There are gold bars and searches on the internet


But no detail gripped the public like the gold bars found stashed in his New Jersey home.
Not only did federal investigators find 13 gold bars in the summer of 2022, but Menendez’s own curiosity about their value shows up in repeated Google searches.
Three separate times, according to prosecutors, Menendez searched online for the cash value of the gold.
To prove their case, prosecutors will need to tie those gold bars to things the senator is alleged to have done to receive them.
It helps that prosecutors have years of the senator’s phone and electronic records, including Google searches.
Another co-defendant in the case, Egyptian-American businessperson Wael “Will” Hana, is also alleged to have provided the Menendezes with gold bars.
Federal prosecutors allege Menendez tried to get other prosecutors to go easy on Daibes, who is facing separate fraud charges in New Jersey federal court.
Later that evening at around 10:30 p.m., the senator hit Google again, searching for “one kilo gold price.”


Sen. Bob Menendez is accused of over a dozen global corrupt acts. However, nothing captured the public’s attention more than the gold bars discovered hidden in his New Jersey house.

Menendez’s own curiosity about the value of the gold bars is evident in repeated Google searches, in addition to the fact that 13 gold bars were discovered by federal investigators in the summer of 2022. Menendez looked up the gold’s cash value online three different times, according to the prosecution.

The senator’s criminal trial, which starts on Monday, is anticipated to reveal these and other details.

The prosecution claims that while the senator was leading the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and one of the most powerful figures in American foreign policy, he accepted bribes to persuade state and federal prosecutors to ease the pressure on his allies, support the Egyptian government, and facilitate a transaction involving an associate and an investment firm run by a member of the Qatari royal family.

The prosecution must link the senator’s alleged actions to the gold bars in order to establish their case. Prosecutors have access to years’ worth of the senator’s phone and computer records, including searches conducted on Google.

The Menendezes and Fred Daibes, a businessman in New Jersey who is charged with bribing Menendez, are said to have had a significant role in the searches, according to the prosecution. The senator is said to have made an effort to assist Daibes in avoiding legal issues and in taking advantage of a business opportunity involving an investment company owned by a royal family member of Qatar.

The Menendezes are accused of receiving gold bars from Wael “Will” Hana, an Egyptian-American businessman who is also a co-defendant in the lawsuit. Prior to the couple’s home being searched by investigators, Nadine Menendez is alleged to have sold some of them and transferred the proceeds into bank accounts under her control.

According to the timing of each Google search, prosecutors have done the following:.

“What is the value of one kilogram of gold?”.

Menendez and his spouse had recently returned from a trip to Egypt and Qatar, where they had dined with Hana and met with Egyptian officials, in mid-October 2021. The federal indictment claims that Daibes’ driver picked them up at JFK Airport.

Menendez, according to federal prosecutors, attempted to persuade other prosecutors to reduce the severity of Daibes’s fraud charges, which are pending in a federal court in New Jersey.

The Menendezes were driven to their New Jersey home by the driver.

How much is one kilogram of gold worth? was the senator’s search query the following day. “.

“Price per kilogram of gold”.

When Daibes’ driver—who isn’t identified in the indictment—called Nadine Menendez in January 2022, she texted Daibes to say “Thank you.”. January Christmas. “.

Federal prosecutors claim that the senator had never before called the federal prosecutor in charge of Daibes’ case, until roughly two hours later.

The senator looked up “kilo of gold price” a few days later. “.

Later, an envelope containing thousands of dollars in cash was discovered in the couple’s New Jersey home, bearing the driver’s fingerprints. Daibes’ return address and DNA were also on the envelope.

“Price per kilogram of gold”.

The Qatari investment company signed a letter in May 2022, following a meeting between Menendez and Daibes, to invest in a significant real estate project that Daibes had been working on in New Jersey.

The indictment states that “thereafter, Dawson gave Menendez at least one gold bar.”. “.

Edgewater is the New Jersey town where Daibes would be developing; three days after the letter was signed, the senator, his wife, and Daibes had dinner there. That evening, at approximately 10:30 p.m. me. the senator used Google once more to look up “one kilogram gold price.”. “.

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