Marjorie Taylor Greene failed a run at Mike Johnson

It appears Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has finally out-stupid-ed herself.
Regardless, Greene’s flailing and ultimately failed attempt to oust Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson for the crime of governing failed miserably Wednesday, bringing a chorus of boos down on the congresswoman and likely marking the end of her preposterous moment in American politics.
She is, in all ways, ridiculous, a caricature of a person who shouldn’t be allowed near any lever of power.
He – the MAGA king – didn’t want Greene trying to oust Johnson.
As much as Trump loves Greene’s obsequiousness and pliable morality, her motion to vacate was a nonstarter.
It’s too close to the election, and an internal revolt would make House Republicans look chaotic, which they are.
What Trump says goes, so Greene found herself a virtual loner on a quixotic quest to do the noisiest, dumbest thing possible.
Greene won’t go away, but her influence in the party she so eagerly sought to make worse will wane.


Apparently, Georgia Rep. At last, Marjorie Taylor Greene has outdone herself.

That is no easy task. Alternatively, the task might be so small that it is invisible to the unaided eye. Whatever the case, Congresswoman Greene’s clumsy and ultimately futile attempt to remove Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson for the crime of governing was met with jeers on Wednesday, which probably signaled the end of her absurd moment in American politics.

“Now, therefore, be it resolved that the office of the speaker of the House of Representatives is hereby declared to be vacant,” Greene said as she read her resolution dismissing Johnson. “.

Thus, in a vote that rejected Greene’s nonsense 359–43, an unlikely alliance of Democrats and Republicans declared, “That’s about enough of that, you goofball.”. “.

Johnson had the audacity to introduce laws, which infuriated Greene.

After Johnson persuaded his fractious Republican coalition to side with Democrats and approve a crucial foreign aid package that benefited Ukraine and other US allies, the mess began.

It seems that Greene found “doing things” too demanding, as she has been threatening Johnson’s speakership and droning on right-wing podcasts about how Republicans were giving in to Democrats and other such things for the past few weeks.

Latest on the Trump trial: Stormy Daniels reveals information regarding the purported Trump affair. How are they going to spin this one?

To her evident surprise, however, the Georgia lawmaker found few Republican allies who would go along with her.

Such a ridiculous figure as Greene could only become powerful in today’s GOP.

She had become an influential Republican in some way thanks to Greene’s loud, wrong, and, if that doesn’t work, louder and wronger approach to politics. It was pure coincidence in the most literal sense of the word.

Boorish, bloviating behavior became something Republicans aspired to, and few have proven better at it than Greene, thanks to Donald Trump’s rampant dishonesty and penchant for being the worst person in the room. She is absurd in every way and deserving of no place near any position of authority.

Republicans continue to fabricate information regarding voting: Trump and the RNC favor a delayed mail-in ballot count in order to single out Biden supporters.

However, she appears to be well-liked by Trump (since she tells him lies), and she is on congressional committees and in the halls of power. These days, things just don’t seem to add up.

However, there was always an issue with someone like her, someone who was so adept at repeating Trump’s complete disdain for knowledge or facts.

It didn’t go well when Greene attempted to out-Trump Donald Trump.

Within the Republican Party of today, there is only one individual who can get away with deceiving, intimidating, and punishing others without cause. That individual is none other than Donald Trump.

The MAGA king did not want Greene to make an attempt to remove Johnson. Even though Greene’s supplicant behavior and malleable morals are highly admired by Trump, her move to leave was rejected. An internal uprising would make House Republicans appear chaotic, which they actually are, and the election is too close to call.

What Trump says stands, and so Greene found herself a virtual outcast on a madcap mission to make the loudest, dumbest noise she could muster.

She continued to ignore Trump, seemingly unable to resist making a scene, and on Wednesday, after years of heinous behavior, she was finally exposed as the weak, outclassed showboater that she is.

It’s possible that Greene’s magnificently evil moment has peaked.

Even in a political party led by someone as uniquely ridiculous and ineffective as Trump, Greene’s enormous displays of vacuousness always had a limit.

She smoothly slipped into a Republican Party that is hungry for ignorance in 2021. But now she’s flown too close to the ignorant, like a dimwitted Icarus.

Greene won’t disappear, but her ability to negatively impact the party she so desperately wanted to ruin will diminish.

She is aware of Trump’s limitations, and she and her colleagues now have the authority to reject the petty monster they brought forth.

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