The Bulls beat the Timberwolves with 10 observations


Yankees starter Clarke Schmidt explained, “It’s just kind of like letting them know and letting everybody know that we’re here.”.
Within the clubhouse, a buzz of activity is present. Observations regarding the Yankees’ opening series of the season are as follows: What’s going on with Soto?
In the ninth inning, Soto faced Hader and got a sinker outside the zone, which he laced to left field, putting the Yankees ahead 4-3.
About Soto, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said, “I think it just put a bow on this series of what we saw in his at-bats.”.
Here, we’re dawgs. Of his 20 plate appearances during the series, Soto reached base in 12.
When Soto ran 83 feet toward the right-center gap in Sunday’s game to catch a fly ball by Alex Bregman that had a 45 percent chance of being caught, Statcast indicated that he might have also saved a run.
The left fielder the Yankees had last season was noticeably different from this one.
Though anyone who watched the Yankees on a daily basis could see that there was an issue, the team swore (seriously) that their left field defense was adequate.
The Yankees left fielders had plays with over 90% catch probabilities last season that ended in hits on multiple occasions.
The decision to punt on left field proved to be unwise.
The Yankees should benefit greatly this season from having stability in left field, particularly at large Yankee Stadium.
Take Cabrera out of the lineup has proven unfeasible, as he has been the hottest player in MLB.
That was all there was to it. Another noteworthy finding is the spot in the lineup where Giancarlo Stanton has been hit by the Yankees.
It will be intriguing to observe the Yankees’ decision regarding Volpe once every player in the lineup is healthy.
Despite Volpe’s impressive performance, Soto and Cabrera have received the majority of the attention in the lineup.


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