Graham thinks the Supreme Court will send the presidential immunity case to the lower courts

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) predicted Sunday that the Supreme Court will send former President Trump’s immunity case back to the lower courts.
“Well, I think the court’s gonna find that presidential immunity exists for President Trump like every other president, but you got to be within the scope of being president.
I think they’ll send it back to the lower courts to find out exactly what actions fall within presidential immunity and what are considered personal.
The high court appeared open to some presidential immunity for the former president, which could potentially delay the criminal cases brought against him even further.
Graham said the question of immunity may be “decided partially” for the former president.
It will be a legal analysis, you know, the president needs to be protected.
We prosecute, you know, our political opponents, which is going on really in many jurisdictions,” he said.
People looking at their problems, not Trump’s legal problems,” Graham said.


Mr. Lindsay Graham (R-S). D. On Sunday, it was predicted by the Supreme Court that the case involving former President Trump’s immunity would be returned to lower courts.

“I believe the court will rule that President Trump enjoys presidential immunity, just like all other presidents, but that immunity is only applicable to those who fulfill the duties of office. To determine precisely which acts are covered by presidential immunity and which are deemed personal, I believe they will return it to the lower courts. On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Graham stated, “I think that’s how this will end—there will be some immunity for some of the actions.”. “.

Arguments regarding Trump’s eligibility for presidential immunity from criminal prosecution in the federal court system were heard by the Supreme Court last week. Jack Smith, the special counsel, brought six cases. The former president’s criminal cases may be further postponed as the high court seemed willing to grant him some presidential immunity.

According to Graham, the former president’s immunity issue may be “decided partly.”.

The Constitution doesn’t provide for total immunity. Since the president must be safeguarded, there will be a legal analysis. We don’t turn this place into a banana republic, you know. We bring legal action against our political rivals, as is the case in a lot of jurisdictions, he said. “However, I believe that the question of Trump’s immunity will be resolved in part by a legal and factual analysis of the circumstances and applications. “.

Graham continued by denouncing every lawsuit that has been filed against Trump as “political” and “selective prosecution.”. “.

In light of this, I believe that most Americans will base their voting decisions on other issues, such as inflation, crime, or a broken border, rather than Trump’s legal issues. Your poll provides me with all the information I need to understand Trump’s legal issues. “People are focusing on their issues rather than Trump’s legal issues,” Graham pointed out.

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