A man tries to shoot a pastor during a sermon

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A Pennsylvania pastor’s sermon was interrupted Sunday when an armed man pulled out his gun during church service and tried shooting him.
A livestream of the service at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock captured the moment Bernard Junior Polite, 26, walked toward the front of the church and pointed a gun at Rev.
Glenn Germany as Germany was in the middle of his sermon.
Germany can then be seen ducking behind his pulpit as church Deacon Clarence McCallister jumps Polite from behind and tackles him to the ground.
“He pulled the gun; it clicked,” Germany told WPIX-TV.
According to court documents, he wandered over to the church around 1 p.m. Sunday after hearing music coming from there.
It was not clear if Polite has an attorney, and county court records did not list one.
The county Medical Examiner’s office identified the body Monday as Derek Polite, 56, of North Braddock, but did not say if he was related to Bernard Polite.


Sunday’s sermon by a Pennsylvania pastor was cut short when an armed man attempted to shoot him during church.

A video feed from the Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock showed Bernard Junior Polite, 26, approaching the front of the building and aiming a gun at Rev. Germany was in the middle of a sermon when Glenn Germany arrived.

Next, as church deacon Clarence McCallister leaps Polite from behind and tackles him to the ground, Germany is seen ducking behind his pulpit. The gun is then taken from Polite’s grasp by Germany and McCallister. The gun jammed, preventing it from firing, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Germany said to WPIX-TV, “He pulled the gun; it clicked.”. It was heard that he shot it. The bullet didn’t come out because God jammed the gun. “.

Germany’s 14-year-old daughter was among the approximately 25 parishioners who saw the attempted shooting, according to the police. Officials said Polite was not a member of the church. Court records state that he strolled over to the church at around one in the afternoon. me. Upon hearing music emanating from that location on Sunday.

According to court records, Polite claimed that voices in his head had told him to shoot Germany, and he had planned to “wait to be arrested” in order to go to jail and get his thoughts straight.

Germany said, “He mentioned the spirits were in my head.”. “They invaded my thoughts and instructed me to shoot the pastor.”. “.

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Germany said that Polite had expressed regret and that he had forgiven him, and that the suspect seemed to be experiencing some sort of mental illness.

According to authorities, Polite was taken into custody and is being charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault. He was being held at the Allegheny County Jail on Monday without access to bond. County court records did not list Polite’s attorney, so it was unclear if she had one.

According to WTAE-TV, Allegheny County Police reported that a man’s body was discovered shot and dead inside Polite’s residence on Sunday night. The 56-year-old Derek Polite of North Braddock was the body’s identity on Monday, according to the county Medical Examiner’s office, though they did not say if he was related to Bernard Polite.

If Polite is related to that shooting, it’s unclear. Investigators are in the field.

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