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Ahead of its likely launch in May, Google’s Pixel 8a has leaked again in new images that show off the black model and its screen bezels.
We’ve seen the Pixel 8a a few times at this point, with previous leaks showing off the updated, rounded design of the mid-range phone.
The Pixel 8a’s front screen is shown in images posted by TechDroider.
The origin of the images are unknown right now but show a device with a matte plastic finish on the back as opposed to Pixel 7a’s glossy finish.
The screen has some pretty chunky bezels around the bottom half, but they’re no bigger than the ones on Pixel 7a.
Pixel 8a is expected to launch at I/O on May 14, and the number of leaks we’ve been seeing suggests that will indeed be the case.
Google is rumored to equip the device with Tensor G3, a 120Hz display, and more, but for a higher price.
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Google’s Pixel 8a has been leaked again, this time revealing the black model and its screen bezels ahead of its anticipated May launch.

At this point, we’ve seen the Pixel 8a a few times thanks to leaks that previously revealed the midrange phone’s updated, rounded design. In a recent Fi Wireless advertisement, Google itself even displayed the device.

Recently released real-world photos provide an additional look at the gadget.

In photos uploaded by TechDroider, the front screen of the Pixel 8a is visible. These pictures appear to be from an unidentified source, but they depict a device with a matte plastic back rather than the glossy Pixel 7a.

Its display, which is said to be 6 point 1 inch, is also visible at the front. Though they’re not any larger than those on the Pixel 7a, the screen does have some fairly thick bezels surrounding the bottom half. Every side of the corners features a tight curve.

From the amount of leaks we’ve been seeing, it looks like the Pixel 8a will launch at I/O on May 14. Though at an increased cost, Google is rumored to have Tensor G3, a 120Hz display, and other features on the device.

Further details about Pixel 8a:.

It is reported that the Pixel 8a will have a 120Hz display, Tensor G3, and wider availability.

Google confirms the Pixel 8a will ship with Android’s updated battery statistics.

The price of the Pixel 8a might increase once more.

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