There are new additions to the Game Pass library

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A new batch of games have been announced for Game Pass in May, including five that are playable on PC.
There are siblings, felines, reapers, and a Croft.
The pick of the new litter is clearly Little Kitty, Big City, however, which arrives on Game Pass on its launch day.
It’s a playful adventure game that prompts YouTube commenters to scream “Untitled Cat Game” during every livestream in which it features, and not without cause.
(Disclosure: Pip Warr, former resident of this blog, is the writer of Little Kitty, Big City.
This is simply more of a reason to play it.)
As always, a new set of games arriving on Game Pass means another set of games are leaving.
The following games will be removed from the Game Pass library on May 15th: Eastern Exorcist Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Fuga: Melodies Of Steel 2 Ghostlore Just Cause 4 Reloaded Norco SD Gundamn Battle Alliance Suprealand Six Inches Under


May will see the release of a new batch of games for Game Pass, five of which can be played on pc\.. The games include reapers, siblings, cats, and a Croft. I’m having trouble coming up with a theme.

These are the initial titles that will be available on PC through Game Pass in May 2024.

Happy Death Day, April 30th.

May 2nd is when Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will release.

Kona II: May 7th, Brume.

May 9, Big City, Little Kitty.

Brothers: An Account of Two Sons – May 14th.

Have A Nice Death is an engrossing loop of roguelike hack-and-slash action, while Crystal Dynamics’ modern trilogy, Lara Reboot, begins with the fancified Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

On launch day, Little Kitty, Big City, available on Game Pass, is undoubtedly the best of the new crop. This lighthearted adventure game is the reason YouTube commenters cry “Untitled Cat Game” at every livestream in which it appears: it’s a fun game. (Disclosure: The author of Little Kitty, Big City is Pip Warr, a previous blog contributor. All the more reason to play it, really. ).

As usual, when a new batch of games joins Game Pass, old ones go. On May 15th, the following titles will no longer be available in the Game Pass collection:.

Eastern Spirit Healer.

Rising of the Eiyuden Chronicle.

Fuga: Steel Melodies No. 2.

The Legend of Ghosts.

Just Cause 4: Reloaded.


SD Gundamn Battle Alliance.

Six Inches Under and Superreal.

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