The Port of Baltimore will be operational by the end of May according to Gov. Moore

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Correction: This article was updated to clarify the timeline as it applies to the opening of the Port of Baltimore.
Wes Moore (D) said Sunday that President Biden’s timeline is “realistic” of having the Port of Baltimore, which was compromised by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, fully functioning again by the end of May.
However, in an interview on CBS News’s “Face the Nation,” he added that it would require work around the clock.
“It’s realistic,” Moore said, when asked about Biden’s recent commitment to the speedy end-of-May timeline.
Your nation has your back,” Biden said, speaking with the wreckage of the collapsed bridge in the backdrop.
“The damage is devastating, and our hearts are still breaking.” The Francis Scott Key Bridge, on Interstate 695, collapsed into the water after it was hit in late March by the cargo ship Dali, which was headed to Sri Lanka.
The president said his administration’s priority was to reopen the Baltimore Port, which is typically among the most active in the country and is key to commerce across the East Coast.
He said officials expect the full channel to be reopened by the end of May.


Correction: The timeline as it relates to the Port of Baltimore’s opening has been clarified in this article.

Maryland Gov. The Port of Baltimore, which was jeopardized by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, is expected to resume full operations by the end of May, according to Wes Moore (D) on Sunday, calling President Biden’s timeline “realistic”.

But he also mentioned that it would need nonstop work in an interview with CBS News’s “Face the Nation.”.

When asked about Biden’s recent commitment to the expeditious end-of-May timeline, Moore responded, “It’s realistic.”. Additionally, I anticipate that it will require some time. It will require full functioning, which will require a 24/7 operation. And it implies that we won’t be limited to carrying out our current maritime operations. “.

Moore promised to adhere to the “aggressive timeline” and do everything in his power to assist the workers impacted by the collapse of the bridge. “.

“We’ll do everything within our power to ensure that these families receive closure and comfort, so that we can reopen this channel, so that we can support our workers and their families, and so that we can start the process of rebuilding the bridge,” he declared.

“We’re going to work nonstop to ensure that we meet this aggressive timeline,” the statement reads. “.

In addition to promising to “move heaven and Earth” to rebuild the bridge, Biden visited the damage caused by the collapse on Friday.

I am here to tell you that your country is behind you. And it’s true. With the remains of the fallen bridge visible in the background, Biden declared, “Your nation has your back.”. “Our hearts are still breaking, and the damage is terrible.”. “.

After being struck by the cargo ship Dali in late March on its way to Sri Lanka, the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Interstate 695 collapsed into the water. The collapse claimed six lives.

The president stated that reopening the Baltimore Port, which is usually one of the busiest in the nation and essential to trade along the East Coast, was the top priority of his administration. According to him, authorities anticipate that by the end of May, the entire channel will reopen.

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