaxy S24 and One UI 6.1, following the recent surge in AI-powered features. With the iOS 18 update, Apple is reportedly focusing heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) in an effort to keep up with its competitors. It appears like Samsung was the inspiration for some of those features.

In iOS 18, you’ll be able to record audio in Notes, convert units in Calculator apps, and summarize web pages in Safari.

According to recent reports, iOS 18 will include a number of AI-powered features, one of which is the ability for the Safari browser to summarize webpages. This reminds me of the Browsing Assist feature on Samsung Internet. Furthermore, users would supposedly be able to remove specific elements from web pages with the new “Web Eraser” feature.

According to reports, iOS 18’s Notes app will enable audio recording without requiring a switch to the Voice Memos app. This is comparable to the voice recording function on Samsung Notes, which lets students record lectures and take notes at the same time for better context.

It appears that with iOS 18, Apple also intends to update the Calculator app with a unit converter. The Samsung Calculator app has this feature as well. It is anticipated that Apple will integrate the Calculator app with the Notes app, one step ahead of Samsung.

Additional rumored features of iOS 18 include AI-powered features in the Apple Health app, a new Scenes feature in the Canvas app, and automatic playlist creation in the Apple Music app.

For increased productivity, generative AI-powered features are also anticipated in the Keynote, Numbers, and Pages applications. There are also rumors that the Mail, Photos, and Fitness apps will get AI features, though it’s unclear exactly what those features will entail. Seemingly akin to Samsung’s Photo Assist function, users might be able to make more intricate adjustments within the Photos app.

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