Gwen is working with No Doubt after having a child

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Gwen Stefani is still very much “in love” amid rumors she and husband Blake Shelton are getting a divorce.
The No Doubt frontwoman, in a Nylon interview published Tuesday, quieted all speculation of a forthcoming split.
“The truth is I am in love with my best friend,” Stefani, 54, said.
“I was in that phase of the relationship with Blake and getting paranoid.”
Stefani later addressed the rumors, professing she and Shelton, 47, would not let anybody “get to” them.
Gwen Stefanireceives massive emerald ring for Valentine’s Day from Blake Shelton In February, Shelton celebrated Valentine’s Day by gifting Stefani a massive emerald green ring.
Usually I get amazing flowers, which I love, love, love, but this was just a, ‘Here you go!'”
Gwen Stefani reflects on balancing No Doubt, motherhood Stefani also opened up in her Nylon interview about the pressures of continuing her work with No Doubt while expanding her family.


Despite reports that she and husband Blake Shelton are divorcing, Gwen Stefani is still very much “in love”.

In a Nylon interview that was released on Tuesday, the lead singer of No Doubt put an end to any rumors that the band would soon split.

Stefani, 54, admitted, “The truth is, I’m in love with my best friend.”.

The singer did acknowledge that she still struggles with insecurities and “overthinking,” though. “.”.

She told the publication, “In my own relationship, even though I know the truth of what’s happening today, you still create drama about your insecurities and what might happen in your own mind.”.

Positively, the pair’s recent duet, “Purple Irises,” came from that feeling. “.”.

“Oh my gosh, am I just getting older? Am I cute?” was a feeling she had been experiencing. “During that stage of our relationship, I started to become paranoid. “.

Later on, Stefani addressed the rumors, declaring that she and Shelton, 47, were not going to allow anyone to “get to” them.

“When two people are genuinely in love and share similar values, nothing can separate them,” the “Hollaback Girl” singer remarked. “Talk about our relationship as you please; after all, a week ago, we were reportedly on the verge of divorce once more. It’s all false information. As we all know, the truth is the truth.

Since they both coached on “The Voice” in 2015, Stefani and the singer of “God Gave Me You” have been together. “In 2021, they eventually got married.

Blake Shelton gives Gwen Stefanie a huge emerald ring for Valentine’s Day.

Shelton surprised Stefani with a large emerald green ring for Valentine’s Day in February.

“He messed it up pretty bad. “Yeah, he did the whole thing,” Stefani remarked during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “Usually I get amazing flowers, which I love, love, love, but this was just a, ‘Here you go!'”. Blakey, you are loved!”.

A reflection from Gwen Stefani on juggling motherhood and No Doubt.

In her Nylon interview, Stefani also discussed the challenges of growing her family and maintaining her career with No Doubt.

Gavin Rossdale, lead singer for Bush, and the singer are parents to three sons together. According to Stefani, the band was “disappointed” when she became pregnant with her second son, Zuma, she told the magazine. “I doubt they would say that. Nobody will be upset that you are expecting a child,” she continued. However, they were sort of waiting while I was busy. “.

“Push and Shove,” No Doubt’s most recent album, was released in September 2012. As the record reached its peak at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and gave the group a Top 20 hit on the Adult Pop Airplay chart. Stefani claimed that becoming a mother had changed the group’s creative dynamic.

“Having two kids makes things different,” Stefani remarked. “I had lost all of my inner strength. I couldn’t think of anything. I was so self-conscious. “Help!” was how I felt.

“God, what was I doing trying to please everybody?” she continued, “because really, all I should have done was be with my family.”. However, we succeeded, and some excellent songs are included. Yes, it was. Please forget to remind me. I’d rather not discuss it. “.”.

No Doubt will make a comeback on April 13 and April 20 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Edward Segarra of USA TODAY is the contributor.

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