There are three new cars, a new extra menu, and new engine swaps in the update

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Gran Turismo 7’s Update 1.46 is now available, bringing two entirely new brands to the series as we revealed earlier in the week.
However there’s still plenty of information to get through, including new things in the patch notes, now that the update is available.
Given the unveiling yesterday, it’s Skoda’s Vision Gran Turismo that’s the headline act for this update, as well as the most expensive vehicle at the regular 1m credit price for all VGT cars.
As you’d expect, this 7.4-liter V8 beast lands in Legends Cars, where it’s temporarily available as a “Hot Pick” at 163,000cr.
One new Extra Menu Book is added this month, focusing on one of the most legendary brands of all: Ferrari.
It’s actually a surprise that there hasn’t been a Ferrari Extra Menu before.
You’ll need to collect the 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB4 from Legends Cars, the 1991 Ferrari Testarossa from Used Cars, and the 2013 Ferrari La Ferrari from Brand Central.
There is now support for the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme wheel, with button configuration available within the Fanatec GT DD Pro/Extreme section of the Options menu.


We previously disclosed earlier this week that Gran Turismo 7’s Update 1.46 introduces two completely new brands to the franchise. The update is currently available.

It’s a standard three-car update that weighs in at 1 point09 GB on the PlayStation 5 and 1 point11 GB on the PlayStation 4, aside from the fact that two of the cars represent manufacturers who have never been featured in a GT game before. As anticipated, this implies that there isn’t a new circuit to enjoy this month.

But now that the update is out, there’s still a ton of material to go through, including new items in the patch notes.

Courtesy of a little slip-up, we did already know the identities of the three cars coming in this update, but now the update is available we can say what their pricing and availability is:.

Brand Central’s Afeela Prototype ’24 costs zero cents.

Legends Cars: Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 ’70 – 163,000cr.

Brand Central: Skoda Vision Gran Turismo – 1,000,000cr.

The main takeaway from this is that Sony, along with its partner Honda, created the Afeela Prototype, a car that is free to use. The car won’t cost you anything, but keep in mind that this isn’t a cheap way to win the Firm Favorite PSN Trophy for purchasing the same vehicle ten times because it doesn’t count as “buying.”.

The debut vehicle, which is a preview of the full production model slated for sometime in 2025, has no specifications provided, but we do know that the real thing will have twinned motors, one on each axle, producing 180kW (241hp) apiece, or 482hp total.

Skoda’s Vision Gran Turismo, which was unveiled yesterday, is the star of this update and the most costly car when purchased at the standard 1 million credit price for all VGT cars. Four separate motors, each rated at 200kW (268 horsepower), combine to produce 1,072 horsepower in this single-seat sports car.

It should be a blast because of the lightweight design, which is achieved by using a lot of carbon in the chassis and the detachable body. However, the drivers who raced it in yesterday’s event did have some difficulty keeping it on the island at higher speeds. In the new Online Time Trial event, which starts today, you’ll get the opportunity to test that out for yourself.

Last but not least, the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 delivers some iconic and jaw-dropping performance. The 7-point 4-liter V8 beast, as anticipated, makes its appearance in Legends Cars, where it is offered as a temporary “Hot Pick” for 163,000cr. For the next several days, it will be available for purchase before going back into stock.

This month, a brand-new Extra Menu Book is available, featuring one of the most illustrious companies ever: Ferrari. Really, it’s shocking that a Ferrari Extra Menu hasn’t been introduced earlier.

Though Book 38: Ferrari 12-Cylinder Engines appears to be fairly straightforward, there is a small detail involving one of the less well-liked mechanisms of the GT7. The Ferrari Testarossa from 1991, the Ferrari 365 GTB4 from 1971, the 2013 Ferrari La Ferrari from Brand Central, and the Used Cars from 1991 must all be picked up.

This entails waiting for the two iconic vehicles to appear in the used car rotations (the Testarossa is currently available as a Special Pick), but it also means that obtaining a brand invitation is necessary to obtain the LaFerrari, as it is one of three Ferrari vehicles that cannot be purchased outright.

This could be an impossible task that can only be completed by pure chance because invitations are sent out infrequently and can be for any of the ten brands that need them. As with the D-Type from last month’s Jaguar book, if we were PD, we would have awarded the LaFerrari and made the F12berlinetta the third vehicle to avoid the annoyance.

Six-Star Roulette Ticket — Ferrari 12-Cylinder Engines — Extra Menu Book 38.

Three new races for already-existing events are added to the World Circuits section of the game, but there is no new Bonus Menu Book in GT Cafe. All three fit the cars that were added in this update.

Cover star of the $56,000cr American FR Challenge 550 at Trial Mountain is the Chevelle. The race is a three-lap event. The Afeela and friends compete in the Japanese Clubman Cup 550, a three-lap race, at Alsace Village Reverse with a first prize of 60,000cr. The Skoda will finally take center stage in the Vision Gran Turismo Trophy, where the winner will receive 80,000cr for a five-lap run at Grand Valley Highway-1.

The Japanese Clubman Cup 550–60,000cr is the Alsace Village Reverse (3 laps).

Five laps on Grand Valley Highway-1 for the Vision GT Trophy worth 80,000cr.

American FR Challenge 550 – 56,000cr – Trial Mountain (3 laps).

Like the others we’ve seen recently, this month’s engine swaps follow a similar pattern. This time, surprisingly, there isn’t a new engine; instead, all five of the new swaps are new uses for already-existing Chevrolet engines, though not all of them are necessarily from Chevrolet-branded cars.

Two Grades. With the Bugatti Veyron Gr, 4 vehicles can choose a brand-new Chevrolet lump. 4 acquiring an LS7-BRZ from the Honda NSX Gr and the Subaru BRZ drift vehicle. 4 with an LS7 similar to the Rampage Camaro is currently available.

Both the C1 and C2 Sting Ray coupes can receive the C7 ZR1’s unit, which has modern LT5 power for two vintage Corvettes. Last but not least, the Lexus LC500 is an additional LS7-BRZ option.

Although you can obtain the engines as prizes in some Roulette Tickets, such as Six-Star (Engine) tickets, at any level, you must be Collector Level 50 to purchase them directly from GT Auto, where they are fairly expensive.

With 19 additional locations in and around Ron Burgundy’s favorite city (though we won’t give you his translation), San Diego, California, is the star of a brand-new set of Scapes. These primarily focus on city streets, parking lots, and seafront locations.

There is one piece of information in the few remaining patch notes that will interest owners of the new flagship steering wheel. Fanatec GT DD Pro/Extreme section of the Options menu now allows button configuration for the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme wheel.

There is a comprehensive update to the Balance of Performance in both the Gr. 3 plus Gr. 4 groups. Hopefully you haven’t chosen a favorite brand yet, as this occurs ahead of the GT World Series Manufacturers Cup, which starts in less than two weeks!

Naturally, there is the standard disclaimer that “many other issues have been addressed,” but no further information is provided. We can confirm once more that the much-discussed environmental update for Suzuka Circuit is not one of these; our community will learn about them in due course in a dedicated Undocumented Changes thread.

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