The removal of the cosmetic rarity system and immediately selling skins deemed overpriced by angry players is absolutely outrageous

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A huge new change just landed in Fortnite today, and very few players seem happy about it.
“Different Series of cosmetics – such as the Icon Series or Gaming Legends Series – will still be there to help you find your favorite stuff!”
See more However, aside from the fact that players’ cosmetic Lockers are now harder to navigate at a glance, the main concern that’s being aired is whether this could signify an increase to cosmetic prices going forward.
With no rarity system to indicate a pricing guideline, players are wondering if we could see skins previously presented as Uncommon or Rare outfits priced much higher than you’d expect.
“For some reason I can’t help but feel overhauling the rarity system means also overhauling the pricing system just so any skin can be expensive for no reason,” another suggests.
To make matters worse, this controversy has coincided perfectly with the release of the new Avatar: The Last Airbender skins, which many players have immediately deemed “overpriced.”
These prices are absolutely outrageous from r/FortNiteBR “These prices are absolutely outrageous,” one player writes.
One upcoming alteration will see dates added to each item in the shop to show when they’re planned to rotate out.


Very few players appear to be pleased about a significant new update that was just added to Fortnite today. Fans are concerned about what this means for the future of skin prices because color-coded cosmetic rarities are no longer in use, making it harder to distinguish between a Rare and a Legendary skin.

For those who may not know, until today, the majority of cosmetics in the Locker and item shop were tagged with the same rarity system as the weapons in the Battle Royale mode: green for Uncommon skins, blue for Rare skins, and so forth. In general, the higher a cosmetic’s “rarity,” the fancier it looks, and typically, their price reflects that as well, even though they’re not stronger to use in the game. Epic Games, however, declared today that this system will be discontinued. Now, the only cosmetics labeled with different colors are those found in special Series categories such as the Gaming Legends, like Leon Kennedy and Kratos.

Epic Games notes in a blog post that “the old Battle Royale-inspired system of colors and tags for cosmetic quality is being retired” because “the Shop has evolved significantly to support multiple types of cosmetics and items across games.”. “Different series of makeup, like the Gaming Legends or Icon series, will still be available to assist you in finding your favorite items!”.

But what does this actually mean? Well, it’s actually kind of a good thing; if you like a design, the rarity of a skin really doesn’t mean much, and the change basically encourages people to use their favorites and determine what their own Legendary skins are.

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The main worry being expressed, though, is whether this could indicate a future increase in cosmetic prices, aside from the fact that it is now more difficult to quickly navigate players’ cosmetic lockers. Players are wondering if we might see skins that were previously offered as Uncommon or Rare outfits priced much higher than you’d expect, since there is no rarity system to provide a pricing guideline.

This is revolting. Since we’ll never see the rarity, it’s genuinely depressing to see them act in this way, as you KNOW that means they can set their own prices however they please,” a player muses.

Another says, “It seems like changing the rarity system would also need changing the pricing structure, making any skin seem excessively costly.”.

Even worse, the new Avatar: The Last Airbender skins, which many players have already called “overpriced,” were released at the exact same time as this controversy. Individual skins (which come with a LEGO-style Back Bling and Pickaxe) cost 2,000 V-Bucks each, which is somewhat pricey, especially considering the amount of detail in this skin series. However, the prices aren’t unheard of.

From r/FortNiteBR, these prices are just ridiculous.

One player comments, “These prices are absolutely outrageous.”. The TMNT skins, which included essentially the same items, were priced at $1,600. Zuko should be the only person who needs to be bundled with his pickaxe, so Toph and Katara don’t need to be this expensive. ****.

Fortunately, not every shop change has been met with disapproval. Dates will soon be added to every item in the shop to indicate when it is anticipated that they will rotate out. Theoretically, this might assist users in determining whether or not to spend their V-Bucks, thereby preventing people from making rash purchases out of concern that a desired skin would disappear before they can use the Battle Pass to increase their currency. It is intended to launch this feature in late May.

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