Noem defended the killing of the farm pup

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A defiant South Dakota Gov.
Kristi Noem hit back at critics following outrage over her upcoming memoir that reveals she once killed a dog.
“The fact is, South Dakota law states that dogs who attack and kill livestock can be put down.
Given that Cricket had shown aggressive behavior toward people by biting them, I decided what I did,” Noem continued.
In the excerpt, Noem described taking her 14-month-old female dog, Cricket, to a “gravel pit” near her farm and shooting her because it was “less than worthless,” “untrainable” and had killed and eaten several chickens.
In the book, Noem also described killing a “nasty and mean” goat at the same gravel pit, according to the report.
SOUTH DAKOTA GOV NOEM SEEKS TO BOLSTER TEXAS SECURITY EFFORTS AT US-MEXICO BORDER “We love animals, but tough decisions like this happen all the time on a farm.
On Sunday, Noem said she does not shy away from difficult decisions and believes “people are looking for leaders who are authentic.”


Governor of South Dakota, in defiance. In response to criticism over her impending memoir, which will disclose that she once killed a dog, Kristi Noem responded with a statement.

The 20-year-old (sic) tale of Cricket, one of the working dogs at our ranch, that I will be writing about in my upcoming book No Going Back, may upset some people. The Republican stated on social media in a post that was published on X on Sunday, “The book is filled with many honest stories of my life, good and bad days, challenges, painful decisions, and lessons learned.”.

As a matter of fact, South Dakota law stipulates that dogs who attack and kill livestock may be put down. “I chose to take the action I did because Cricket had acted aggressively toward people by biting them,” Noem went on.

With The Guardian publishing an excerpt from Noem’s forthcoming memoir “No Going Back,” which is scheduled for release on May 7, social media platforms were rocked by outrage late last week. The extract told the story of Noem taking her 14-month-old female dog, Cricket, to a “gravel pit” close to her farm, where she shot the dog because it was “less than worthless,” “untrainable,” and had killed and consumed multiple chickens.

Social media was disturbed by Gov. Naomi Om’s story, “Not Normal,” in which she was shot while walking her 14-month-old dog.

It was said by her that Cricket had destroyed a pheasant hunt by going “crazy with excitement, chasing all those birds and having the best time ever.”. ****.

“The task was unpleasant, but it had to be completed. And once it was done, I realized there was still another unpleasant task to be done,” she said. According to the report, Noem also wrote about killing a “nasty and mean” goat at the same gravel pit in the book.


Conservatives and Democrats who seemed shocked and incensed over the dog’s death responded negatively to the report on the internet.

My blood is boiling right now, omg. I live on a ranch in the country, so keep in mind that there’s a big difference between shooting an 18-month-old dog for being untrainable and euthanizing an elderly horse who is in pain. But then to close with a book promotion,” tweeted well-known conservative X account Catturd.

He went on, “Really, is it just me? I’m at a loss for words.”.

Miranda Devine, a columnist for the New York Post, said, “No. Exceptional. Disgusting. “.”.

The disgusting, lazy, and evil nature of this is evident to anyone who has ever owned a birddog. Ryan Busse, a Democrat running for governor of Montana, wrote, “Damn.”.

There have been rumors that Noem would be the running mate for former President Trump should he win back the White House in November. Critics conjectured that her political career may have come to an end due to the controversy surrounding the death of her pet dog.

Governors of Blue State post pictures of their dogs to comment on Gov. Naomi’s story about shooting her own dog.

Although her family loves animals, “tough decisions” are frequently made on farms, Noem first addressed the controversy on Friday by writing on X.

To strengthen Texas security efforts at the US-Mexico border, SOUTH DAKOTA GOV NOEM is attempting.

Although we adore animals, farms frequently have to make difficult choices like this one. “We had to put down three horses that we had owned for 25 years a few weeks ago, which is very unfortunate,” she wrote on social media. She recommended that people buy her memoir for “honest, genuine, and politically incorrect stories that will leave the media in stitches.”. “.

According to Noem’s statement on Sunday, “people are looking for leaders who are authentic,” and she doesn’t back down from tough choices. “.

“People are looking for leaders who are authentic, willing to learn from the past, and don’t back down from difficult challenges. This is something I’ve learned from my years of public service, especially leading South Dakota through COVID. My wish is that everyone who reads this book will realize that I constantly try to choose what’s best for the people who matter most to me,” the author stated.

Managing the ranch or entering politics, I have never delegated my responsibilities to third parties. Despite how difficult and painful it is. I was a responsible neighbor, dog owner, and parent who complied with the law. It wasn’t simple, as I said in the book. However, the simple route isn’t always the best one, the speaker stated.

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