The timing of the divorce announcement raises eyebrows


Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s divorce announcement follows allegations made about Cohen by Rebel Wilson.
In 2023, we jointly filed to end our marriage.” “We have always prioritised our privacy, and have been quietly working through this change.
Wilson claimed that she struggled with Cohen, 52, on the set of 2016 comedy Grimsby – something that the Ali G and Borat actor has strenuously denied.
But a source told The Sun: “Rebel’s book was a catalyst in Isla deciding to announce this to the world; she’s got her own career and reputation to worry about.
So she felt as though it was the right thing to do to inform everyone of their decision.
“This decision wasn’t taken lightly and they remain incredibly close – there’s still a lot of love there,” a source told The Sun.
Baron Cohen reflected on first meeting Fisher in an interview with the New York Times, noting that he knew “instantly” that she was going to mean something to him.
I don’t know if she did.” The couple got engaged in 2004 and married in a private ceremony in Paris in 2010.


The news of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s divorce came after Rebel Wilson made accusations against Cohen.

The pair, who first met in 2001, revealed their separation last year on Friday, April 5. They released a joint statement that said, “After a long tennis match lasting over 20 years, we are finally putting our racquets down.”. We jointly filed to dissolve our marriage in 2023. “.

“We have always placed a high value on our privacy, and we have been quietly implementing this change. Our love and devotion for our kids will always be shared. We are truly grateful that you honored our family’s desire for privacy. “.

The news was made some weeks after Pitch Perfect actress Wilson called Cohen a “huge a**hole” and claimed he was trying to “bully” her into quiet about a divisive section of her autobiography.

Wilson asserted that she had difficulties with Cohen, 52, while filming the 2016 comedy Grimsby; however, Cohen vehemently refuted Wilson’s claims.

The Independent received the following statement from Cohen’s representatives: “Although we recognize the value of speaking out, these clearly untrue allegations are directly refuted by copious amounts of meticulous documentation, film clips, and firsthand testimonies from individuals who were present prior to, during, and following the movie’s production. “.

Reports of Cohen’s split from 48-year-old Wedding Crashers star Fisher appeared surreptitiously soon after Wilson’s allegations were made public, though opinions on whether or not they had an effect on the announcement are divided.

US Weekly claimed that there was no connection and that it had “nothing to do” with Wilson, while a source told The Sun that the headlines were the “catalyst” in their decision to spread the word and that Fisher was “starting to get embarrassed” by the allegations.

According to a source who spoke to US Weekly, “They have been living separate lives since last year but wanted to give this space and time for their children to be OK with this before the news came out and they got all this attention.”.

However, an insider told The Sun that Isla decided to make this public because she was worried about her reputation and career, and Rebel’s book was the impetus for her decision.

“Those who knew her well said that with all of the accusations coming out of Rebel’s book, it was getting embarrassing. She therefore believed that telling everyone of their choice was the proper thing to do.

However, Sacha was not in favor of that. Prior to their announcement, he has been acting as though everything is normal. “.

The three-child couple is said to have “battled to make things work for the sake of their family” prior to deciding to call it quits in 2023.

“They are still very close and this decision wasn’t made lightly; there is still a lot of love there,” the source stated to The Sun.

In an interview with the New York Times, Baron Cohen reminisced about his first encounter with Fisher, stating that he “instantly” knew she would hold significance for him.

The comedian, 52, declared, “She was hilarious.”. “We were at a really pretentious party, and she and I became close by making fun of everyone else there. I was certain right away. I’m not sure if she did. “.

2010 saw the couple’s private wedding in Paris following their engagement in 2004.

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