The watchdog says that Dexter Reed Cop was shot before officers returned fire

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HUMBOLDT PARK — The city’s police watchdog released video Tuesday morning that shows police fatally shooting Dexter Reed during a traffic stop in March.
Reed shot at officers first, hitting one in his forearm — then four officers shot about 96 times in 41 seconds, according the Civilian Office of Police Accountability.
Reed’s family members and their attorneys said they want the officers involved fired and charged to the highest degree.
“We want answers,” Porscha Banks, Reed’s older sister, said at a news conference after the video was released.
Open the door now!” an officer orders Reed while the officers back away, their guns pointed at Reed.
WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Reed drives the car forward several times, hitting another car.
WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Reed’s family pushed for release of video of the shooting, saying it was going to cast doubt on authorities’ narrative.
He acknowledged there was a gun found in Reed’s car, but he said video shows Reed got out of the vehicle unarmed — only to be shot by officers.


The incident’s graphic video is absent from another version of this story. You can click this link to read the story without viewing the video.

HUMBOLDT PARK — A video showing police fatally shooting Dexter Reed during a traffic stop in March was made public by the city’s police watchdog on Tuesday morning.

After a traffic stop in the 3800 block of West Ferdinand Street on March 21, police shot and killed Reed, 26. According to officials on Tuesday, Reed was stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt, which led to the fatal encounter.

According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, Reed opened fire on officers first, striking one in the forearm. Four officers then fired roughly 96 shots in 41 seconds. When Reed was on the ground, witnesses saw officers shooting at him.

The number of shots that Reed is said to have fired before cops returned fire was not disclosed by the spy.

As is customary following the use of force, four of the officers involved in the shooting are on a 30-day administrative leave. The watchdog has also recommended that four officers be reassigned from their police duties while the investigation is ongoing.

The attorneys representing Reed’s family stated that they want the implicated officers to be charged with the highest offenses and fired. Additionally, they hope that the news won’t lead to violence in Chicago.

Following the release of the video, Reed’s elder sister Porscha Banks stated at a press conference, “We want answers.”. After firing 96 shots at him, they reloaded. This must end. The anguish my family and I are going through is beyond description. I’m hoping that some people realize he was a son, a loved one, a nephew, etc.

“I pray that my brother receives justice, not only for the sake of his family but also for everyone else who must endure this. To us and to others, it is unfair. He had the option to return home with us, just as the officers were allowed to go back to their families. “.


The shooting happened 6:02 p. me. police said that they stopped Reed’s vehicle for a traffic stop on March 21 in the 3800 block of West Ferdinand Street.

Officers can be seen pulling over Reed in the shooting videos. A few exit a car and give Reed instructions to open the doors, roll down the windows, and exit the vehicle. As they give Reed instructions, at least two cops pull out weapons and point them in his direction.

When it comes time to roll it partially back up, Reed rolls down the driver’s side window.

As the officers retreat, pointing their firearms at Reed, one of them commands Reed, “Open the door now! Open the door now!”.

When shots are heard, the officer turns around and flees, finding cover, according to neighbor surveillance footage of the incident, which shows him approaching the passenger side of the SUV and standing there for a few moments. The vehicle advances and smoke is visible all around it. Later on, the officer radioed in to report that he had been shot; multiple videos show his wound.

Then, a number of shots are heard as the cops surround the car and open fire.


Reed repeatedly accelerates the vehicle, slamming into another vehicle. Moving to the back of the vehicle after exiting the driver’s side, he is shot and falls to the ground. As he lies on the ground, he is still being shot at by officers. They come to a halt, and Reed lies there bleeding and motionless. He lies still as officers order him not to move while pointing their guns at him. While searching for a gun, one officer reports that Reed is still breathing.

Officers handcuffed Reed after placing his hands behind his back. He’s surrounded by blood on the pavement. The officers later turn Reed over and perform chest compressions on him.

Officers check the injured man for additional wounds while putting a tourniquet on his left arm while he lies on the ground. They also check on an additional officer who appeared to be hurt but was not.

An officer asks the others, “Do you hear me? Nobody say anything.”.

According to agency representatives, Reed was shot several times before being declared deceased at a nearby hospital. The officer was transported to a nearby hospital in good condition after taking a bullet to the forearm. According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, a gun was discovered in Reed’s front passenger seat.


Video of the shooting was pushed for public release by Reed’s family, who claimed it would undermine the story given by the police.

Steven Hart, a family lawyer, stated at a press conference on Tuesday, “Imagine a 26-year-old not being told what he did wrong and having five guns in his face.”. Is it possible that he was afraid?

In 41 seconds, they fire 96 times. Finally, after reloading their clips, they open fire three times on the young man who is just lying on the ground after being shot several times. “.

It’s unclear if Reed shot at the officers first, but according to Andrew Stroth, another family lawyer, that will become clear after the Civilian Office of Police Accountability wraps up its investigation. He said that although a gun had been discovered in Reed’s car, footage showed that Reed had exited the vehicle unarmed and had been shot by police.

Reed’s seatbelt-less behavior was “completely unjustified,” according to Stroth and the family, who said that the stop was made. “.

“We’re asking the Johnson administration to commit to the consent decree,” Stroth said. Additionally, there has been a complete lack of cooperation from the mayor and the police [Supt. ] Snelling to disband these tactical units that have been terrorizing communities on the West and South sides. “.

Reed’s mother, Nicole Banks, had to leave the press conference after collapsing. She said that Reed would take care of her, preparing her breakfast and motivating her to work out. He even got her a Peloton bike so she could use it.

Nicole Banks sobbed and remarked, “He was a good kid.”. “I just don’t understand why they treated him that way. These children are simply trying to find their way outside; they are not constantly breaking the law, so why are they being stopped without cause? He had just bought his new car three days before that and he was just riding around in his car. “.

Additionally, the family wrote to police superintendent and mayor Brandon Johnson. In order to comprehend what transpired, Larry Snelling is pleading for assistance in making videos and other relevant evidence public.

In addition, Stroth and Hart insisted that the names of the officers involved be made public and that the shooting’s evidence be kept safe.

At a separate press conference, Andrea Kersten, the chief administrator of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, stated that initial information and evidence confirms that Reed fired first, striking an officer. Four officers then fired approximately 96 shots at Reed, including after he had exited the vehicle and was on the ground.

Johnson promised on Tuesday that his administration would be open and accountable during the shooting investigation. At a press conference, he was joined by Kersten and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. He asked the community to maintain peace and “not lead our city down a path of division, but instead towards healing and transformation.”. “.

Johnson declared that it “can never be condoned” to shoot a police officer. The “highest of standards as agents of the law,” he added, must also apply to officers. “.

Johnson claimed to have spoken with Reed’s family and visited the injured officer in the hospital. The mayor, a former public school teacher, claimed that Reed and the injured officer might have been his pupils. Both are Black.

He remarked, “I know this footage is incredibly painful and traumatic for many of our city’s residents.”. “I am personally devastated to see another Black man lose his life during an interaction with police. I am the mayor of Chicago and a father raising a family, including two Black boys, on the West Side of Chicago.”. “.

After examining audio, video, and “initial” ballistic evidence gathered from the scene, Kersten stated in a second press conference that the Civilian Office of Police Accountability concluded Reed fired first. Kersten stated that Illinois State Police will test that evidence in order to obtain “further confirmation.”.

We can’t say with certainty how many times Dexter Reed Jr. might have fired at this moment inside his car,” Kersten claimed.

Reviewing body cam footage and going back on departmental policies mandating that officers carry fully loaded weapons led to the conclusion that the four police officers fired 96 shots “on all sides of the car,” according to Kersten. She was unable to determine how many times Reed was shot by police after he hit the ground.

Kersten referred questions to the police when they inquired about whether the tactical unit that responded to the scene was equipped to conduct traffic stops. The question was not directly addressed by the police.

Kersten stated, “We will be investigating the actions taken by the officers assigned to that unit during this incident and on this particular day.”. “At this point, the only information we have is that Mr. Reed’s failure to wear a seatbelt was the sole reason for the traffic stop. There is no information available to us indicating that officers were aware of any additional information regarding Mr. Reed. “.

After watching the film, Anthony Driver, president of the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, stated he had “more questions than answers.”. He gave the Civilian Office of Police Accountability credit for promptly releasing the videos.

“Justice [cannot] exist.”. According to the appearance, Officer St. Driver remarked, “It appears that Dexter Reed is still alive and Louis is not being shot.”.

According to Kersten, the police watchdog has eighteen months to wrap up its administrative investigation into the police officers.

“We intend to proceed expeditiously with the aim of delivering our ultimate recommendations within a significantly shorter timeframe,” stated Kersten.

According to Porscha Banks, Reed’s family wants him to be known as a “brave, outspoken, sweet and genuine young man.”.

Reed was known to his family and friends as a gifted young man who was a standout athlete. Porscha Banks stated that his goals were to become a sports broadcaster and launch his own apparel line.

During his time at Westinghouse College Prep High School, Reed, a resident of Garfield Park, excelled at basketball and helped his team win a regional championship in 2016.

During his time coaching Westinghouse basketball team from 2013 to 2017, Bill Curry said to the Sun-Times last month, “Dexter was one of the kids you don’t just coach, you actually really love him because he was an incredible hard worker.”.

According to Porscha Banks, Reed studied broadcasting and played basketball at Morton College after graduating from high school.

“He was an extremely well-educated, intelligent, and driven individual who enjoyed playing basketball, working out, maintaining his health, and spending time with his loved ones,” according to Porscha Banks. “He loved being around happy people. “.

While Reed was not employed at the time of his passing, he was preparing to introduce his clothing line, Fanner, according to Porscha Banks. Last year, he dropped his first items from the clothing line, offering fitted T-shirts and hooded jackets.

Porscha Banks said that she spoke with Reed over the phone three minutes prior to the shooting on the day of his death, having seen him that day at his niece’s school.

“Take Mom to the gym,” were his final words to her. “He desired for me to remove Mom from the residence,” she remarked.

Despite claiming to enjoy driving for fun, Porscha Banks was unaware of Reed’s whereabouts on that particular day.

In order to cover Reed’s burial costs and hire a lawyer to assist the family in obtaining justice, Porscha Banks created a GoFundMe, according to her.

According to public records, Reed was detained twice in the previous year. The Sun-Times reports that he was charged with retail theft in April 2023, but the case was later dropped. In mid-July, he was accused by police of using a loaded gun at the Windy City Smokeout, and they filed charges for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon without a concealed carry card or Firearm Owner’s ID, as reported by the Sun-Times. When he was killed, he had multiple pending gun-related charges against him.

According to a recently published analysis by advocacy groups Impact for Equity and Free2Move Coalition, the Ogden (10th) and Harrison (11th) police districts, which include Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, Little Village, and North Lawndale, accounted for roughly 22% of all traffic stops conducted in the previous year. This is the same police district where Reed was stopped and killed.

Furthermore, a 2021 Block Club analysis revealed that police stopped cars most frequently on the West Side, but the great majority of those stops resulted in no tickets being issued.

At Columbus Park Refectory, 5701 W., Tuesday morning, The Leaders Network held a meeting. Jackson Blvd. West Side religious leaders expressed concerns about the incident and demanded an impartial, in-depth investigation into Reed’s death.

“There are so many unanswered questions,” said Janette Wilson, senior adviser to the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. “We need an independent investigation. Have they been reassigned? What happened to the officers? What are their backgrounds?”. ”.

Rev. The group wants a non-city agency to look into the shooting, according to Ira Acree.

A press conference regarding the shooting is scheduled for 6 p.m. by local organizations, such as the Chicago Torture Justice Center, GoodKids MadCity, and the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. M. Tuesday outside 11th Police District headquarters, 3151 W. Harrison St.

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