Adam Montgomery was sentenced to 45 years to life for the murder of his daughter


MANCHESTER, N.H. – Adam Montgomery was sentenced to 45 years to life for the murder of his daughter, 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery.
Montgomery was convicted of killing Harmony, whose body has never been found.
Adam Montgomery ordered to be in court Montgomery was present on the first day of jury selection in February.
He offered to reduce the request to 35 years to life, instead of 45 to life, if Montgomery revealed where Harmony’s body could be found but Montgomery said nothing.
The second victim impact statement was from Sorey’s sister, who said Montgomery was in prison when Harmony was born.
Kayla Montgomery was a star witness for the prosecution, who testified how he killed Harmony and hid her body for months.
Blair Miller said Jamison and Harmony were in and out of foster care together before he adopted him in 2019.
Search for Harmony continues After court, Sorey said she won’t give up searching for her daughter’s remains.


Manchester, N.J. Ha. – For killing his 5-year-old daughter Harmony Montgomery, Adam Montgomery received a sentence ranging from 45 years to life.

Montgomery was found guilty of Harmony’s murder even though her body has never been located. Earlier in the year, a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder.

Due to unrelated firearms charges, the 34-year-old is presently serving a minimum sentence of 32.5 years in prison.

A court appearance was mandated for Adam Montgomery.

On the first day of jury selection in February, Montgomery was in attendance. He did not, however, show up for any of the two weeks of the trial after that day.

A judge decided last month that Montgomery must appear for his sentencing. He showed up in court on Thursday to receive his sentence.

When the victim or the victim’s next of kin addresses the judge, the defendant in a second-degree murder case must personally appear in court, according to New Hampshire state law, unless the court excuses them. “.

Adam Montgomery won’t reveal Harmony’s whereabouts.

According to the prosecution, Montgomery killed Harmony and then moved her body around in his car’s trunk, a homeless shelter’s ceiling vent, and the walk-in freezer at the restaurant where he worked. In March 2020, Montgomery finally got rid of his daughter’s body.

“The crimes for which he is being sentenced today are not insignificant in the slightest,” prosecutor Ben Agati stated during Montgomery’s sentencing. If Montgomery disclosed the location of Harmony’s body, he would have reduced the request from 45 years to life to 35 years to life; however, Montgomery remained silent. “This courtroom and any other place where he has demonstrated his immorality, heartlessness, and lack of remorse for killing his own child, he has done it again,” Agati stated.

statements about the impact on the victim.

Crystal Sorey, Harmony’s birth mother, provided the first victim impact statement. “She was nothing like you and everything like me, and it bothered you to her core that she had a life worth living, unlike your own,” Sorey said, referring to Montgomery as “the monster who murdered my baby.”. “.

According to Sorey, her daughter exuded confidence and was a .ing big sister to her younger siblings. “You’re too much of a coward to tell the truth and do one good thing for Harmony, so I’ll never know if she cried for me, screamed, or begged you to stop,” Sorey remarked.

“I pray that all you hear throughout your days and nights here on Earth is the sound of my baby laughing. “I doubt you have ever heard it in your life,” Sorey remarked. “She only experienced fear and suffering with you. I hope you can hear her sweet voice telling you to stop repeatedly hitting her, or remember how broken and bruised she looked the last time you saw her. For the rest of her life, Sorey promised herself to never give up on Harmony.

In the second victim impact statement, Sorey’s sister stated that Montgomery was incarcerated at the time Harmony was born. “I was calming you down because I knew you would be the best father and you shouldn’t worry. I also told you that you were great with my daughter and that you would be the best father. I was so incredibly mistaken that it was beyond my comprehension. Montgomery was accused of never loving his daughter by her, calling him a coward and a monster because if he had, she would still be alive today. “.

Kayla Montgomery, Montgomery’s estranged wife, also read a statement read by a victim advocate. Prosecution star witness Kayla Montgomery described how he killed Harmony and concealed her body for several months. In her testimony, Kayla Montgomery said that she lied on his behalf to protect him because she was afraid of him.

Kayla Montgomery claimed in her statement that although she and Montgomery were pleased to have Harmony under their custody, their lives completely fell apart as a result of their continued addiction.

“You are not the person I married, not the one who loved me and never caused me any harm,” Kayla Montgomery declared.

The next speakers were Jamison, Harmony’s 7-year-old brother, and his adoptive fathers, Blair and Jonathan Miller. At first, Johnathan Miller claimed that the judge was preventing them from speaking in front of the court because forcing Jamison to speak would cause him to relive his trauma. The two men were eventually allowed to speak on behalf of their son by the judge.

Before Blair Miller adopted Harmony in 2019, he stated that the two had been in and out of foster care together. He said he used to tell them stories about his sister, with her blonde hair and glasses, and how she always watched out for him, back when he and his husband first adopted Jamison.

“Who took my sister away?” is a question Blair Miller claims Jamison has been asking himself ever since he found out his sister was dead.

Blair Miller said to Adam, “You took away his best friend, his sister.” Miller was referring to Montgomery. “You brought murder into his existence and left an enduring hole that will never be healed. He claimed that he and his spouse have informed Jamison that Harmony is now an angel.

According to Jonathan Bobbitt-Miller, Adam gave his son a nightmare. He described Jamison’s response upon learning of Harmony’s passing while crying. “That day, he just stopped, held us, and said, ‘No, I need my big sister.’ He’s a very active kid. “Why? Why did this happen?” he asked, referring to Jamison’s incessant questioning.

“How can we explain to our 7-year-old that you killed his sister? She was his best friend and protector, and you didn’t even show regret. Johnathan Miller remarked, “I hope they can be happy together today.”. He then read aloud some of Jamison’s own words.

“She’s an angel, which makes me really sad. She is missed. She was the closest friend I had. “My wish is that Harmony could accompany me to school so she can get to know my classmates and teacher, and maybe even witness me playing hoops and having fun with my brothers,” wrote Jonathan Bobbitt-Miller.

Harmony’s foster mother provided the last victim impact statement. When Harmony lived with Michelle Raftery’s family, she brought laughter and joy into their lives. She said Harmony was a sweet and considerate child who enjoyed dressing up, Minnie Mouse, and sharing. “My children lost their sister, and we lost a daughter,” Raftery remarked.

Since finding out what happened to Harmony, Raftery claims she has experienced difficulty focusing and falling asleep. “We had to explain things to our kids that we never wanted them to hear and why a dad who was meant to love and protect her was being taken into custody for her murder,” Raftery said.

The hunt is still on for Harmony.

Following the court proceedings, Sorey declared that she would not give up on finding her daughter’s remains.

“I want to make sure people don’t think it’s over because it isn’t,” Sorey declared. “She is still on the loose and by herself. ****.

The continuation of the search for Harmony was also confirmed by Allen Aldenberg, the chief of Manchester police.

Aldenberg declared, “We’ll keep taking action to make sure this doesn’t happen again in the state of New Hampshire or anywhere else.”.

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