James and Jennifer Crumbley are the parents of the Michigan school shooter

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1 hr 17 min ago James and Jennifer Crumbley each sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison James and Jennifer Crumbley, the parents of the teenager who killed four students in a 2021 school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, were each sentenced Tuesday to 10 to 15 years in prison, respectively, weeks after they were convicted of manslaughter.
1 hr 35 min ago James Crumbley apologizes to the families of his son’s victims From CNN’s Antoinette Radford James Crumbley, the father of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley, addressed the courtroom, opening his statement by apologizing to the victims, something he said he had not been able to do yet.
1 hr 44 min ago Jennifer Crumbley says previous statement made in court was misinterpreted From CNN’s Maureen Chowdhury Jennifer Crumbley began her statement to the court by expressing her condolences to the victims and their families.
Crumbley added that if she knew her son was capable of the crimes committed, her answer would have “absolutely been different.”
Buck Myre, the father of victim Tate Myre, gave his impact statement following Steve St. Juliana.
He was the last person to give an impact statement.
Reina said the maximum sentence being 15 years is “too short”: “Hana didn’t even have 15 years to live.”
“This tragedy was completely preventable,” Jill Soave, the mother of Justin Shilling, said in her victim impact statement.


17 minutes ago, on 1 hour.

Ten to fifteen years in prison were handed down to James and Jennifer Crumbley.

A few weeks after being found guilty of manslaughter, James and Jennifer Crumbley, the parents of the adolescent who killed four students in an Oxford, Michigan school shooting in 2021, were each given a 10- to 15-year prison sentence on Tuesday.

Credit for 858 days already completed will be granted to them.

12 minutes ago, or one hour.

The judge states that Crumbleys’ sentence should serve as a deterrent.

by Elise Hammond of CNN.

The judge overseeing James and Jennifer Crumbley’s sentencing stated that the ruling ought to serve as a disincentive to attempt to prevent school shootings in the future.

According to Judge Cheryl Matthews, “opportunity knocked over and over, louder and louder, and was ignored.”. “These two individuals should have responded, but they didn’t, and no one did. “.”.

“These convictions validate repeated actions—or inaction—that could have prevented an approaching runaway train,” the speaker continued.

She declared that she would not allow herself to be “influenced by public opinion” when determining the appropriate sentence, adding that she is “aware of my job in this situation.”.

In her remarks to the families in the courtroom, Matthews expressed her inability to comprehend the suffering they are going through but gave them comfort by saying, “I saw what you saw and I heard what you heard” throughout the trials.

56 minutes ago.

Judge is urged by the prosecutor to take into account the “devastating impact” of the Crumbleys’ “gross negligence.”.

through Nicki Brown at CNN.

In her request that Judge Cheryl Matthews go beyond the recommended sentence for James and Jennifer Crumbley, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald cited the “devastating impact of their gross negligence that was foreseeable.”. “.

“To be clear, regret does not imply that one is experiencing extreme guilt. They do, I’m positive. I don’t deny that they are grieving or that they are feeling bad. “Those victims are not seeking that kind of remorse and accountability,” McDonald stated in court on Tuesday.

Addressing the judge again, she went on:.

It is imperative that you pay attention and take into account the consequences of that egregious negligence when crafting a sentence. Therefore, we are requesting that you go above and beyond the guidelines because, in my opinion, all the circumstances as outlined in the case law, along with the essential assessment of the consequences of these offenses, warrant it. It is the people’s request that you take into account the terrible consequences of their egregious and predictable negligence. “.”.

1 hour and 35 minutes prior.

James Crumbley expresses regret to the families of the people his son hurt.

via Antoinette Radford of CNN.

Dad of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley, James Crumbley, spoke in court, saying he had not yet been able to express his regret to the victims.

I wish to express that I cannot fathom the suffering and agony dot. in consideration of the suffering and experiences of the families who have lost a child. Losing a child is the greatest fear any parent can have, and losing a child is unfathomable. I feel so bad for all the people involved,” he uttered.

“My sincere apologies, and my heartfelt sadness upon learning of the fate of Madisyn Baldwin, Hana St Juliana, Tate Myre, and Justin Shilling,” expressed Crumbley.

Judge Cheryl Matthews should “sentence me in a fair way,” Crumbley said, adding that he was unaware his son was plotting a school shooting. “.

One hour forty-four minutes ago.

Court statements made earlier, according to Jennifer Crumbley, were misunderstood.

from Maureen Chowdhury of CNN.

Conveying her sympathies to the victims and their families, Jennifer Crumbley opened her court appearance.

She began, “I sit here today to express my deepest sorrows to all those affected on November 30, 2021, as well as the families of Hana, Tate, Madisyn, and Justin.”.

A previous statement made on the stand, according to Crumbley, was “completely misunderstood. “.

She’s asked herself if there was anything she would have done differently, and the answer is no, she had said when she stood in her own defense during her trial in February. “.

On Tuesday, Crumbley explained that her interpretation of the question was that she would not have responded differently had she known what her son had done.

“My response would be very different if I had the benefit of hindsight and the knowledge I have now,” she remarked.

It would have “absolutely been different,” Crumbley continued, if she had known her son was capable of the crimes committed. “.”.

“Forevermore, I shall reside in my own inward prison,” she continued.

One hour and forty-six minutes ago.

The father of Sana St. According to Juliana, Crumbleys “pick to blame everyone but themselves.”.

by Nicki Brown of CNN.

At the Crumbleys’ sentencing on Tuesday, the father of a victim of the Oxford High School shooting in 2021 stated that James and Jennifer Crumbley still try to shift the blame.

“My daughter Hana and three other children were murdered by their son because of the defendants’ decisions, callous disregard, and egregious negligence,” Steve St. The father of Hana St. is Juliana. Juliana stated on Tuesday in a victim impact statement.

They made the decision to remain silent. The warning signs were ignored by them. He continued, “And now that we’ve heard all of the criticisms, they still prefer to place the blame elsewhere but on themselves.

Steve St. Juliana claimed that the loss of his daughter “destroyed a large portion of my very soul.”. ****.

“Her high school and college graduations will never bring back happy memories for me. She is embarking on a journey to start her own family, and I will never be there to support her. “I will always be deprived of the opportunity to embrace her and her future offspring,” he continued.

St. Juliana stated that as the defendants’ “defiance” grew throughout the trial, his opinion on the Crumbleys’ sentence changed. He stated, “Hana, Madisyn, Tate, and Justin are the ones who have lost everything—not the defendants,” before asking for the parents to get the harshest punishment imaginable.

Tate Myre’s father, Buck Myre, made his impact statement after Steve St. Juliana. He finished off the impact statement segment last.

18 minutes and two hours ago.

The victim’s sister, fourteen years old: My younger brother was taught how to “write a eulogy” before he was taught how to write essays.

from Antoinette Radford on CNN.

Reina Street. Juliana, the sister of Hana, who was killed in the Oxford High School shooting at the age of 14, began her victim impact statement by painting a graphic picture of the effect her death has had on her family’s life.

Before learning how to write essays, our 10-year-old little brother had to learn how to write a eulogy for his sister, she informed the court.

At school that day, I got together with Hana and a friend. I simply grinned as we parted ways to head back to class. I remained silent. I was never able to bid you farewell. I never had the chance to tell her again how much I adore and value her. The individual I desire to travel life’s journey alongside,” she declared.

The maximum sentence of 15 years, according to Reina, is “too short” because Hana didn’t even have that much time left. “.”.

53 minutes ago, on 1 hour.

According to Justin Shilling’s father, “The blood of our children is on your hands.”.

from Maureen Chowdhury of CNN.

Justin Shilling, 17, has a father named Craig Shilling, who stated that he thinks James Crumbley and Jennifer should serve the entire sentence.

“You have the blood of our children on your hands,” he declared.

Donning a hoodie with his son’s picture and the words “Fly High Our Hero,” Shilling talked about the daily struggles he faces, including “pain, anger, heartache, regret, anxiety, stress, you name it.”. Everyone of them is there, causing chaos in my life that used to be normal. “.

Craig Shilling stated that even though it has been over two years since the tragic shooting, the wounds from that day are still very much present.

He discussed the father’s actions and how neither of them took responsibility for them.

Craig Shilling expressed his inability to accept that the tragedy was entirely preventable. He claimed that there were clear indicators that were totally disregarded and that “parents bear the majority of the responsibility to address those signs, and they failed — across the board failed.”. “.”.

29 minutes ago, on February 2.

“Tragedy was completely preventable,” according to Justin Shilling’s mother, who was shot and killed.

Nicki Brown of CNN.

The mother of one of the victims killed in the Oxford High School shooting said that “we have all been devastated by the ripple effects of both James and Jennifer’s failures to act” to stop their son Ethan from carrying out the horrific school shooting in Michigan. “.”.

In her victim impact statement, Justin Shilling’s mother, Jill Soave, stated, “This tragedy was completely preventable.”. “Our four angels would be here today if only they had done something, your honor, anything, to change the course of events on November 30, 2021. “.

Soave asked for the longest sentence possible for the Crumbley family.

According to his mother, Justin Shilling was “the least deserving of his fate” and devoted his last moments to defending a fellow student.

In addition, Soave revealed a touching birthday letter her son sent her.

“It is heartbreaking and devastating that neither of you seems to have cherished or wanted your son,” she said, addressing the Crumbley family. However, I longed for and treasured mine completely. You have let us all down, including your son. “.

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