The live photos show a rounded design

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The leaked photos show the Pixel 8a’s rounded corners, following the design language of the Pixel 8.
The leaked images show the Pixel 8a with thick bezels, consistent with past A-series Pixel models.
Google Pixel 8a leaks seem to be out of control, with the supposed specs and renders plastered all over the web.
TechDroider posted a couple of real-world photos of the Google Pixel 8a on X (formerly Twitter).
Along with the matte back, the leaked photos show the Pixel 8a has rounded corners, sticking to the rounded look Google introduced with the Pixel 8.
Big bezels aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but these leaks do make the Pixel 8a look a bit budget-friendly.
Previous rumors suggest that the Pixel 8a might be the first in its series to sport a 120Hz refresh rate screen.
Earlier leaks have suggested that the Pixel 8a might pack some nice upgrades under the hood.


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The Pixel 8a has a matte back, unlike its predecessors, according to real-world images that have surfaced.

Leaked images reveal the rounded corners of the Pixel 8a, which adheres to the Pixel 8’s design language.

As with previous Pixel A-series models, the leaked photos depict the Pixel 8a with thick bezels.

With the alleged specs and renders widely dispersed online, Google Pixel 8a leaks appear to be out of control. According to a recent leak, Google’s upcoming mid-range model is shown in real time in photos.

X (formerly Twitter) was the platform where TechDroider shared a few real-world images of the Google Pixel 8a. One displays the front while the other offers a glimpse of the rear. After seeing the Pixel 7a’s glossy back panel, the back now has a matte finish.

In addition to its matte back, the leaked images of the Pixel 8a also reveal rounded corners, continuing the rounded design that Google debuted with the Pixel 8.

Although the images’ source is still unknown, they show a device with pronounced bezels. The phone’s bezels are actually quite thick, but this is consistent with previous A-series Pixel models.

Although the Pixel 8a appears somewhat more affordable thanks to these leaks, large bezels aren’t always a bad thing. It could be that the photographs’ angle is the only reason. Hopefully, the bezels on the actual phone are smaller.

Additionally, these pictures provide a preview of the purported 6.01-inch screen. Rumors from the past indicate that the Pixel 8a may have the first screen in its series to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Previous rumors have hinted that the Pixel 8a may have some worthwhile internal improvements. In comparison to the Pixel 7a, it is expected to have Google’s most recent Tensor G3 chip, which should improve performance.

A 64MP primary sensor and a 13MP ultrawide sensor may remain the same in terms of the camera setup, but that’s still a pretty good combination.

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