The Flying Pig Marathon champion is from Tipp City

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In February, Jason Salyer was doubting his ability as an elite runner after failing to finish the Olympic Marathon Trials in Orlando.
Salyer found his groove over the last few months and returned to glory by repeating as the men’s Flying Pig Marathon champion.
“It’s a day of redemption,” Salyer said.
I’m very thankful for the course support, family support and overall community support from here and back home.
Salyer is the first back-to-back men’s full marathon champion since five-time winner Sergio Reyes won three straight from 2012-2014.
Salyer went back and forth with 23-year-old Adam Beucler to the tune of a half-dozen lead changes.
When he took the lead on me, I just told myself to stay in contact and that it’s a long race,” Salyer said.
Near the 22nd mile, Salyer finally got separation and was able to pull away for a 52-second victory.


He still possesses it.

After failing to finish the Olympic Marathon Trials in Orlando in February, Jason Salyer began to question his potential as an elite runner. Over the past few months, Salyer found his rhythm and won the men’s Flying Pig Marathon twice, bringing him back to glory.

Salyer declared, “It’s a day of redemption.”. It was really taxing on my emotions and mind. My confidence was doubtful. Today, I really went for it, I had faith in myself, and I managed my time well. At the end, I simply felt really powerful. I’m grateful for the support of the course, my family, and the community both here and back home.

Some days, I wondered if I might have lost it altogether. I had to concentrate on being my best self on that particular day. Today, I wasn’t concerned with time. I concentrated only on effort. “.

Salyer is the first man to win the full marathon twice in a row since Sergio Reyes, the five-time winner, who triumphed three times in a row from 2012 to 2014. The 33-year-old Tipp City native let loose with all of his emotions as he got closer to the finish line, energizing the audience before shattering the tape in 2:26:01, more than a minute faster than his winning time from the previous year.

When strangers witness that emotion, they could mistake me for conceited, haughty, or even a jerk. It wasn’t like that, according to Salyer. It felt good to finally let go of all the pent-up energy and emotion. ****.

For the duration of six lead changes, Salyer and 23-year-old Adam Beucler traded passes.

“I was always unsure if the leads I was taking from him (Beucler) would hold.”. Salyer remarked, “I just told myself to stay in contact and that it’s a long race when he took the lead on me.

Salyer eventually gained a lead around the 22nd mile and used it to his advantage, winning by 52 seconds. Jack Randall, a two-time champion, came in third at 2:27:34.

Salyer remarked, “It’s really difficult to repeat.”. “You never know who might attend this event. Until now, Adam had never run before. All he did was move in. Salyer remarked, “You have a general idea of who will show up.”. The race is competitive, large, and No. 1 in my opinion, which makes it rewarding. one in the United States. “.

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