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Today’s total solar eclipse is the first widespread one in the Lower 48 states since 2017 and the last one until 2044.
W​e’re here to help track the weather with a series of maps below, including where clouds and rain are right now.
We’re also expecting some temperature drops and winds to diminish in the zone of totality.
Scroll down through our national and regional maps, with the path indicated on each map by the southwest to northeast arcing swath.
(​MORE: How Weather Could Be Affected) N​ational Current Radar, Satellite Current Satellite, Peak Eclipse Times R​egional Radar, Satellite Views Temperatures Temperatures should drop anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees in the path of totality, assuming skies are clear.
Here are some current temperature maps, which may pick up the contrast in temperatures from the path of totality compared to surrounding areas.
(For even more granular weather data tracking in your area, view your 15-minute details forecast in our Premium Pro experience.)
Winds T​he so-called “eclipse wind” may also occur today.


The full solar eclipse that occurred today is the last one to occur in the Lower 48 states until 2044 and the first to occur widely since 2017.

We’ve included a number of maps below to assist you in tracking the weather, including the current locations of clouds and rain. In the zone of totality, we also anticipate some temperature drops and a decrease in winds. Browse our national and regional maps by swiping down; the route is shown on each map by the arcing swath that runs from southwest to northeast.

(MORE: Possible Impacts on the Weather).

National Current Radar and Satellite.

Current Eclipse Times for Peak and Satellite.

Regional Radar, Satellite Images.

The temperatures.

If the skies are clear, temperatures in the path of totality should decrease by five to fifteen degrees. Where there is cloud cover, there will be fewer drops. These temperature maps from today might show you how different the path of totality’s temperature is from the surrounding areas.

(You can view your 15-minute details forecast in our Premium Pro experience for even more detailed weather data tracking in your area). ( ).


The infamous “eclipse wind” might happen today as well. As the moon gradually covers more of the sun, you might notice that the winds pick up. Meteorologist Jonathan Belles goes into great detail about this in our previous article.


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