Students say that the summer internship offers were pulled by Musk

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Tesla has reportedly reneged on summer internship offers it made to college students.
Multiple students described their situations in posts on their LinkedIn profiles this week.
One of the students identified by the outlet said Tesla informed her on Monday via a phone call that she no longer had a summer internship, a development she linked to the workforce and cost-reduction efforts Tesla recently started.
Tesla said in mid-April it would shed 10% of its 140,400-person headcount.
In a LinkedIn post, he reported that prior to Tesla backtracking on its offer, he had already locked down housing for the internship with the EV maker that he had expected to begin in three weeks.
TESLA CEO ELON MUSK MAKES SURPRISE VISIT TO CHINA Tesla’s reported internship offer withdrawals came as the academic year is winding down at many universities and many students are gearing up to soon join companies as summer interns.
The Musk-run EV maker typically brings onboard students in the spring, summer and fall for internships.
More than 6,000 students become Tesla interns each year, per the company’s most recent annual report.


Some college students have reported that Tesla has backed out of summer internship offers.

This week, a number of students wrote posts on their LinkedIn profiles explaining their circumstances. On Wednesday, Bloomberg broke the story first.

According to a student whose identity was made public by the outlet, Tesla called her on Monday and told her that she was no longer eligible for a summer internship. She connected this development to the company’s recent efforts to reduce costs and staff.

Midway through April, Tesla announced that it would reduce its workforce of 140,400 employees by 10%. Approximately 6,000 of those layoffs are affecting employees in California and Texas.


According to The Information, the EV manufacturer recently announced that in addition to the initial layoffs, more employees, including a large portion of the Supercharger team, would also be let go.

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When it came to internship offers and the number of them that Tesla allegedly retracted, FOX Business contacted the company, but as of this writing, it had not heard back.

According to Bloomberg, a second college student claimed on Wednesday that his offer had also been withdrawn with little warning. Before Tesla withdrew its offer, he had already secured housing for his internship with the electric vehicle manufacturer, which he had anticipated starting in three weeks, he stated in a LinkedIn post.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, pays a startling visit to China.

Tesla’s reported withdrawal of its internship offer coincided with the end of the academic year for many universities and the preparation of many students for their impending summer internships with businesses.

Usually, students are hired for internships in the spring, summer, and fall by the Musk-owned electric vehicle manufacturer. Based on the company’s latest annual report, more than 6,000 students intern at Tesla each year.

Tesla releases notices of impending layoffs to thousands of workers in Texas and California.

In a mid-April filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Tesla, which has seen some volatility in recent weeks, said that the planned headcount reductions “will prepare Tesla for our next phase of growth, as we are developing some of the most revolutionary technologies in auto, energy, and artificial intelligence.”.

The company is working on a number of projects, such as a robotaxi and new, less expensive cars.

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