The closest finish in NASCAR Cup Series history was by Kyle Larson

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Capping off a weekend of photo finishes, Kyle Larson won NASCAR’s AdventHealth 400 by a staggering 0.001 seconds in Kansas on Sunday.
Unlike the Kentucky Derby won by Mystik Dan on Saturday, not even the naked eye could separate who finished first out of Larson and eventual second-place finisher Chris Buescher in a photo finish.
The finish was so close that Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing (RFK Racing), Buescher’s team, and commentators on the broadcast originally believed Buescher had done enough to secure victory.
The RFK team could be seen on the broadcast jubilantly celebrating before the official result was finalized.
Eventually, Hendrick Motorsports’ Larson was declared winner in the closest finish in NASCAR Cup Series history, per NASCAR.
“I didn’t know if I won or not, I was pumped for the finish,” Larson added as he explained his spotter said it was a second-place finish before celebrating wildly down the radio when he found out Larson had won.
I haven’t seen a replay other than just a picture and I sure can’t see it in that picture,” a dejected Buescher told FS1.
“It sucks to be that close,” Buescher said before adding that the outcome of the race hurt.


Sunday’s victory in the NASCAR AdventHealth 400 in Kansas by an incredible 0.001 seconds put an end to a weekend filled with photo finishes for Kyle Larson.

In contrast to Mystik Dan’s victory in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Larson and Chris Buescher were tied for first place in a photo finish that was impossible to discern with the unaided eye.

It was initially thought by Buescher’s team, Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing (RFK Racing), and broadcast commentators that Buescher had done enough to win because the finish was so close.

Before the official result was announced, the RFK team could be seen on the broadcast grinning.

The winner of the closest finish in the history of the NASCAR Cup Series was eventually announced as Larson of Hendrick Motorsports.

In an interview with FS1, Larson said, “That was wild.”. It was absurd. That race was incredible from beginning to end, I promise.

“You guys received excellent value for your money today, and I’m honored to be a part of the program.”. “.

When the finish line drew near, both drivers collided and were running neck and neck, making it impossible for either to declare themselves the winner. Larson was initially informed, though, that he had placed second.

“I wasn’t sure if I had won or not, I was excited for the finish,” Larson continued, explaining that his spotter had reported a second-place finish and had erupted into wild celebration over the radio when he learned Larson had taken first place.

After the race, Buescher was just as disappointed as Larson was ecstatic.

“I’m at a loss for words at the moment. A disappointed Buescher told FS1, “I haven’t seen a replay, just a picture, and I sure can’t see it in that picture.”.

Buescher began, “It stinks to be that close,” and then continued, “The race’s outcome hurt.”.

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