The White House has no plans to change their policy on Israel

New photos reveal the bridge’s remnants at the Patapsco River’s bottom, as cleanup and debris removal operations continue for the fallen Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.
The department said that the photos were acquired using CODA Octopus, a primary sonar tool.
Watch: Following its collapse, sections of the Francis Scott Key Bridge were removed from the Baltimore port. When did the Baltimore bridge collapse occur?
Six workers who were filling in potholes were killed when the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on March 26 as a result of a huge cargo ship colliding with the structure and falling into the Patapsco River.
Another important shipping port, the Port of Baltimore, was also inaccessible due to the accident.
Restoration of the Port of Baltimore The first significant portion of the debris field that obstructed entry into the Port of Baltimore was cleared on Sunday night, marking the start of the restoration process.
Thousands of tons of debris are still present in the river and above the ship, according to Wes Moore.
Baltimore was “rebuilt” by Latino communities. The victims of the bridge collapse are now in mourning. “It’s not just about Maryland,” the governor said.


President Joe Biden released a statement on Tuesday using a word he has rarely used during the conflict that has been filled with unending tragedy: “Outraged.” This was in response to an Israeli strike in Gaza that killed seven aid workers for the nonprofit World Central Kitchen. The strike sparked anger and indignation inside the White House. “.

As per a senior administration official speaking to CNN, Biden and his top officials are extremely frustrated over the deaths of workers who were trying to bring food to the starving civilians in the besieged enclave, including one dual US-Canadian citizen.

The president used some of the most venomous and direct language since the Israel-Hamas conflict began in October in his statement on Tuesday night to lament the deaths of the seven workers. Saying, “Incidents like yesterday’s simply should not happen,” he pointed the finger squarely at Israel for neglecting to protect civilians and aid workers. “.

According to the official, the strike by the World Central Kitchen workers has been a “standout incident” from the perspective of the Biden White House, causing grave concern and alarm in the midst of already high tensions between the US and Israel.

However, the administration cautioned that not enough is being done to protect civilians in the Palestinian enclave on Wednesday, even as it reaffirmed its support for Israel’s war against Hamas.

Undoubtedly, our desire is for them to act in a way that minimizes harm to civilians. Sure. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby stated, “And that’s been an ongoing conversation that we’ve been having with them for many months.”. As far as being more exact, focused, and cautious are concerned. “.

He said, “We have talked to them and we will continue to talk to them about how to do things differently, how to do things more safely, how to do things more efficiently, and definitely how to do things in a way that minimizes damage to civilian infrastructure and, of course, civilian lives.”. “.

One of the attendees claimed that the president brought up the worker deaths with a small group of Muslim community leaders at the White House on Tuesday. A few of the attendees were medical professionals who had visited Gaza and witnessed directly the suffering of the local Palestinian populace. According to CNN, one of them left the meeting early in a show of protest.

Salima Suswell, the founder of the Black Muslim Leadership Council, stated, “The president expressed that this is a very difficult situation and that he would like to see an end to this war.”. Occasionally, the talk was challenging. “.

When asked about Biden’s accusation against Israel in his statement for not protecting civilians and relief workers, a senior presidential advisor told CNN that it was exactly what the president intended to say. “.

According to Israel, it will look into why Israeli airstrikes struck the aid workers’ vehicles; however, Biden urged that the investigation be “swift” and “bring accountability.”. “.

In response to a CNN question about whether the White House still supports Israel’s war strategy in light of the aid worker deaths and Biden’s outrage, Kirby stated that while the administration has been vocal about its disapproval, it would not go so far as to revoke its backing.

“I want to be clear that, even though we disagree with some aspects of the way operations are being carried out, we do not support a ground operation in Rafah. This is especially true when it comes to saying this quite frankly and publicly. Additionally, we still hold the view that Israel has the right to defend itself against the threat posed by Hamas, which is still very real, and we will keep acting on that belief, Kirby stated.

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