There is a Horoscope for Monday, May 6, 2024

The Athletic

Moon Alert Caution!
Avoid shopping or making important decisions from 2 until 5 a.m. Chicago time.
And after the moon alert is over, the moon moves into your sign as well!
See moon alert.
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Be careful because most of this day is a moon alert; and this particular moon alert is taking place in one of your Money Houses.
Unfortunately, most of this day is a moon alert, which means things will be a bit fuzzy but fun-loving.
If so, be aware of the moon alert, and avoid agreeing to anything important or volunteering for anything until after the moon alert is over.
Check the moon alert above so that you know when to avoid important decisions or shopping for anything other than food and gas.


Moon Warning.

Don’t go shopping or make big decisions between the hours of two and five in the morning. M. Time in Chicago. The moon then transitions from Aries into Taurus.

Aries: (21 March–19 April).

You may find yourself drawn to purchasing exquisite items for both yourself and your close ones. Do keep in mind the limitations of the moon alert if this is the case. For the most part, today is not the best day to shop for anything but food and gas.

April 20 – May 20 is Taurus.

Due to the alignment of your ruler Venus, fortunate Jupiter, and the sun in your sign, you should have a potent coming week. Shopping for wardrobe goodies is recommended once the moon enters your sign, which signifies that it’s all about you after the moon alert ends.

May 21–June 20, Gemini.

It’s a very popular day! You will have fun mingling with group members and friends. But just enjoy the company of others and gather information; don’t volunteer for anything or commit to anything significant. Check out the moon alert.

June 21–July 22, Cancer.

Know that this is a moon alert for the majority of the day. Additionally, you may feel inclined to accept an important task or volunteer for something on this kind of day. It is not advisable to make commitments until the moon alert has passed.

Leo (23 July–23 August). 22).

This is a creative, carefree, fun day to talk about intellectual subjects with friends or people from different cultures. Get new knowledge. Have fun discovering more of the world, but make no commitments. When the moon alert ends, wait to conduct business.

Sign of Virgo: Aug. September 23. 22).

This is a moon alert day, so proceed with caution as one of your money houses is under a moon alert for the majority of the day. Put off making crucial decisions regarding joint property, inheritances, debt, and taxes. As you complete your homework, don’t sign anything.

September is Libra. October 23. 22).

Today, be kind to others. You’ll be better off taking a friendly approach. Even though you may feel obstinate during the moon alert, try not to be. All systems are operational after the alert has ended. In the interim, proceed with caution and simply gather knowledge.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 November. 21).

You’re fired up to take on this week with vigor and determination. Sadly, there will be a moon alert for the majority of today, so things will be hazy but joyful nonetheless. Wait until the moon alert is over to make significant decisions or go shopping.

Sign of Sagittarius (Nov. 22 December. 21).

You’ll find it simple to think creatively today, which makes it a great day for artists and anyone working on creative projects. It’s a great day to mingle as well. Take pleasure in entertaining activities and enjoyable trips with children. Recognize the moon alert.

Dec. – Jan. January 22. (19).

You could start your week off by lazily puttingtering around your house. Discussions within the family may occur. If this is the case, be mindful of the moon alert and wait to volunteer or accept any significant commitments until the moon alert has passed.

Jan. – Apr. February 20. Eighteen).

Take caution today. It’s a hectic, quick moment in time. In addition to running errands and attending appointments, you may make quick excursions. See the moon alert above to find out when it’s best to postpone making big decisions or going grocery or gas store shopping. Think carefully.

Pisces (February).. March 19–20.

The moon alert that is occurring in one of your Money Houses today is significant because it means that you should limit your shopping to food and gas purchases during that time. Make sure to put off making crucial financial choices. You have the all-clear once it’s finished!

Should Today Be Your Birthday.

It’s your birthday, as well as actress Adrianne Palicki (1983). You’re highly perceptive and delicate. Additionally, you are a kind and sensitive individual. For you, this year marks the start of a brand-new nine-year cycle filled with adventures and fresh starts. Significant changes may also take place. Always be on the lookout for fresh prospects.

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