In a new interview, Gov. Noem faces questions about a false claim in her book

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In one anecdote that prompted questions, Noem claimed to have met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during her time in Congress.
She told “CBS Mornings” Monday the anecdote shouldn’t have been included in the book and is being adjusted, and her publisher, Center Street, confirmed Sunday that the anecdote would be removed.
But Noem would not answer a question about whether the meeting with the North Korean leader actually occurred.
There is no public record of her visiting North Korea or meeting with the reclusive Kim.
I’ve traveled around the world,” she said on “CBS Mornings.”
When pressed by moderator Margaret Brennan about whether she had been to North Korea, Noem insisted she had been to the DMZ — the demilitarized zone separating North Korea from South Korea.
In the book, Noem writes that if she got to the White House, she would say, “Commander, say hello to Cricket.”
Noem said the “president should be held accountable” for the dog, and when Brennan asked, “Are you saying he should be shot?”


South Dakota Governor. As she comes under fire for a variety of anecdotes, including a false claim about meeting Kim Jong Un, a story about killing her dog, and a phone call with former South Carolina Gov., Kristi Noem defended contentious sections in her upcoming book on Monday. Nikki Haley, where Noem expressed feeling “threatened.”. ****.

Noem claimed to have met with Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, while serving in Congress, in an anecdote that raised questions. She said on “CBS Mornings” on Monday that the story shouldn’t have been in the book and that it is being changed. On Sunday, her publisher, Center Street, verified that the story will be taken out. On whether the meeting with the leader of North Korea actually took place, however, Noem would not respond. She never went to North Korea and never met with the reclusive Kim, according to any public records.

“I have had numerous meetings with world leaders. She said on “CBS Mornings” that she had traveled all over the world. “That story shouldn’t have been in the book. “.”.

The Republican governor stated on “Face the Nation” on Sunday that she would not go into detail about her travels or meetings with world leaders. Moderator Margaret Brennan questioned Noem about her travels to North Korea, but she insisted that she had visited the demilitarized zone (DMZ), which divides North Korea from South Korea.

Reiterating her account of the conversation with Haley, Noem added that she felt “extremely threatened” following the call. “.

“On “CBS Mornings,” Noem stated, “Words matter.” She recounted the conversation in which Haley allegedly promised to notify her—with lengthy pauses—if she heard negative things about her.

According to Noem, it was evident from the call that Haley “was the lone wolf and that there wasn’t room for another Republican woman in politics.”. “.

Noem was on the list of potential running mates that former President Donald Trump had been considering for his most recent presidential bid. However, she has been facing a lot of backlash after writing in her new book about killing her dog decades ago, which has raised concerns about her political future in recent days.

The 14-month-old wirehaired pointer named Cricket had exhibited aggressive behavior while its owner, Noem, was training it for pheasant hunting, according to her book “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.”. She declared on Monday that it “was really hard for me to decide to kill the dog.”. “.”.

“I told the story to let people know that I don’t delegate my responsibilities to anyone else,” she continued.

One day prior to her appearance on “CBS Mornings,” Noem had begun her book tour on “Face the Nation,” where she was questioned regarding a section of her book regarding President Biden’s dog, Commander, which had a history of biting people at the White House. Noem writes in the book that she would say, “Commander, say hello to Cricket,” if she made it to the White House. “.”.

“The president should be held accountable,” Noem stated in response to Brennan’s question, “Are you saying he should be shot?” Noem reiterated this point when Brennan questioned. “.

Following her appearance on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Noem took to social media to lament the numerous interruptions she had during the interview and to accuse the “fake news media” of applying a discriminatory agenda.

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