Britney Spears reflected on abuse by her family

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Britney Spears finally settled her years-long conservatorship dissolution battle with her estranged father Jamie Spears.
However, the Princess of Pop feels there has been grave injustice as her abusers, a.k.a her family, got away scot-free.
In a since-deleted Instagram post via Page Six, Spears, 42, got candid about how she has been affected by the past few years of the legal dispute, and, prior to that, 13 years of conservatorship.
Sharing a picture of her backside, she said, “I was actually right about nerve damage in my back !
!” She further explained, “If only people knew ive had to crawl to my own door one time !
“My family hurt me !
!” Spears further expressed disappointment in certain unnamed people who “did absolutely nothing” for “months” while she suffered in front of their eyes.
She concluded the post by admitting that she misses her childhood home in Louisiana.


After years of conflict, Britney Spears and her father Jamie Spears reached a settlement to end their conservatorship dispute. As for her abusers, a, the Princess of Pop believes there has been serious injustice. K. Her family was spared any consequences.

In a since-deleted Instagram post that was shared by Page Six, Spears, 42, opened up about how the last few years of the legal battle and the 13 years of conservatorship that came before it have affected her.

“I was actually right about nerve damage in my back!!!” and “I have to get acupuncture every day of my life now!!!” she wrote alongside a photo of her behind.

“If only people knew that I had to crawl to my own door once because my family hurt me! There hasn’t been justice served and probably never will be!” she continued.

“The two people who raised me in that manner hurt me a lot,” the Toxic hitmaker continued. “I was always taught the fundamentals of right and wrong the way I was brought up.”.

Spears went on to say she was disappointed in a few unidentified individuals who “did absolutely nothing” for “months” while they watched her suffer.

She acknowledged in her post’s conclusion that she misses her Louisiana childhood home.

She wrote, “They took everything, I wish I could visit.”.

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