The apology video was released in response to the confrontation with the officer

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Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley Monday released a video which she hopes will serve as an apologetic response to the internationally viral video of her refusing to immediately pull over for a speeding ticket and then chastening a young police officer.
In the video, released around 6 a.m. Monday, Doorley apologizes to the officer and the community and says she will take steps of discipline against herself, including submitting an attorney grievance complaint for investigation.
The video comes after a bevy of calls for her resignation and a request from New York Governor Kathy Hochul that Doorley’s actions be investigated by a prosecutorial misconduct commission.
“Last Monday I failed you and the standards that I hold myself to,” Doorley says at the outset of the 30-second video.
The body-worn camera video of Doorley’s interaction with Webster Police Officer Cameron Crisafulli has likely reached hundreds of thousands of people, dispersed by media across the globe.
Doorley telephoned the Webster police chief during the interaction, called Crisafulli an “asshole,” and flashed her district attorney badge.
Still, Doorley said, all people have stresses and what precipitated the incident with the officer does not stand as an excuse.
“I’ve been humbled by my own stupidity and I am fully to blame,” she said.


In response to the widely shared video of her refusing to pull over for a speeding ticket right away and then reprimanding a young police officer, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley released a video on Monday that she hopes would serve as an apology.

In the video, which was made public at around six in the morning. me. Doorley apologizes to the police on Monday and the community. She also says she will discipline herself, which will include filing a grievance complaint with an attorney for investigation.

The video follows a flurry of resignation calls and a request from New York Governor Kathy Hochul for a prosecutorial misconduct commission to look into Doorley’s actions.

Doorley begins the 30-second video by saying, “Last Monday I failed you and the standards that I hold myself to.”. “I apologize for that; my actions were incorrect, and I accept full responsibility. “.”.

Media outlets around the world have probably distributed the body-worn camera footage of Doorley’s encounter with Webster Police Officer Cameron Crisafulli to hundreds of thousands of people. It has been translated in a variety of ways: as proof positive for some elected officials’ entitlements, and as proof for others that the people in charge of upholding the law are fallible.

Doorley’s reprehensible attitude toward the officer contrasts sharply with his calm and professionalism, as she refused to stop her speeding car at the scene and instead drove into her Webster home’s driveway.

During the exchange, Doorley called the Webster police chief, referred to Crisafulli as a “asshole,” and showed off her district attorney badge. Concurrently, she declared that she would manage the ticket herself, a declaration fraught with moral dilemmas as it raised doubts about her intentions regarding its eventual disposal.

Further: The state should look into the actions of Rochester City Council member Sandra Doorley during the traffic stop.

Doorley claimed in her video that she had a particularly rough day following three killings over the weekend, one of which involved the shooting death of a taxi driver named David Treese III after he picked up a passenger. She claimed that her husband also received alarming medical news.

Nevertheless, Doorley stated, everyone experiences stress, and the reason behind the incident involving the officer is not defense. “I am entirely responsible for my own foolishness, which has humbled me,” she uttered.

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