The 4th day of severe weather has resulted in tornado watches

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Another day of severe weather and flash flooding is expected on Sunday for the central U.S., which is still recovering from the several damaging tornadoes that have struck parts of the region since Friday.
HOW TO WATCH FOX WEATHER A Tornado Watch has been issued until 9 p.m. for much of southeastern Texas, including the towns of Tyler, College Station and Seguin.
As those storms head east, the NWS issued more warnings until 2 a.m. local time for parts of east Texas, Louisiana and southern Arkansas.
Severe weather threatens more than 44 million people Sunday The FOX Forecast Center expects severe thunderstorms to fire back up Sunday afternoon and evening from parts of East Texas and Louisiana into Arkansas and southwestern Missouri.
Damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes are expected, with the highest threat centered over East Texas, northwestern Louisiana and southwestern Arkansas.
A more isolated severe weather threat is expected farther north over parts of the upper and mid-Missisippi Valley.
Flood Watches are in effect for parts of East Texas, western Louisiana, eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, southeastern Kansas and southwestern Missouri.
Severe storms could linger into Monday Several strong to severe thunderstorms are possible on Monday from parts of central and southeastern Texas into the lower Mississippi Valley.


Sunday in the central United States is predicted to see more severe weather and flash flooding. s. which, since Friday, has been hit by multiple destructive tornadoes and is still recuperating from them.

On Saturday night, a deadly tornado outbreak devastated a large area of Oklahoma. An additional damaging tornado outbreak that occurred in Nebraska and Iowa on Friday preceded that.


Now it’s taking place.

Over parts of the Midwest, South, and Plains, showers and thunderstorms are gradually moving eastward.

The National Weather Service issued Flash Flood Warnings in some areas of North Texas, eastern Kansas, and western Missouri on Sunday morning due to the storms’ slow motion, but no extensive flooding damage has been reported.

DIRECTIONS for watching Fox Weather.

There is a tornado watch in effect until 9 p.m. me. throughout a large portion of southeast Texas, encompassing Tyler, College Station, and Seguin. Up to two in the morning, the NWS continued to issue warnings as those storms moved east. M. locale for a portion of southern Arkansas, east Texas, and Louisiana.

Another was released by the NWS until 11 p.m. for a number of counties in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. m. local time.

On Sunday, over 44 million people are at risk of severe weather conditions.

The FOX Forecast Center predicts that on Sunday afternoon and evening, severe thunderstorms will reappear over portions of Louisiana and East Texas, as well as extend into Arkansas and southwest Missouri.

With the greatest risk concentrated over East Texas, northwest Louisiana, and southwest Arkansas, damaging winds, large hail, and a few tornadoes are predicted.

Over sections of the upper and mid-Mississippi Valley, a more isolated severe weather threat is anticipated farther north.

The risk area for severe thunderstorms on Sunday encompasses a population of over 42 million individuals.

How to tell which area of your house is the safest for tornadoes.

Sunday poses a serious risk of flash floods for millions of people.

On Sunday, there’s also a risk of flash flooding from eastern Texas and Oklahoma into the lower and mid-Mississippi Valley.

Rainfall rates of one to three inches per hour are possible here, and slow-moving showers and storms are most likely to occur.

Widespread rainfall totals of two to three inches are anticipated throughout this region, per the FOX Forecast Center. But by Monday, there may be up to three to five inches of rain in some isolated places.

Parts of eastern Texas, western Louisiana, eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, southeastern Kansas, and southwest Missouri are under a flood watch.


Strong storms may persist through Monday.

Monday from portions of central and southeast Texas into the lower Mississippi Valley, there is a chance of several strong to severe thunderstorms.

The main threats, according to the FOX Forecast Center, are large hail and strong wind gusts, but one or two isolated tornadoes are not out of the question.

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