Three Atlanta police officers were shot

ABC News

Three Atlanta police officers were shot while responding to a call Saturday evening, officials said.
The unidentified officers were called to Desoto Avenue SW shortly after 5 p.m., about a call of a man with a gun, Atlanta PD Chief Darin Schierbaum told reporters.
The officers encountered the suspect, who was allegedly armed with a handgun and knife, when shots rang out, Schierbaum said.
The three members of the Force were taken to Grady Hospital and described as “alert, conscious and breathing,” according to the police.
One officer was shot in the shoulder, another was shot in the leg and the other was grazed, Schierbaum said.
Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens visited the officers and their families at the hospital.
“My thoughts are with these officers and their families, and we are cooperating fully with this ongoing investigation.
Thanks to the surgeons and staff at Grady Hospital for ensuring that our officers will survive,” he said in a statement.


Officials said that three Atlanta police officers were shot on Saturday night while responding to a call.

No sooner had 5 p.m. than the unidentified officers were called to Desoto Avenue SW. me. Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum informed reporters about a call involving a man brandishing a gun.

Shots were fired as the officers approached the suspect, who was purportedly carrying a knife and a handgun, according to Schierbaum.

The chief said that during the altercation, the unidentified suspect was killed.

Following their transport to Grady Hospital, the three Force members were reported by the police to be “alert, conscious, and breathing.”.

According to the description, two of the officers were four years old and 31 years old. A 28-year-old officer with five months of service was described as the third officer.

According to Schierbaum, three officers were shot: one in the leg, one in the shoulder, and one that just grazed. According to the chief, two of the officers had surgery.

The investigation is still going strong.

Mayor of Atlanta, Andre Dickens, paid the officers and their families a visit at the hospital.

“These officers and their families are in my thoughts and prayers, and we are fully assisting with the ongoing investigation. In a statement, he expressed gratitude to the doctors and employees at Grady Hospital for making sure that his officers would survive.

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