A doctor walks out of a meeting

A significant Trump ally filed a complaint on Tuesday against a Washington, DC, district judge who made an appearance on CNN last week and made crude remarks about the outgoing president.
Davis sent a complaint to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals’ Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan.
Trump had claimed in posts at the time that Judge Merchan was “totally compromised” and had “acute Trump derangement syndrome.”. Additionally, he took issue with Loren Merchan’s dubious assertions regarding her social media activity.
Davis stated, “It is not possible for a rational individual to peruse President Trump’s social media posts and conclude that he issued any kind of threat.”.
For instance, neither the judge’s nor his adult daughter’s home addresses were disclosed by President Trump.
Additionally, President Trump did not support unlawful demonstrations outside of their residences. Apart from his appearance on CNN, Walton, a judge based in Washington, DC, has called Trump a “charlatan,” asserting that “power is his only concern” and raising doubts about his ability to concede defeat.
“As it taints four different jury pools, Judge Walton’s blatant violation is highly prejudicial to President Trump,” he continued.
Judge Merchan renewed his gag order against Trump on Monday, which forbade him from disparaging the court staff, prosecutors, witnesses, or anybody else. to encompass the relatives of the judge.


Tuesday night’s meeting between President Joe Biden and a Palestinian American doctor ended early, highlighting the intense tensions, resentment, and anxiety among Arab, Palestinian, and Muslim American communities amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Dr. Vice President Kamala Harris, national security adviser Jake Sullivan, other administration officials, and a small group of Muslim community leaders were among the people who abruptly left the meeting, according to Chicago emergency physician Thaer Ahmad, who visited Gaza earlier this year.

In the past few months, the president has frequently encountered demonstrations and disruptions at public events; however, Ahmad’s decision to exit the meeting represents possibly the most personal instance of protest the president has encountered since Israel launched its campaign in Gaza in response to Hamas’ October 7 attack. As his administration continues to stand by and support Israel’s war in the Palestinian enclave, it serves as a stark reminder to the president of the political challenges he faces with important members of his coalition, including Arab and Muslim Americans and progressive voters.

As previously reported by CNN, the planned iftar dinner to break the Ramadan fast was rescheduled to a meeting because attendees felt uncomfortable celebrating while hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza were in danger of starvation. It’s just another illustration of the administration’s deteriorating relations with the Muslim American community; since the start of the war, relationships with significant community groups have deteriorated and attempts to hold meetings in strategic states have been impeded by turned down invitations.

The President and Vice President Harris are aware that this is a very difficult time for many in the Muslim and Arab communities, according to a statement released by the White House after the meeting. “.

Reiterating his commitment to “continue working to secure an immediate ceasefire as part of a deal to free the hostages and significantly increase humanitarian aid into Gaza,” the official stated that Biden “made clear that he mourns the loss of every innocent life in this conflict.”. “.

As fighting raged around the Nasser Hospital, Ahmad traveled to Gaza as part of a medical delegation from the non-governmental organization MedGlobal. He worked in the city of Khan Younis. He spoke out against an anticipated Israeli offensive in Rafah and talked about his experiences there, citing the enormous number of injured, displaced, and dying people.

Ahmad told the president, “It’s disappointing that I’m the only Palestinian here, and I’m going to leave out of respect for my community.”.

He gave Biden a letter from Hadeel, an eight-year-old orphan living in Rafah, before he left.

The translated letter that CNN received reads, “President Biden, I beg you, stop them from entering Rafah.”. Israel has received warnings from US officials not to increase military activity in Rafah without a thorough plan in place to safeguard civilian lives.

Ahmad said that Biden informed him that he realized he had to go.

Even though Ahmad reiterated that he did not think it was appropriate to discuss death and famine over dinner, he said he felt it was important to attend the meeting. A number of those who were invited declined the offer.

“I desired the opportunity to rise and depart from those making decisions in the same manner that they are departing from my people,” Ahmad remarked.

In the upcoming weeks, Ahmad intends to travel back to Gaza.

“Every Palestinian is experiencing a great deal of survivor’s guilt at the moment,” he stated. Our entire lives have changed; we are breathing and living this. Having two daughters makes it especially difficult for me to be here and go about my daily business while thinking about the suffering of those who are over there. “.

Ahmad stated that he also wished to refute the claim that schools, hospitals, and shelters are being used as bases and command centers by Hamas.

He said, “We had not seen anything like that.”.

After opposition over the starving of Gazans, the White House modified its plans.

The administration is facing criticism and anxiety from Arab, Palestinian, and Muslim American communities in the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict, so the White House canceled plans for Biden to host an iftar dinner Tuesday night to break the Ramadan fast with Muslim community leaders in favor of holding a meeting with the group.

Earlier on Tuesday, a White House official announced that Biden would instead host a small dinner with senior officials from the Muslim administration. However, sources told CNN that outside guests were only expected to attend the meeting after strong opposition from the expected attendees.

A person familiar with the meeting told CNN that there was “a significant amount of pushback from attendees that it would be inappropriate to raise the humanitarian crisis in Gaza over dinner.”. “There is a hunger crisis in Gaza; in the northern part of the country, 23 children have perished from starvation. I doubt that anyone would feel at ease sharing those pictures and stories over dinner. “.

According to a second source who is aware of the plans, it became apparent that having a policy discussion would be more appropriate instead of having food and celebrations.

A number of individuals who were invited have reportedly declined, according to sources who spoke to CNN earlier. They cited their dissatisfaction with the administration’s backing of Israel in the midst of the Gaza humanitarian crisis.

According to a third source who spoke with CNN, “people who attend the iftar while Palestinians are starving and being killed should be ashamed of themselves,” was the general sentiment that was expressed time and time again. “.

Compared to earlier Ramadan celebrations during the Biden administration, the event is greatly reduced. The White House celebrated Eid al-Fitr, a festival commemorating the end of Ramadan, with a reception that drew close to 350 guests last year instead of hosting an iftar dinner, which is the breaking of the daily fast after sundown.

“President Biden will host a meeting with Muslim community leaders to discuss issues of importance to the community, continuing his tradition of honoring the Muslim community during Ramadan,” a White House official stated.

According to the White House official, there was a small breaking of the fast, prayer, and iftar with several senior Muslim administration officials after the meeting. “.

This year’s Ramadan coincides with the death toll from Israel’s fierce campaign against Hamas in Gaza, which began on October 7 in response to the terror group’s horrific attacks, surpassing 32,000, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. While calling for an immediate ceasefire, Biden has refrained from advocating for a permanent ceasefire or ending Israel’s arms sales.

Leading Muslim and Arab American figures have met multiple times in different cities with representatives of the White House. Leaders from the Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian American communities in Chicago met with top White House aides last month. Steve Benjamin, the director of public engagement at the White House, and Tom Perez, the director of intergovernmental affairs, were among the attendees at the meeting. However, because of the Gaza humanitarian crisis, a few of the invited participants chose not to go.

More than 200,000 Muslim Americans live in Michigan, a battleground state where Biden is facing political difficulties due to anger and concerns about the administration’s handling of the conflict. More than 100,000 Democratic primary voters in the state selected “uncommitted” in February’s Democratic primary as a message to the president. On the campaign trail, Biden has also been repeatedly interrupted by activists.

Updated with new information, this story has been updated.

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