There is a rumor that there is a new integration between Reminders and Calendar


Apple is reportedly planning to supercharge the Calendar and Reminders apps with iOS 18 and macOS 15 this year.
These updates join a long list of other expected iOS 18 improvements, including new AI features, upgrades to Safari, and more.
iOS 18: Upgrades to Reminders and Calendar We’d treat this rumor with skepticism for right now, as the source doesn’t have a long-term, established track record of software leaks.
Using the Calendar app, users will allegedly be able to “schedule and organize reminders directly,” without using the actual Reminders app.
Reminders created via the new Calendar app will still appear in the Reminders app, as well.
The Calendar app will support setting a specific date, time, location, and priority setting for each reminder.
The report also claims that the Calendar app will “receive minor design alternations” with iOS 18 and macOS 15.
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According to reports, iOS 18 and macOS 15 will significantly improve the Calendar and Reminders apps from Apple this year. These additions to the long list of anticipated iOS 18 enhancements include upgrades to Safari, new AI features, and much more.

Reminders and Calendar have been upgraded in iOS 18.

Since the source of this rumor doesn’t have a proven track record of long-term software leaks, we would approach it with caution for the time being. The report acknowledges that there are gaps in the “information provided by those familiar with Apple’s upcoming operating systems.”. “.

The information comes from AppleInsider’s Marko Zivkovic, who reports that Apple is testing a “new-and-improved” Calendar app that allows for Reminders integration. It is said that users will be able to “schedule and organize reminders directly” using the Calendar app instead of the Reminders app.

The Reminders app will continue to display reminders made with the new Calendar app. Every reminder can have a unique date, time, location, and priority set using the Calendar app.

The report provides an explanation.

In early access versions of the new Calendar app, tapping or right-clicking anywhere in the Day, Week, or Month views will bring up an option asking the user to schedule an event or set a reminder. More convenience is provided by the ability to schedule both from the same UI element.

Users can choose a title and add a note or tag to their reminder when creating one via the Calendar application. This allows users to customize their reminder and make it more easily found.

Additionally, the report states that iOS 18 and macOS 15 will bring about “minor design alternations” for the Calendar app.

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