The leaked product page says that the Pixel 8a is made with recycled materials

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In another new leak, a Pixel 8a product page reiterates and confirms details about the upcoming device, including that it has a matte finish on the back.
We’ve heard basically all of the important things about the Pixel 8a already.
There’s mention that Pixel 8a has Gorilla Glass 3 protecting its display, the same as was used on the Pixel 7a.
The same page also talks about the “fun colors” and the use of a matte finish on Pixel 8a.
But this product page leaves no room for doubt, with an explicit mention (translated) that the Pixel 8a has a matte finish.
The page also says that Pixel 8a is made, in part, from recycled materials.
Google Pixel 8a features a smooth overall finish and a matte back, making it extremely comfortable to hold.
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The Pixel 8a is probably only a few weeks away from release, and the leaks aren’t stopping. The Pixel 8a product page has leaked again, confirming and restating the device’s specifications, including the fact that its rear will be matte-finished.

Almost everything significant regarding the Pixel 8a has already been shared with us. Tensor G3, a 120 Hz screen, seven years of updates, and even more affordable.

Evan Blass has now posted a comprehensive product page that includes a few new details in addition to restating all the information we already knew. The Pixel 8a, like the Pixel 7a, is said to have Gorilla Glass 3 protecting its screen. However, Google asserts that the Pixel 8a is their “most durable” A-Series release to date and confirms that it is IP67 water resistant (consistent with the 7a).

The use of a matte finish on Pixel 8a and the “fun colors” are also discussed on the same page.

We were technically aware of this already thanks to practical leaks. Though there’s always some room for interpretation, images of the blue and green models and the black model both amply demonstrated a matte finish on the back. However, this product page makes it clear that the Pixel 8a has a matte finish—it is mentioned explicitly (translated).

Additionally, the page states that Pixel 8a contains some recycled materials. Although it seems to be referring to the back of the device in this context, it could just as easily be referring to the frame. The Pixel 7a’s housing is made of recycled aluminum.

The Google Pixel 8a is incredibly pleasant to hold thanks to its matte back and smooth exterior. Moreover, it is constructed from recycled materials.

The white model is the one color that we are still unsure about, but based on how it appears in leaked renders and how it matches the other models, it appears that Google is aiming for a matte finish on all of the colors. That would also be consistent with the company’s Pixel 8 Pro pattern.

It’s interesting to note that the Fitbit 8a is also mentioned on the page for six months. Google typically only offers that on the Pixel Watch; it is not available on any of its other Pixel phones.

It is anticipated that Google will release the Pixel 8a soon, most likely on May 14th during Google I/O.

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